League of the South Statement: Obama’s Gun Control Threat


Editor’s Note: I’m crossposting this here from the League of the South Facebook page.

The Obama administration is threatening to use Executive Orders to further dismantle the Second Amendment. Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein (CA) is set to introduce a draconian bill to ban “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines, among other things, later this month. Between the two, they are intent on turning otherwise law-abiding gun owners in the South and elsewhere into outlaws with the stroke of a pen.

But won’t these law-abiding gun owners comply with the new “laws?” Won’t they dutifully register their “assault weapons” with the authorities and submit to other restrictions on buying, owning, and transferring firearms? Some will but many will not. They will instead become outlaws.

In the last month, millions of Americans have bought millions of weapons and over a billion rounds of ammunition. They are not buying these expensive things in order to register them or turn them in to the gun grabbers at some point in the future. They are buying them to defend themselves, their families, and their property from whomever might threaten them. And at present, the biggest threat is the U.S. government itself.

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, will not comply with any diminution of our God-given right to keep and bear the sort of arms a free people need to remain free. This means “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. Moreover, we will view any attempt to deprive the Southern people of these tools as a criminal act by a criminal regime.

League President, Michael Hill, noted: “Those in positions of power who exceed the limits of lawful authority ought to be made to live in mortal fear of their transgressions. This is the foundation of a free and healthy society.”

Hill also pointed out that “gun control is not about limiting violence against the innocent. On the contrary, it is about promoting it against the law abiding. Once the citizenry is effectively disarmed, it will be open season for thugs of both the underclass and the ruling class to dispossess the productive and law-abiding middle class.”

The League of the South is an advocate for a free and independent South. Therefore, we understand that a free people is an armed people. And, as Hill puts it: “We intend to be free from the destructive clutches of Washington, DC, sooner rather than later, God willing. And that will necessitate us being armed to defend our liberty for those who would deny it to us.”

For more information on The League of the South, see www.dixienet.org or e-mail us at jmichhill@cs.com.

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  1. “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll die for your right to say it”

    That kind of crap-thinking gives warm and fuzzies to your avg. Murcan since the military hasn’t been used to outright kill him for hazarding a post on FreeRepublic yet but remember we saw integration grows out of the barrel of a gun down South. That abstract claptrap is an excuse to carry out wars with the disposable white soldier class as society crumbles. In a proper nation people agree about most things, especially culture. In a proper nation people fight for glory, king, blood-ties, land and God NOT the right of some gay married couple to boycott Chic-Fil-A. Without warped values like dying for something you disagree with the state would be very much more amenable to the aforementioned white soldier class as indeed every reasonable state has been.

  2. We have had AIR GUN CONTROL since Napoleon. Napoloean criad to POPE about Air Rifles being weapons of Devil that the Austrian were using. So the POPE got all the nations to agree not to make any standard issue Air Weapon for the militaries. Thats why we have BB Guins and Pellets Rifles only. There is powerful Air Rifles made, but the ATF considers them like a fire arm. BEEMAN has excellent article on the Austrians Air Rifle and history. He also states that in Iraq special Air Rifles were used!!! This whole GUN CONTROL thing is from The UN GUN CONTROL TREATY that Obama signed—to disarm all fire-arms from civilians. This is an Agenda of the United Nations for THE KAHAZAR WORLD PLANTATION EMPIRE who own the Banks, Malls, Big Companies and are world wide with their Kahilla. and Judeo Masonry. Whitey is not Stupid….New Tech better than Powder Shooters will be innvented. There is already alot of new Tech right now! GUN CONTROL does not work—the bandits still have guns and rob were they have strict Gun Control. Anyway, most of the Gun Makers are owned by Khazars and the almost all the AMMO Makers is Khazar owned. Free Men have Weapons, Slaves dont…. TO HELL WITH THE KHAZAR WORLD PLANTATION EMPIRE….

  3. Bill Yancey,

    Do you think it’s easier for an individual to conceal a personal weapons cache than for an individual such as your Mom to do something about the government forcibly integrating all public spaces?

    You are wrong in this particular instance. A lot of people won’t cooperate.

    The people who turned in gold had no idea what kind of evil they were up against. It was a different time.

