Live Thread: New Year’s Eve 2013


I will be celebrating a very Happy New Year with Jack Ryan in Nashville this evening. I’ve got big plans for OD and CR in 2013. I will save the New Year’s Resolution for tomorrow though. Be safe everyone.

Note: Any suggestions for 2013?

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  1. Jews are but one interest in the bottom of the dung of multiple interests share the same goal. Eventually they’ll turn on each others no honey in the hive.

    I agree with the general sentiment here (of course Jews doesn’t mean all Jews any more than Irish Catholics means all Irish Catholics)

  2. Let suppose with a Magic wand make all the Jews disappear, the course will not deviate much, maybe a little like no Holocaust Hitler History channel. An abrupt change of course It will require wholesale changes in personnel at the top of hundreds of thousands concentrated in Washington DC.

  3. One suggestion I have is for you to take questions from skeptical southern whites about secession. You already did videos about questions from Yankees on secession, but I don’t think you’ve had any discussions specifically aimed at southerners who may be thinking about whether to support it or not.

    God bless the multicult in this new year; Thaddeus Stephens live in our hearts forever.

  4. It’s very hard to overestimate Jewish power. It’s a fact of our lives. I’ve just come to the conclusion that NOTHING can be done about it. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall, you’ll only hurt yourself.

  5. To say that Jews run the media is deceptive, because even though they do control important position, a business without customers goes out of business. Thus Jews do in fact run the media, but other people allow them to.

  6. This morning I started the new year by signing the White House petition demanding the deportation of Piers Morgan. Next up, I’ll clear the cyber-dust off my blog and get it up and running. Beyond that, I only resolve to keep on fighting the good fight and never give up.

    And since the conversation has shifted to Jews, here’s a song I like, about fighting that good fight, sung by one particular Jew whom I wouldn’t throw in the oven:

  7. If not the Jews Washington DC would have concocted some other groups justify WWII American taxpayers funded a colossal destruction.

  8. Metal: “To say that Jews run the media is deceptive, because even though they do control important position, a business without customers goes out of business. Thus Jews do in fact run the media, but other people allow them to.”

    Advertisers tend to be Jewish too, particularly in the form of large urban department stores, which creates a situation where even a non Jewish ownership like for instance the San Francisco Chronicle, owned by the Hearst family, is turned over to Jewish editors in order to make the Jewish advertisers happy.

  9. Whatever he is, he got his start as a clerk for J. Skelly Wright…
    (before moving on to Thurgood Marshall)

  10. exhorting Americans to give up on the Constitution

    The Corwin Amendment was an attempt to preserve the United States Consitution as a serious document. Its neglect was a great demonstration of how untenable entrenched constitutions are. Written constitutions can’t anticipate demographic change, they’re easily degraded into mass-printed talismans for savages to wave around for protection from civilized people. A founding stock, happy to wear the laurels of their ancestors is politically disengaged by constitution worship. Citizenship spread thin, its privileges devalued; BRAmericans offered little protest as black-robed racial foreigners reinterpreted then redistributed their political inheritance.

  11. Here’s a pic of Seidman;_ylt=A0PDoKketONQsU0Ann2JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

  12. Robert O – I checked on your site for your reasons for going dark. So they threatened you, too? That’s how they do it. Attack and scatter. Chew people up one by one. Events are accelerating, though. The center will not hold. There’s no center to hold. The persecuiton won’t work much longer, as the 100th Monkey is just on the edge of waking up – and NOTHING will stop it. The persecution will only wake the Monkey sooner – but the never ever ever ever learn from their mistakes.

    Lots of folks are going dark – but lots are lighting up, too. It’s all coming down to the wire. You must do what works best. Every-one must play their part. They always lose, in the end. It’s gonna be 9/11/1565 all over again.

  13. Apuleius,

    Zowie! What a find! First of all – that “leanred rabbi” is quoting the Scofield Heresy as well. Tsk tsk tsk….the Covanent was revoked. The ministry of Christ the Judean was the New Covenant.

    They never ever learn.

    The most revealing bit is the whining aobut Americans refusing to go along with whatever genocide and looting the Israelis decide to do. We’ve done their bidding for a hundred years on. We’ve killed and killed and killed for them, and sent out blood and treasure to them, for them, but it’s never enough. Quel surprise.

    The other most interesting bit is the threat about taking “thier” money, and freezing the USA economy, and money supply.

    Well I hope American Jews do just that. I really hope they take “their money” and run. That would be wonderful. I wish them well.

  14. Spending another night in Nashville – in Dixie as I managed to lock myself out of the nice home I’m staying at, first really stupid thing I’ve done since I got robbed of my cell phone on a Chicago bus 3 years ago.

    Saw the sun for this first time, Nashville’s a bit gloomy when it is wet and dark. But, the locals have been very nice, especially a young gal at local coffee shop, even gay waiters at highest class Hemitage hotel in downtown Nashville were helpful.

    Yeah, have to say very positive things about Nashville in the great Volunteer state of Tennesee.. “Ain’t it good to be alive and be in Tennesee?!”

  15. I had a bit of free time to wander around Nashville after the Amren conf. in March.
    My two fav stops on my brief tour were the Ryman Auditorium
    and spending the good part of an afternoon listening to a young cowboy from Texas sing in Tootsies Lounge 🙂

  16. Mary,

    May I ask you for a dance here in Nashville after the next Amren conference?

    I may try to purchase this great home, say goodbye to Chicago and all things “North”.

    Hope you are doing well, OK this New Year.

  17. Interesting news related to ethnic identity: In Iceland, where “everyone is listed in the phone book by their first names. Surnames are based on a parent’s given name. Even the president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, is addressed simply as Olafur.”

    Germany and Denmark also defend their culture against the intrusion of foreign or improper names, while they allow massive intrusion of foreign genetics.

  18. The Normans banned a lot of strange sounding Anglosaxon names and relaxed them with Richard, Robert, Ralph etc… Out with Aethelfeada, Egfrith, Offa etc

  19. after the next Amren conference

    Sorry Jack, I won’t be heading that way for another Amren conference as I disagree with the over-the-top Jew worship I encountered at it. The lead-off speaker was a Jew who openly mocked low-income Whites in his talk and then went on to throw pro-Whites in general under the bus as soon as he had some heat from the media for his participation at it. Another speaker actually said—from the podium no less!–how jews are the “smartest, most gifted, blah blah, etc” and that if he could choose to be a jew (he isn’t) he would!

    Needless to say, it was a revelation.

    Anyways, Happy New Year to you too, and I hope you find somewhere safe and beautiful to settle down, hopefully with the woman of yer dreams 😉

  20. I’ll be ringing in 2014 at a party a client is throwing, starting very shortly here. I’m the designated driver, easy job to nab because I gave up drinking a few years ago, so I’m really look forward to driving a lot of three sheets to the wind coworkers home overnight.

  21. Just came home from a very well attended Celtic music concert that lasted till midnight, with very good musicians. Wife loved it all including the modern ‘stuff’, but I liked the traditional ballads, pipes and fiddles. There was one ballad about local draft resisters in the Civil War time.

  22. “There was one ballad about local draft resisters in the Civil War time.”

    That’s must have been good to hear. Lincoln didn’t even win a majority of the 1864 vote in Adams County Pennsylvania, scene of the great Union victory at Gettysburg.

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