The Cost of the Union: Sectionalism and the “Fiscal Cliff”

District of Corruption

As one might have expected, the Republicans kicked off 2013 by caving on the “fiscal cliff” in Washington.

Here’s the House vote on the “fiscal cliff” in the South: 45 ayes, 96 nays.

Mississippi – 1 of 3
Arkansas – 2 to 2
Louisiana – 2 to 7
Alabama – 1 to 6
Oklahoma – 1 to 4
Texas – 13 to 19
Tennessee – 1 to 8
Kentucky – 3 to 3
West Virginia – 1 to 2
Missouri – 3 to 5
Virginia – 1 to 10
North Carolina – 6 to 7
South Carolina – 1 to 5
Florida – 10 to 15

In the Senate, where the vote was 89 to 8, only Rand Paul, Richard Shelby, and Marco Rubio in the South voted against the bill.

Despite the actions of the Senate, the “compromise” ($1 in spending cuts for every $41 in tax increases) would have been soundly defeated in the House in a Southern Congress, thereby providing us with yet another illustration of how the Union inexorably pulls Dixie in a less conservative direction.

If the Republicans are unable to hold the line on tax cuts for their wealthy contributors, does anyone seriously believe they won’t surrender to Obama and the Democrats on gun rights, abortion, gay marriage, and immigration?

Note: In the Northeast, the Senate vote was 21 to 1 in support of the “fiscal cliff” deal. The House vote on the “fiscal cliff” in the Northeast was 86 to 5 in support of the deal. Once again, the Northeast has succeeded in forcing its own values on the rest of the country through its disproportionate power in Congress.

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  1. I’m glad I don’t have to suffer anyone talking about a “fiscal cliff” anymore. Everyone my age watches those Daily and Colbert Shows and want to talk to yours truly about the ‘hot-button issue’. Well we went over the Nigger Cliff a long long time ago my friends. Many people that talk about politics shouldn’t even be freemen much less have voting rights so how about you turnoff Jon Stewart and concentrate on flipping my burger?

  2. Obviously Uncle Sam did not have a Wile E Coyote moment as he chased the Roadrunner off the fiscal cliff across straight air and on to the next cartoon cliff.

    The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ is just another drama in the ongoing Jew Money Schtik that is the economy of the United States of America. Instead of Moe poking Curly in the eye while Larry grabs the bagel, we have Bernanke poking Uncle Sam in the eye while Goldman Sachs grabs the finagle. The fiscal cliff is another money transfer to the Jew Money Trust and its interlocked institutions.

    ” The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Where do they get all these non-issues?”
    Dec 21, 2012

    What is not to get?

    Here is one of the true American heroes on this subject – Louis T McFadden who was the Chariman of the Committee on Banking and Currency for the House of Represenatatives

    “This EVIL institution [ the Federal Reserve ] has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States: has BANKRUPTED ITSELF and has practically bankrupted the government.” Congressional Record, House of Representatives pages 1295 -96 June 10, 1932.

    The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE JEW MONEY TRUST that issues the currency of the U.S. It issues the currency as debt to the American people. It is never designed to be paid back. It is interested as USURY [ forbidden by God] in the first place as an instrument of scourge and control and as as means to loot the land, labour and resources of America for The Crown [ this would be the headquarters of the Judaic international state located on the sq mi of The City of London ].

    The dollar sign should remind you of the Pharoahnic crook and flail as these were modifications of the original Babylonian hieroglyph for ‘scourge and control’.

    Fractional Reserve Banking is an ancient Babylonian institution that was always set over slave nations. According to the Bible it is fundamentally EVIL.

  3. Republicans are worse than useless. They prevent any sort of reform. They turn the heat down on the pot in which the frog sits so that he doesn’t realise the danger.

  4. These “fiscal deal” vote results are some of the most convincing statistics yet to support the “Yankee people” versus “Southron people” distinction theory.

    The dissenting, less liberal Republicans in Congress are NOT useless, W & C, if they are they are the only wall still standing, delaying or slowing the advance of Liberalism.