  4. Lew is right. FYI – “Paychecks” the thing I NEVER understood, and still do not, is that if Righteous Citizens defeat the Cohort of Devils, currently ensconced in the Seats of Power – we can can run our OWN money supply.

    The German fellow, with the funny little mustache, did it. He expunged the Devils from banking and finance, and his Nation’s economy took off like a rocket. Money was tied to work, instead of increasingly worthless fiat paper. This is one of the chief reason he had to be crushed. Yet – he shows us the way.

    It’s now or NEVER. The Imperium can be crushed. Non-Harvard educated Pashtuns have driven ZOG’s Thugs out. Any material thing we lose, we can re-build.

    So fellas – stop whining about the Imperium. Stuka is right. Their mad push is motivated by the fact that it’s now or never for them, too.

    Who do ya’ll want to win? Accepting defeat guarantees defeat. They are vicious cowards. A few “examples” will push THEM back.

  5. So many great comments and if this were 20 maybe even as recent as 10 years ago I would be nodding my head in agreement. But, the center is dissolving, quickly. You see essentially the lies we must repeat are known lies and they no longer put as much bread on the table and gas in the tank as they once did.

    Everyone but maybe Lil Missy in her college dorm knows there is a BRA and that unless you are Mayor Bloomie with security guards BRA circles overhead letting you know that BRA rules and violence from its stormtroop morons is but a twitter away. Gun control does not even sell amongst the non-black non-whites.

  6. P.S. – keep one thing in mind – no other Nation on Earth will help the Imperium. No other Nation willl marshall troops to crush us. (No. China will not). Our odds for success are infinitely greater than Germany’s . Than Iraq’s. We have seen the Enemy, and it is ZOG’S Federal Thugs. the Imperium is turning in on those that feed the Imperium.

    We can win.

  7. @Reynauld de Chatillon

    I think we have almost reached punch in the mouth time where Roman Catholic blowhards, and Roman Catholic politicians will get to know what a punch in the mouth feels like.

    I’m sure the Catholics & their Jews will try to outlaw fists.

    Or what would happen if a Catholic blowhard or politician get hit in the mouth with a baseball—outlaw baseballs? LOL.

  8. The usual jews are on the jew owned and jew operated TV networks calling for the destruction of the Second Amendment and confiscation of all guns. Let’s round up those jews.

  9. Denise is right. It turns out the kid-gloves didn’t win the empire any strong allies, maybe it has something to do with the fact that BRA’s raison d’etre is inimical to healthy societies not to mention high culture and other countries can smell the rot?

    Now that feminists have won in BRA they’re sniffing for truffles around the world. The average yankee feminist is slowly becoming ‘aware’ that China and India are evil. Afterall, the men spend their time burying girls alive and raping the survivors with metal pipes.

  10. Back in 2008 I saw Obama’s election as an admission or sign that the US had lost its nerve. I didn’t think McCain could have won anyway but it’s remarkable the degree to which this instinctive reaction to Obama has borne out.

  11. “YT are there manuals in PDf format for building your own rifle? That’s actually a very interesting topic.

    I imagine a smooth bore double barreled shotgun would be the easiest design to cobble together. A barrel, stock and trigger mechanism.”

    The point was that you wouldn’t even need to design your own stuff. Just buy “replacement parts” and bend your own reciever body. The reciever is the serialed part just like the frame of a car has a VIN and is the only portion tracked by aunt sam. You can legally (for now) build your own for your own use and not have to tell anybody. If they pass some draconian measure, who’s to say you didn’t build it in 2012?

    I used this thread as the basis to build up an assault rifle. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=274354

    Dude in there has a great jig and a mill which I didn’t and even I managed by thinking the problems through a little bit. I litterally only used a jewlers torch, a dremel, a set of files and a 12 ton shop press from harbor freight. Also used diode laser for boresighting but that’s not absolutely necessary. One can use string like the old timers did when doing wheel alignments on cars.

    It took a while and it’s not as pretty as the pics in that thread but it doesn’t fail to fire, cycle or eject.

    AK47s are even easier.

    If importing the surplus parts kits get outlawed, there are already small US companies making US made replacement parts. They are more expensive but out there and I suspect they would ramp up before the ink was dry on the law.

