Neo-Confederates In Congress Resist a Rapidly Changing World


H/T Ed Sebesta

Here we have yet another anti-Southern article that blames “neo-Confederates” in Congress for obstructing the Left’s social agenda:

“Today, there are quite a few very vocal neo-Confederates who think gun rights, states rights, the protection of white American culture and elimination of “excessive” taxation on the rich are the nation’s preeminent concerns. Their anti-bellum mindset makes it impossible for them to accept scientific reality — climate change, evolution, the true age of the planet — and political reality — America is becoming a more diverse, tolerant nation that does not share their fear-driven philosophy.

One of our two great political parties has been captured by the neo-Confederates and, because so many of them have been elected to Congress, the political system is gridlocked. Big problems are either ignored — climate change, deterioration of infrastructure, the toxic greed in the financial system — or kicked down the road to be fixed another day.

As bad as things are, though, governmental paralysis created by reactionary resistance to change is not unique in our history. For most of the first century of the republic a final resolution to the slavery issue was kicked down the road over and over. Lincoln and the Union army finally forced the necessary realignment. …”

Note: I had forgotten about “climate change,” but I suppose destroying the coal industry and making electricity drastically more expensive for White households is also on the list of things to do in Obama’s second term.

How many Northeastern projects are there in this cartoon? I see debt ceiling, guns, climate change, and Medicare. Surely, you got gay marriage, amnesty for illegal aliens, destroying the white American culture, legalization of pedophilia, and reparations for slavery coming down I-95 South.

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  1. Montana and Wyoming are two of the states that are most aggrieved about federal gun control. Wyoming is also the biggest coal producing state in America and along with West Virginia would experience the most negative economic side effects of “climate change” legislation.

  2. In terms of mineral value, Nevada is the most valuable state in the Union. Clark County is a Democrat stronghold due to the Las Vegas unions. The rest of the state has no reason to stick around in the Union.

  3. Probably no one in the entire country is more aggrieved by Democratic hegemony than the rich, conservative, agricultural areas in California that are in a permanent state of vassalage to the worthless Hispanics in Los Angeles and the West Coast liberals in the Bay Area.

  4. Does anyone think that Illinois would rally to the side of Cook County in the event of Southern secession? Pennsylvania is another energy state like Wyoming and West Virginia whose economy is threatened by “climate change” legislation.

  5. Charlie Rangel on obstacles to gun control: ““New York is different and more progressive than a lot of areas in other states, and some of the Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.”

    Uh huh.

  6. Jim: “How will the South ever survive without Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? A Vermont boycott would be crippling.”

    Actually, Vermont has a lively secessionist movement going themselves. They’re lefties, but still… 😉

  7. As Sailer has written today those “progressives” in NYC seem to be doing their best to drive blacks out of NYC. So in effect NYC is doing a better job of managing diversity than maybe even the South (of course this begs the question if diversity is so great why does it need to be managed?)

    Bloomies illegitmate son Rahmstein in Chicago is also on the evict the poor blacks bandwagon, his thugs moved out the last poor blacks from their house in Lincoln Park last year. This is a continuation of Daley’s and Blogo’s policy of African resettlement.

  8. Vermont secessionism is a paper tiger, Gayle. Exploring Vermont – best time is during fall foliage – will disabuse you. Some cute girls though but that shouldn’t interest ou much. There’s a nice bakery run by the students from New England Culinary Institute in the thriving metropolis known as Montpelier.

  9. Gayle – VT is a Jew “bug out” state. Jews are in TOTAL control there. The White Goy are their clueless serfs. No gun control. VERY high real estate prices. Very low-level employment. Think about it.

  10. I asked an absolutely gorgeous blonde working at the hotel in Montpelier what they do at night. She said “sleep” and stared at me like a vampire. Turns out the “kids” (18-early 20’s) play tag in front of the State House. Glad to see they don’t stick pins through their noses neither do they use drugs but the phrase “clueless serfs” just about sums up everyone in Montpelier. That girl was a total serfette.

  11. John says:

    The immigrant troops, altered the combat ratio of North v South from 2/1 to 3/1
    which meant that the union could continuously stage offensives. 2/1 would have guaranteed a deadlock.

    So we could then say the North cheated in soldier recruitment during the war? What years did it happen? And didn’t the Confederate Army as I think once mentioned have a higher soldier dropout rate? It wasn’t due to cowardice, but their libertarian sense of going only so far like when the Yanks are out of my town, city, county, state, then I’m going home.

