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In 2013, I want to build on all the things that made OD such a unique website in 2012:

Black History Month 2013 – In 2012, OD went to Africa and the Caribbean and spent a month researching and writing about some of the greatest moments in black history. It is an understatement to say that we have some loose ends to tie up.

Caribbean Project – In 2012, I vowed that I would publish OD’s first book early this year, Shattering The Golden Circle: The Failure of Free Society in Dixie, Haiti, and the Caribbean. I resolve to finish this project, build on the work of Lothrop Stoddard and Hesketh Prichard, and use it as a platform for challenging the myth that black people were crippled by “the legacy of slavery.”

Confederate History Month 2013 – In 2012, I floated the idea of publishing another book that would demolish the myth of the Rainbow Confederacy. Confederate History Month 2013 will be another opportunity to further explore the racial attitudes of the real Confederates and especially the “Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

The Color of Crime – In 2012, OD began to probe “the color of crime” and “the color of welfare” at the state level. This series will be updated and extended in much greater detail. I would love to explore “the color of taxes” too.

Amurrica Series – This was a fun series that consisted of observing the milestones in the cultural degeneration of the United States. Expect to see much more fodder for the Amurrica Series in 2013.

Freedom FailedThe idea behind the “Freedom Failed” series was to start working on a documentary along the lines of “Eyes on the Prize” that would investigate the effective result of the Civil Rights Movement in all 77 of the majority black counties in the South. Lack of funding was the major reason this didn’t go much further.

Book Reviews/Movie Reviews – There were dozens of book reviews and movie reviews related to the South and the Caribbean here in 2012. There will be even more in 2013. Especially movie reviews.

The Cost of the Union – The purpose of this series was to illustrate how the existence of the Union is the major reason why reforming the system is impossible. We’re already off to a great start less than two days into 2013.

Tales From DetroitI never seriously tried to develop this series, but something tells me that the D might not be able to keep kicking the can down the road, and we are going to be paying closer attention to “America’s Black Metropolis” in 2013.

Scots-Irish Project – In 2013, I want to spend a lot of time exploring the cultural origins of the Upper South, not just the Scots-Irish diaspora in Greater Appalachia, but also the Cavalier exodus to Tidewater.

North Star Project – In 2012, I briefly began a probe into the rise and fall of the North’s own racial caste system. This is a source of so much confusion on the internet that I plan on spending a lot of time in 2013 researching and writing about how the North evolved into the type of society it is today.

Confederate Renaissance – I plan to use Confederate Renaissance to explore two subjects in much greater detail in 2013 that have long interested me, the emergence of the “New South” after 1877 and the structure of the modern Southern economy, specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of secession to the Southern economy. I’m convinced this is an area that needs to be developed much further.

Audio/Video/Forum – Somewhere down the road, I plan to launch a new forum with software that eliminates the spambot problem. I’ve also considered developing a podcast and shooting some more video of interesting cultural and historical sites around the South like Appomattox and Andersonville.

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  1. I’m most excited about cultural (movie) reviews and the Ulster-Scots-and-English-Tidewater upper south researches. The only boat-to-the-colonies most people seem to have heard of is the Mayflower, but boats came and went all the time, and to the South. At any rate—it all sounds interesting. You’re really something, HW.

  2. The Color of Crime – In 2012, OD began to probe “the color of crime” and “the color of welfare” at the state level. This series will be updated and extended in much greater detail. I would love to explore “the color of taxes” too.

    I am so grateful for the ‘Color of Crime’ series. I can’t even count how many times I have used it to wake up some of the sleepwalkers over here who still think we are in dire need of “DIE-VERISTY”.

    Sounds like 2013 is gonna be a great year for OD 🙂

  3. How to run this efficiently and cheaply

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    When the database is saved, and you have migrated it over to Xenforo, simply give the old v3.7.2 license to Kane, who wants to run a Phorafags/feebs Classic Forum. No need to bother transferring the license, simply let Kane use it as he pleases, say on phora.co or the like. Kane will know how to run it. And having the old phorafag/feeb database running and then to add onto should really make your old ex-friends piss and moan. Kane could invite all the bannees from phorafags/feebs v. Stan onto Phorafags/feebs Classic.

    For podcasting, get on Talkshoe as it has an excellent chatroom, costs nothing to do a show, and if you have a certain day or time can build a steady audience. You should read the contents of your blog and the comments and encourage others to call in. Should be on a weekday or early afternoon on the weekend as Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are a madhouse with everyone else using the service.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  4. Best wishes for 2013, Hunter. The previous year was a good year indeed for OD and you can be proud of that. I am eagerly anticipating your first book and will defintely buy it when it’s out. How much for a signed copy? 🙂

    I noticed that, unlike with the other themes, there is no link to the numerous book and movie reviews. Would it be possible to change that? Thanks in advance.

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