  5. I am the white guy @ 1:20 in the video. We all are. How much longer are we going to traipse through what the psuedo-intelligentsia at TIME – rather appropriately – refer to as “swampland” on our way to the office? Goddamn this country. Goddamn TIME, Republicans, Democrats, cable news and anyone that takes this muppet show seriously.

  6. Carroll Quigley:

    “The chief problem of American political life for a long time had been to make the two Congressional parties more national and international.

    The argument of two parties should represent opposed ideas and policies, one perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinate and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method.”

  7. The GOP tends to get pasted when the government shuts down. Too many constituents on Social Security and Medicare , too many people needing this or that perk. Its little wonder they did the entirely expected thing and kicked the can down the road.

    More importantly, there is no solution anyway. Massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare would result in them being removed from office and the economy imploding, massive military cuts might well result in a Junta and even if it didn’t the economy would be destroyed. The US DoD is the 2nd largest employer on planet Earth.

    The rest of the stuff could be cut to a great degree but it won’t balance the budget.

    The usual solution, to grow the economy and the GDP is out of reach. A good chunk is the immigrant and Black undertow but its not all them. Globlization and Automation are equally bad. Even if we created a new job category (and we can’t) the extreme levels of efficiency mean we will create few jobs.

    This means low demand because without some means of filling demand, a good income, basically you can’t have prosperity. You can reasonably assume that in a few decades the US will have no middle class and will look like any other third world country. A putative Dixie if it could be pulled off might do better but getting there from here and getting numbers down so that decent land is cheap will be a challenge.

    More people past the sweet spot always make things worse and the paradox is technology makes the sweet spot smaller not bigger.

    A last point, demand side. The stuff people want has changed. I went shopping with some friends this year, an odd thing but I was fact finding. What I saw is a few Whites and NAMS shopping for toys and most Whites buying computer games. The days in which people want stuff and lots of it seem to be waning , my younger friends (20’s) don’t even dream of muscle cars or guns or art work or anything like we might have.

    They have busy active lives but the stuff portion of it is a few prized items, a hobby item or too (one is a painter) and lots and lots of computer games. Heck we even exchanged gifts this year, most of it software. Mine came as a download!

    This means we are not going to be creating the kind of jobs or wealth we used to The type of stuff being bought is incredibly efficient (download purchases have a very low middleman footprint) and there is a lot less of it.

    We need to figure out a way to move from the current consumer economy to one that supports our safety and ways of life. In the end these social changes mean that our economies carrying capacity, not he material part but the social aspect is about to shrink a lot.

    This is not however all bad, a weaker state, a near certain facet of such things means more liberty and some of the older economic structures, city states, manorialism and even plantations have a lot more merit

  8. MN, the Republicans are worse than useless. The do not oppose liberalism/leftism but instead diffuse opposition to it.

  9. @ “….We need to figure out a way to move from the current consumer economy to one that supports our safety and ways of life….”

    It’s so disgusting to be working with an “elite” who wants to see you as a Big Fat Eater, a “Consumer!” “the consumer this…” and “the consumer that.” It’s awful to be treated that way. Potentially full human beings reduced to pie holes. Every time they say that on t.v. “the consumer…” I want to smack them! Individuals just need to cease to be that, refuse that relationship with the government, (with anyone!)

  10. Truly… Economism, the reduction of populations to Eaters/Consumers is really such a low level of existence. Like, it’s probably beneath that Malthussian guy’s pyramid or something.

  11. “It’s so disgusting to be working with an “elite” who wants to see you as a Big Fat Eater, a ‘Consumer!’ ‘the consumer this…’ and ‘the consumer that.’ It’s awful to be treated that way. Potentially full human beings reduced to pie holes. Every time they say that on t.v. ‘the consumer…’ I want to smack them! Individuals just need to cease to be that, refuse that relationship with the government, (with anyone!)”

