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  1. When I think of how green and rural, quiet and peaceful and unchanging THIS valley was, until not very long ago, when the big box stores and other global chains moved in, and white city folk began immigrating, fleeing what are beginning to following them here….

  2. I wonder how bad things are there now.

    Probably about the way it was when the article was written. His parents’ house, incidentally, is two blocks away from mine; the last time I glanced at it, it looked the way it does in the picture. He’s the younger brother of a guy with whom I attended elementary school.

    As you know, the old euphemism–“The neighborhood’s changing”–doesn’t quite work the way it used to. With the help of Section 8, no doubt, a black population is growing here, but its impact is blunted by the Third Worlders. On the other hand, one or two bits of crime news involving Hispanics recently caught my attention.

    I know what you mean about those flashbacks. On an occasion several years ago, as I was compiling family history, I was hit by a stream of memories that seemed to rush out of my mind as if they’d been spring-loaded. It was a strange sensation, almost physical. They seemed to drop away, as if a bottomless pit were unfolding right in front of me. For an instant, I experienced something like vertigo, as if I were standing at the lip of the pit and were resisting falling into it.

  3. When I think of how green and rural, quiet and peaceful and unchanging THIS valley was, until not very long ago

    I hear you, Mosin.

  4. John B – thanks for your reply. I’m glad to hear the neifghborhood isn’t too Africanized…who knows how long the residents can hold out…

    I do know that feeling re: memories .I didn’t get a sese of vertigo, but I had to keep wrencing my attention back to the article. Long dormant memories kept popping right back up. Kept going all night, too, even after I shut down. Between Tamer’s mention of a night out in New Hope, and that article – “Harbison Ave.” was my “madeline”. Zowie. Toms of memeories came flooding back. I’m thinking aobut dinners in Chinatown, now…..impromptu trips to Atlantic City. A pal and I would drive to AC at a moment’s notice. I used to be a real lead foot – I’m be in AC from Philadelphia in 45 minutes. I knew all the highways and byways and routes. I drove fast – but steadily. Did not get one ticket. Ever. Nice Whitee ladies, in nice autos did not once – incurr the wrath of traffic cops. Ha!

  5. Denise says:
    Of course Jews have their enclave.

    Not until recently. In rural America, there are still many people who live —from birth to death— without ever meeting one. It used to seem STRANGE to have foreigners (from other states) just come in and run the “local” governments. So, until that became more common, people would react to it.

    Now— NETS come into southern environments and run the “local” governments when they transplant (some are jews). This is totally normal to them. The idea that “regionalisms” are something worthy of preservation is not even on the radar of people born-and-bred under Federalist-Statist-Centralisms. (Not to mention Economism, since the paradigm through which they see everything is just money.)

  6. Svigor – I did not draw a fine enough picture. I know plenty of Whites that are as clueless as the relatives you describe. The loveliest folks inthe world. They are mostly Christians, and have never ever ever lived around non-Whites, and they swallow the multi-culti koolaid. Women ttend to be a lot more foolish and/or naive than the males I know. The White men I kow are infinitely more aware than the females. Again – it depends on the proximity of Orcs, to get real-world experience.

    Yeah, my mom’s kin are all very sweet, poor country folks with the worst luck you’ve ever seen. I remember they visited us down here in the Low Country once, and we took them to a Wal-Mart full of nogs. They might as well have landed on Mars, they were amazed by the nigger antics. Wish I had a picture of their faces, lol.

    But it’s the fish’s nature to think everything breathes water. I.e., project their own nature onto others. I’m sure it took ’em about 5 minutes to “culture” and “poverty” it all away.

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