    During the clinton AWB, this is exactly what happened. The 922 regulation refered to in that thread is about having a certian number of US made parts in any gun made from imported parts. At the time there was nobody stateside making AK47 parts for example because there were so many finding their way here from soviet bloc warehouses. That all changed overnight and a legal way around the law was available to anyone with a little gumption to do their homework.

    Even if BRA came down on those US manufacturers of gun parts this year, I foresee many cottage shops being able to make the stuff and sell it as “old, never used” stuff fairly cheaply since $5000 CNC machines are available to the hobbyist anymore.

  12. The Pashtuns have workshops where they make AK47s almost, while you wait. Frightful poor tolerances though id bet.

  13. Hey Butzhead..does Southern Baptist Bill Clinton get a punch in the mouth? an . Or Protestant Judges David Souter and John Paul Stevens who voted against an individual Second Amendment right? You’re just an ignoramus.

  14. @ Frenchie Hey, Catholic boy. We will see how the vote goes. Will the Catholics vote with the Jews in Congress as they usually do. Already, Gillibrand, Casey, Manchin and others have jumped on the Jew bandwagon to destroy the Second Amendment. You Catholic whores won’t be able to lie your way out of this one.

  15. Anti-Catholicism is enjoying a comeback in the US.

    It has next to nothing to do with beaners and a lot to do with Biden being denied communion in certain dioceses due to social issues, hostility to socialism etc. but most of all the faint perception that millions of non-Negroes in BRA look to a European Prince across an ocean who presides over a theocracy with Latin language ATMs for authority instead of their two-term socialist pinup boy of indeterminable ethne.

  16. Denise, your precious Hitler may have gotten the Jews out, but then fell right into the arms of the Japanese, who tricked him into overextending himself with a war in the US. Some white hero.

  17. I’ll admit the Catholics do tend to vote Democrat but on the act of tradition. Actually I read once more people just vote what their parents and grandparents voted. If so, this is a perfect argument for the end of Universial Sufferage and severe disenfranchisement.

  18. No Butzhead..Irish catholic. Great grandfather was born in Mobile, Alabama, served in 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA, wounded in Jackson’s attack on the Union flank. So what are your Confederate roots big mouth? Or are you just a troll come here to divide white people??

  19. The most anti-gun Congressman in history, former Rep. William Hughes of New Jersey, the author of the ban on new legal machine guns in 1986 was an Episcopalian.

  20. ‘Earl Butz’ used to go by ‘Earlmundo Pitts III’. He’s been running this anti-Catholic shtick for at least the two years that I’ve been hanging around OD. And yes, he’s probably just a troll.

  21. Cracker Ass Cracker: Good info about H and K 63 Build. In Afganhistan they make an Assualt Rifle in a Week!!!! Anyway—there is other tech out that is better than powder shooters, Air Weapons are good—but TECH is out now that is really amazing. Whitey is Smart… Passing Gun Control will only make TECH take off… In places were their is Gun Control…the crooks have guns and rob and kill like crazy. Gun Control is for poor folks. The snakes will make it were the rich who are loyal to the KHAZAR IMPERIUM can have guns…its like DUI Laws. The Rich get drunk, wreck and walk away—but a poor guy gets bioled..For Driving after drinking one beer…well, thats how the KHAZAR IMPERIUM works….

  22. Assault weapons is no match against federal big guns such as ac-10 gauntlet that can mow ya down like grass Iraq wiped out guerrillas at nights with night vision tech.They never knew what hit them Or the apache helicopter sneak behind you without hearing it. The only way out is to outgun the regime and it’s in space, station orbiting highjack it harness rocks and catapult to earth of a nuclear impact then we’ll have the regime on its knees.

  23. I guess you think I’m going to believe what some Catholic whore says on an internet blog comment. LOL.

    The proof will be how the Catholic politicians vote in Congress.

    Yesterday, Georgia’s Roman Catholic “conservative” Congressman Phil Gingrey caved in on gun control, and announced he would support universal gun registration—in other words criminalization of anyone having an unregistered gun.

    Now this may be ok with you Roman Catholic whores, but, it amounts to gutting the Second Amendment!

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