    Well said, Dixiegirl. No longer use “consumer”! It is a late twentieth century urbanism. We treat it as profanity.

  12. I read that the Repubs were too afraid of being blamed for an across the board tax increase (which they probably would have been) so instead of doing what is right they did what they do best–surrender. They’ll do the exact same with sodomite “marriage”, amnesty, and as many number of times as the dept limit needs to be raised.

  13. It is too late for fiscal conservatism. Had Ron Paul won, and once in power managed to realize his vision of Austrian economic theory, the economy would have immediately nose-dived into a great depression. WN’s probably think that would be good, but working people in general don’t. The economic Rubicon was crossed quite some time ago. From here on out policy will be about kicking the can down the road. Eventually necessity will dictate terms. Don’t look for politicians to do anything but take the path of least resistance.

  14. This should really be embarrassing for the Retard Party. Once again outmaneuvered by Bolshevik alliance of minorities, women, queers, single moms and feminists. I almost fear ashamed for them–almost.
    What the idiots should have done was oblige the Marxist. Liquidate the millionaires and billionaires–90% tax on all real income and property, 95% tax on all profits from the entertainment industry, from sports to Hollywood to Disney. Screw them. They hate whites any way, so to he’ll with them. Then sit back and blame the Dems for protecting the rich.
    Damn! This is war! We need Al Capone, not Mr. Rogers.

  15. Crowley: the retards once again sold out their posterity for their own pathetic re-elections. Ron Paul told the sheeple the truth, but they didn’t want to it. The wanted feel good sound bites and empty promises.
    Government cannot be trusted with the power to create money. Gold and silver cannot be printed.

  16. I see a silver lining in this debacle. This happened on the mulatto-in-chief’s watch. The national debt is $16 Trillion and rising rapidly. When the big crash comes, whites across this land (even thick-skulled Yankees) will realize that their half-caste savior was a fraud.

  17. Wayne, Kind of ironic that Tea Party patron god Ronald Reagan is the personality most responsible for ramping up spending to suicidal heights. No one complained. Reagan was famous for saying, “Government is the problem”.

  18. The re-election of Boehner as speaker: the final nail in the national GOP coffin.

    The conservative party faithful are deserting the ship in droves now.

  19. The fiscal cliff deal is good for Whites.

    Let me explain:

    Blacks are overrepresented among welfare recipients and non-military goverment workers.

    Whites are overrepresented in the private sector working class / middle class, the military, and entitlement recipients.

    Jews are overrepresented among the rich.

    If the budget is balanced by cutting non-military, non-entitlement government spending, that is bad for Blacks.

    If the budget is balanced by cutting military spending, cutting entitlements, and raising taxes on the middle class, that is bad for Whites.

    If the budget is balanced by raising taxes on the rich (or worse, closing tax loopholes!), that is bad for Jews.

    On balance, this deal is a little bit bad for Blacks, very bad for Jews, and good for Whites.

    (Capital gains tax was raised, as was income tax in the top bracket. As a result, Mike Bloomberg will have slightly less money to spend advocating for gun control, open borders and gay marriage. Payroll taxes were not raised, and neither was income tax in the lower brackets. As a result, I can still afford to give to VDARE.)

    Why did the heavily Jewish northeast and leftcoast elites support the deal? To defuse the populist anger generated by the bubble (easily predictable result of excessive leverage), the bailout (unnecessary, as Sweden and Iceland prove), and unemployment/stagnant wages (caused by defacto open borders). To date the anger has manifested in harmless movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. The Hollywood pimps and the Wall Street swindlers figure it is better to fork over an extra 5% of their ill gotten gains, rather than risk creating a *real* populist movement.

    Why did heartland conservatives oppose the deal? They are too stupid to understand the best interests of their constituents.

  20. I’ll buy that. the Conservatives always had their head stuck in the sand of triviality pro this and anti that while the liberals have been two steps ahead and one step back. Obama might just turn out to be good for the honkies than all the Presidents who merely served the elites.

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