Music Break – Steve Earle and Jack Ryan heading in to Nashville to the “Guitar Town”

All is not all gloom and doom in the world as my alma mater Vanderbilt University has just earned our 3rd bowl game appearance since World War II. OK, it’s our own Nashville Tennessee bowl game the “Music City Bowl” but – I think it’s a great achievement. Vandy was 8- 4 in the brutal SEC, competing against Southern football factories like Alabama, Florida and Hunter Wallace’s Auburn which have zero academic standards and deploy brutal Black African American gladiatorial slaves to fight against Vanderbilt – my college’s noble team of true, (predominately) White student athletes. And hey – Vandy was 8-4. How ’bout them Dores?!

I am packing up to make the New Year’s Eve trip to Nashville TN and to flirt, propose marriage to any Southern Gal that will give me the time of day. In my last visit to Nashville TN last year, I had more pretty women smile at me in the 3 days there than in 6 years in Chicago. Some dying Confederate soldier must have put a curse on us Chicago guys, Oh well – I’m looking forward to a great trip, hope to finally meet Occidental Dissent’s Hunter Wallace in person.

Here’s a music break of one of my favorite musicians that had a Nashville Connection – Steve Earle as he sings about heading in to Nashville Tennessee, the “guitar town”.


  1. Thanks Denise, I am reading your words here in a charming house in Germantown Nashville TN… Got to love that name!

    I feel back at home, everyone is treating me great, lots of pretty gals. But, Hunter Wallace hasn’t made it down here yet, had some lame excuses about being hung over.

    He says he’ll try to make it tomorrow for the Vandy bowl game. We’ll see.


  2. “Marry in haste, repeat at leisure”…..just with less money and a lot more wear and tear.

    Country music, as I have said, is not an authentic folk music but a form of entertainment invented by Jews to sell stuff on late night radio to farmers with battery sets. The first big product they sold was laxatives, because farmers had excessively starchy diets and got plugged up. Their motives, it must be said, were more commercial than subversive. In fact, in many ways the country establishment was the least Jewy major entertainment franchise, although every major country star had Jewish management and still most do.

    Most country music today is pretty generic and crappy, but there are without question some first rate singers and musicians in the business, and always were. Nashville is a good music town, if music is what you want to do. I haven’t been there since the big flood.

  3. I appreciate the “music break” idea, though, Jack. Let’s not overlook the power of music.

    I’m “narrow” in taste, the opposite of eclectic. I hope your visit is pleasant and successful.

  4. Jack! I love that name, too. Are you staying for New Year’s?

    Here’s an idea…….

    New Year’s Eve at the Ryman with Old Crow Medicine ShowMonday, December 31 at 9:00 PM

    I saw this band when I was in Nashville. They are spendid. Hooey on the “not authentic music” kvetching. They are wonderful young musicians, and you can “hear” about a thousand years of Gaelic/Celtic tradition in their songs.

    I’m sick as a dog tonight. I was supposed to attend a performance on Celtic music tonight – but I made the ghastly mistake of picking up Chinese food last night – and I’m not fit to leave the house. I hope I’ll be able to do something fun tomorrow night.

    Hunter is really LAME for using booze as an excuse. Shame on him! A TRUE Celt would just swill more hair of the dog, etc, and party on. I heop he shows up, but you find some pretty gals to dance with regardless. Have you seen these dolls?

    Have a great time!

  5. Thanks for the New Year’s music suggestion Denise. I’ll try to check out Ryman, the last time I went there was for Bruce Springsteen in the mid 80s, his songs were OK, though he tried to include some BS Leftist political statements and was heckled.

    I’m supposed to meet some long lost Vandy alums, so far no show, well they have large family obligations.

    Hunter better rally soon and get down here.


    Thanks Denise.

  6. Denise: OCMS is awesome! Great suggestion.
    The Nashville music scene is totally rotten. It would be perfectly at home in New York or LA.
    How about some Molly Hatchet? Gator Country!

  7. I used to like Cajun music a lot, back when there was room for different ethnic expressions in country music. Joel Sonnier was good. Nowadays it’ s all urban or suburban pop performed by college educated wannabes.

  8. This music expresses the meaning of Hiraeth that is in the heart of the Welsh people: “I am dreaming of the mountains of my home, of the mountains where in childhood I would roam. I have dwelt neath southen skies, where the summer never dies, but my heart is in the mountains of my home (…) There is nothing to compare with the love that once was there, in that lonely little homestead on the hill (…) and when God my soul shall keep, it is there I want to sleep, with those dear old folks that loved me long ago.”

  9. Wayne – aren’t OCMS just spendid? I saw them when I attended the national CoCC conference. They appeared with the house band, at a joint directly across the street from the hotel. The name of which eludes me, as I still feel horrid from my bout of food poisoning. It was a terriifc show, though. The members of the house band were mostly older folks. 50 and decidedly above. It was wonderful, though – the young fellers of the OCMS and the older folks of the House played together as musicians. They all knew each other, and the mutual love and respect was obvious in every gesture and note. There was no false generational seperation. Just “kinfolk” who ADORED each other. I’m smiling now, at the memory. There is nothing in the world more authentic that that.

    Were I in TN today (alas, I’m not there quite yet) I’d be at the Ryman Center tonight, even if I had to arrive in an ambulance.

    Jack – tell Hunter not to bail!

  10. Hunter made it!

    He’s a great guy.

    Vandy won!

    I think it’s our first bowl victory since World War II.

    Hunter and I will be out bothering the local, beautiful White gals in Nashville tonight.

    Thanks to all who supported us.


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