  12. It’s high time we showed the district of corruption we’ve had enough! Cesession is the only way . It has come to that. That will get their attention. When a couple dozen states decide collectively that they’re not going to pay the fed’s any more, that alone will cause panic in Washington! Making life difficult for liberals living in your neighborhood will cause them to seek their own kind elsewhere. Sending a Confederate Rep to the U.N. and demanding recognition as a new country will solidify the reality! Take this country back by open defiance (and armed warfare if necessary)! This has NOTHING to do with Dixie and the War of Northern Aggression of the 19’th century and everything to do with what’s sacred to REAL Americans with intact values! Wake up America! The gov is walking all over your rights! Death to dictators and socialists!

  13. Whites Unite says:

    So his hypothesis is American conservatives = neo-Confederates.

    Liberals see those at VNN and us as the same people. They often accuse the neo-Nazi pinhead types of wanting to own slaves if it’s not about Jews, and yes, defending Creationism.

    But I’ll bring up another cool related topic, in that conservative values and philosophy of the North vs. the South are quiet very different. We’ll just see it now until a better usage of words as:

    Yankee conservatism vs. Southern conservatism.

    Liberals hastily condemn conservatives for the evil European colonialism of the 19th century and how America wanted to take part in it, and yes they were conservatives, but it was Yankee conservatives who wanted to carve up Africa, did take the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawai’i, etc., while Southerners often felt aghast at all this land grabbing overseas. The Yank cons see Man rise to a civilized superior in the economic system of capitalism, while the Southern cons see Man perfectly restrained in a neofeudalism constraint. It was Teddy Roosevelt doing all that American imperialism and hypocritically acclaimed by liberals for his other great achievements relating to liberalism, and one who ought to have the name Daddy Yankee. The Wall Street Journal is a conservative newspaper based in NYC, but I’ve never seen them advocate libertarism, and they always side with big government.

    I find it even more interesting how the differences between conservatives Yankees and Southerners is where some of the Liberal philosophy overlaps with Southern conservatism. Like both want organic food to prevail in the future, with Southerners seeing organic as the traditional way of growing food, and liberals see it as the healthiest choice for our mortal bodies and against those evilly environmentally destructive Corporate Bastard conservative Corporate Personhood (Yankee conservaties), and even maybe throw in how the primitive peoples eat only organic.

  14. “And before the war with Japan and Germany, there was an economic depression throughout the same region, and we still kicked their ass. So what’s your point?” – The factories were still here back then. capital intensive industry does not just spring back when it is discarded.

  15. Also note the White population of the Northeast is both in decline and aging. Maine for example has a population akin to that of Europe, 1.5 kids per family and a high median age.

    Good chunks of the economy there and in the rest of the region are also highly dependent on financial chicanery.

    I don’t expect such a war to happen but if it did and any modern, gear was involved it would not last long. casualties especially in the cities would be enormous

    Historically ACW1 was moved t by trains and fought pretty much by men on foot and horse not that different than 1776 in many ways. Trains helped but it was not a mechanized war but a transitional one

    Wars with more modern gear can hit almost anywhere in CONUS in a matter of hours. Worse US cities lack air defenses of any kind and are brittle. We depend on the ocean as our shield and in CW situation it won’t help

    I strongly doubt the Air Force would bomb say Tallahassee or Augusta or Colorado Springs or Topeka if they chose to leave the union . If the did and anything was left to retaliate it would be a Pyhrric victory at best.

    This risk is why Russia fell rather than fought . The Middle East is an exemption but they were very lightly armored insurgents fighting 3rd world powers.

  16. Well, no one in Congress is doing anything. They’re all impotent. As for the effectiveness of neo-Confederates…. nil.

    And, it looks like Miss America loves negroes. I’m betting that Southerner voted Obama. Whether she is Miss New York, Miss Alabama, or Miss Tennessee, she really is Miss Miscegenation. Apparently, some Southerners have the same parenting problem that has been infecting the North for centuries.

    She’s a full-blooded mudshark. I say pull her crown!

  17. that relationship might not go too well.

    One word of caution though. He probably comes for a very wEalthy Trinidad family.

  18. The average Russian soldier appeared to refuse to shoot his own people. They bore no ill will to East Germans too. once the steady iron hard jet of propaganda ceased the Russian was revealed as a pretty ordinary man much like outselves. When did the propaganda end?

  19. SnowWhitey: You didn’t think they would choose a nice Southern Bell with a good ole boy husband, did you? As a matter of fact, I have little doubt she was chosen partly because of it. She is setting the example.

  20. @ “…I find it even more interesting how the differences between conservatives Yankees and Southerners is where some of the Liberal philosophy overlaps with Southern conservatism….”

    The main difference seems the Planter Culture, with its sense of time, seasons, connections to the earth, hearth, extended family and inter-married kinship groups (you don’t have to be an aristocrat to know where you come from, your genealogical history)— versus the mentality of the northern factory worker (time is money, the boss commands, do what you’re told, hierarchy, being a “point person,” a “go-to,” and so on, essentially a serf, punching clocks, getting your payoff, your pension, being a good order-follower).

