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  1. They are setting Obama up for assassination so that they can blame it on white radicals and put the clamps on us for good.

  2. I read more Missourians were displaced during the Missouri ‘clearances’ of “Order 11” in WBTS, when tens of thousands of civilians were forced from their homes, then their homes, possessions, and land burned—- that it was more people than Indians in their “trail of tears.”

    Bascially, all White people in Missouri had to flee quickly, with nothing, before the Federal Army burned all their things.

  3. BEWARE Spielberg and this –8th? –9th? –10th? Hollywood
    Lincoln! –It’s weaponized predictive programming and PC moral
    alibi for the sordid capstone ‘things unfolding’.

    Just as even Spielberg’s ‘Empire of the Sun’ was skilfully deployed
    to ‘perception manage’ things during the height of Globalist handover
    to —RED— China and on the verge of the –TIENNAMEN MASSACRE—
    so this –selective memory– Lincoln is being used in the service
    of the Globalist USURPATION of our Republic —indeed, the world.

    “Predictive programming and emotive sequence programming
    are USED constantly by Hollywood and media to make the unnatural
    and abnormal seem otherwise —and to GIVE you your opinions
    thru emotion and drama.” –Informed online

    SURELY the ONLY urgently relevant aspect of Lincoln that
    might deserve examination in 20912 was his quite possibly
    diss of the Global bank monopoly over finance of the war.

    Spielberg and Spielberg’s franchise slum Hollywood stand ‘X–posed’.

    LOOK at what’s being rolled out all around you.


  4. “Lincoln overcame the gridlock in Washington by shutting down the press, arresting his political opponents, and killing more Americans than anyone in history to “save the Union” for Northeastern industrial and financial interests”

    Joseph Stalin admire Abe Lincoln.

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