    A Northeasterner was telling me how he “shared traditional values” (whatever that means, lol) of the south. To him, a “traditional value” just meant he was heterosexual, (just like 97% of the population,) a family man, and good at following orders (for the military or factory), and he “worked hard.” That was “traditional values” to him.

    That is not a southern mindset, as “traditional culture” means the “gestalt” the way of being that comes from referencing Planter Culture, (whether planting large land tracts or small ones, as in subsistence farming, or working others’ land). This is a different relationship with Time, nature, land, genealogy, kinship groups, history, literature, etc.

    In other words, the two groups seem trying to “conserve” very different “traditional” ways of being.

    A “family” in the north means you have a child, maybe more. Family in the south can mean your entire family history. To a northerner, to know family history can seem perceived as “uppity,” or to be “like an aristocrat” as one told me.

    Good worker do-bees don’t have a history. They are labour units. They reproduce labour units.

    Economism runs the “conservative” north, and by extension, whatever ethnic group is collecting the centralized taxes.

  21. The Biggerstaffs in the Carolina’s are quite an interesting Southern Clan.

    They fought on both sides of the battle of King’s Mountain.

    The women in the family appealed through their sisters to one prominent Biggerstaff in the revolutionary militia to save a Loyalist Biggerstaff captured at King’s Mountain.
    Genetics trump ideology.

  22. The back country militia, if you put them in a time machine and showed them contemporary America and then sent them back…what would they do with Ferguson? Join him maybe?

  23. “In terms of mineral value, Nevada is the most valuable state in the Union. Clark County is a Democrat stronghold due to the Las Vegas unions. The rest of the state has no reason to stick around in the Union.”

    IIRC, close to 90% of Nevada is owned by the Federal Government.

  24. John says:
    The Biggerstaffs in the Carolina’s are quite an interesting Southern Clan.
    They fought on both sides of the battle of King’s Mountain.

    The coast had many inter-connected families, and extended relations. People forget how many people came to the south in early 1600s. Northern re-writes of history after WBTS hid information about Virginians. But at the time of revolution, many had been in the land 150 years already.

    To be in the land 3-4 generations before the revolution wasn’t uncommon. At the time of the revolution, they had already been in the country longer than some people who “run” the u.s. today.

  25. The beautifuly irony: the overlap of political hatred shared by both Liberals and Southern conservatives for the USA and her expanding empire around the world.

  26. Who ever wrote that anti confederate article needs to be reminded of how great and positive the lincoln and union armies influence is on this God Forsaken country that we live in today. Not one single good thing has resulted from their illegal actions taken against the Southern People. It is the continuing abuse of power of the federal government that has steadily eroded away at the individual rights of the white man.

  27. USA: People with lack of money=no healthcare. That`s inhumane and insane.

    Norway: Universal healthcare and far superior to the weak and pathetic American system. How can you think that your healthcare system is any good, it costs more per capita than any other country, and is very low in efficiency. 40 million excluded, that`s beyond insane. You rank 37 in the world in healthcare system rankings.

    USA: Americans work the hardest in the world but have less job security and less vacation that many. You never know when you`ll lose your job.

    Norway: High salaries, 5 weeks paid vacation, sick days, sick leave with pay for as long as the doctor prescribes. maternity leave with pay for 1 year, paternity leave for 2 weeks with pay etc. Steady jobs in Norway are secured for life.

    USA: Insane and ridiculous gun laws. More guns do not lead to less violence, believing it does makes you and incredibly stupid people.

    Norway: Socialist.

    USA: Capitalist.

    What system do you prefer?

  28. Norway has very few Niggers. An homogenous white society can provide for its poor, infirm and even the lazy.

    Add in niggers? Lol. That society tears itself to bits.

  29. I don’t think we’re being creative enough. Here’s a novel idea. Instead of us leaving, lets kick them out. Call a constitution convention of the Red States only. Pass a amendment to the United States Constitution kicking out the Northeastern States. Blue States get no say in the matter. Only need 85% of the States to pass. Kick them out. Force all the undesirables they love so much to decamp to the Northeast. Victory.
    We could end the basing of troops around the World to ease tensions between us and other nations. Appeal the Seventeenth Amendment. Crank up Liquid Thorium reactor tech for energy (CHEAP ENERGY is the key to economic growth). Deport or reign in the Groids. Dump the Federal Reserve by having the government directly printing money. Deport the Yankees. Allow poll taxes for voting which would greatly decrease government spending. Military service to vote. All citizens armed with machine guns as in Switzerland. Flying cars ;you can’t have flying cars with Negros around.
    As for the North let them have all the Groids, Arabs, Mexicans, .etc and let them power their cities with windmills. Note: I’m fond of windmills and solar power for personal use but you can’t run a steel mill with one.

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