The Cost of the Union: Obama’s Gun Control Press Conference

District of Corruption

As expected, Obama proposes to ban “assault weapons” in a calculated effort to exploit statistical outliers in gun violence to disarm law abiding White conservatives who are concentrated in the Red States:

Note: Were it not for the existence of the Union, Obama wouldn’t be holding this press conference, and there would be no serious effort underway to ban assault weapons, or any serious effort to give amnesty to illegal aliens, or any serious effort to raise taxes and the debt ceiling again without serious cuts to federal spending.

Texas has an economy twice the size of New England, but only has 2 senators in this Union compared to the 12 from New England. Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia have an economy the size of New England, but only have 6 senators in this Union compared to the 12 that come from New England.

New England is only 71,991.8 square miles. Texas is 268,581 square miles. There are 26 million people in Texas compared to 14 million in New England. Yet because of the existence of the Union with New England the whole country is pulled inexorably to the Left of its own center of gravity.

Dissolving the Union is the silver bullet that takes out everything from gay marriage to amnesty for illegal aliens to gun control to abortion to affirmative action to the welfare state. In one stroke, it rids us of 4 out of 5 Jews in America and over 90% of the insanity that emanates from the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and the West Coast.

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  1. Yes.

    We can also sell Partition to the Left: the mean old Rednecks and their GOP congressmen won’t pass gun control or Amnesty!

    Split the nation up, and you can build your Utopia, while our ignorance and superstition is confined to “flyover country”! You do want to live in Utopia, don’t you?

    I can see the smoke coming out of their ears now: “this does not compute”!

  2. We may just have to adopt a push-pull strategy to crack the federal stranglehold on America. I think that a strong, open Dixie Yes movement (the “push”), coupled with a clever covert psychological warfare campaign against the Union (the “pull”, in the form of a black propaganda attack, the nature of which I won’t describe here) could be the ticket to a generalized acceptance of the idea of secession in America. Shake the filthy Yankee Yunion to pieces!

    We secession advocates should be thinking bigger. After all, we’ve already seen incredible progress. Yesterday, secession was unthinkable. Today, it’s “crazy talk”. And tomorrow…?

  3. The Senate should be apportioned based on NFL franchises. 2 Senators for every NFL team in the State. Texas gets 2 for the Cowboys and 2 for the Texans. California gets six: for the 49ers, Raiders and the Chargers. New England (all of it) gets 2, for the Patriots. There are 32 teams in the NFL, resulting in 64 senators.

  4. In one stroke, it rids us of 4 out of 5 Jews in America and over 90% of the insanity that emanates from the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and the West Coast

    Yes, but what will stop the Jews and other leftists from moving south and ruining your new nation?

  5. Stringent background checks before allowing any other whites to move in. A new Jew Exclusion Act.

  6. Jim says:

    “You’ll live in our utopia even if we have to kill you to bring it to you, damn it!”

    And even funnier when they did that in 1870 is they didn’t try to ennact a massive indoctrination program to erase the Southern culture out of Southerners like today it’s done out of whites in every country and region. It seemed they wanted Southerners to stay Southern and continued to blame Southerners for their own impoverishment.

  7. This article has so much truth in it, it is not even funny.

    Secession is the answer. Anyone who brought up “gun control” in a Southern Republic would be a complete pariah. It is only because of these insane Northeast and West coast people that we have to deal with this bullshit.

  8. The picture of the signing (of whatever it was) that keeps repeating on t.v. is just strange—- a beefy looking girl who looks part-indian-arab-latina in a garish scarlet red shiny dress that looks almost like a “formal” thing, maybe even a rhinestone belt.

    Strange… but very fitting entourage for this production, somehow.

  9. And people wonder why so many whites don’t have children, lol. That’s my theory on why some of them actually support abortion. Maybe they feel they can at least ELECT not to breed debt-slaves for the machine, and force another generation to live through the warfare-welfarism autocratism they were forced to endure.

  10. @ And even funnier when they did that in 1870 is they didn’t try to ennact a massive indoctrination program to erase the Southern culture out of Southerners…”

    Sure they did. And everybody had to sign loyalty oaths, in order to work.

  11. Oh— I meant the signing of the gun legislation or whatever it is. The kids who are posing in the scene, presumably b/c they will (supposedly) be saved by taking guns, unlike the sandy hook children.

  12. “And people wonder why so many whites don’t have children, lol.”

    The only reasonably responsible whites who shouldn’t have kids are those who possess a priestly devotion to their own people. And that encompasses very few. The rest are just looking for an excuse for their selfishness and narcissism.

    That being said, the fact most libs have few kids doesn’t bother me a bit, now if only we could get them to keep their hands off of the rest of our kids… That will happen the same day they decide to leave our guns alone.

    Yep, they are so sure of the goodness and rightness of their universal vision, they are perfectly fine with killing millions to bring them the same “happy” existence. The ironic thing is if they succeed, they won’t have anybody to leave it to, in fact, they will likely see it go to the dogs in their own lifetimes. The wrestle western civilization from us “racists and bigots” only to gift wrap it and hand it to savages. Improvement? Sometimes I think they just do what they do because they know nothing else. I mean, why would anyone with a choice choose to support their status quo?

  13. TrueNewsUSA reports that a Daley wants to do away with primaries for the election of Illinois governor.

    My thought is “Let’s do it”. Let the women, niggers and mestizo’s coalesce around their favored candidate …… Chicago will still be a nigger vs. white vs. mestizo shithole, but the state could override it.

  14. I don’t understand why the NRA is slammed by every journalist in the country for doing nothing but offering practical solutions. Forbes was never a great publication but they’re no different than Mother Jones these days, especially on gun control. Now the NRA is being attacked for drawing attention to the fact Pharoah’s picaninnies have guards with guns. Most urban schools have cops on hand because the teachers don’t feel safe. There are lawsuits to get them out of city shools in NYC because they’re racist for protecting teachers from wild Nigs.

    Whereas most white kids are unprotected in suburban schools….waiting for someone to pull up and start shooting them.

    Maybe it’s because without police protection the school shootings won’t end, keeping wind in the gungrabber’s sail?

  15. “12 senators that come from New England”

    Was this done after the Civil War, or does it go back further than that?

  16. @ProjectVeritas_ Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying “HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE”

  17. “Maybe it’s because without police protection the school shootings won’t end, keeping wind in the gungrabber’s sail?”

    They do love dancing in the blood of their victims. Its been amusing to see the anti-NRA ad debates on some sites/forums. They all boil down to the “prez’s kids are more important than you and yours! So, of course they need security with full auto! Everyone else, no. We’ll be safer without guns.”. So much for that whole equality thing.

  18. What would keep jews, yankees and other undesirables out of Dixie? Immigration control. As in no immigration for three generations so we can reestablish our culture then very strict, multi generational back ground checks on those seeking to migrate to Dixie. Then a multi generational trail period of living in our nation were new immigrants do not get to vote, speak out on public matters, contribute to political campaigns etc etc.

    Having to ask the question shows how far down the yankee rabbit hole we’ve been pulled

  19. Hey Folks, Big Future for Air Gun Smiths who are Underground. No need for Khazar Made Ammo…..Very Silent, smokeless–like Napoloeon said—weapons of the Devil, We have had AIR GUN CONTROL since Napoleon—with the powder shooter controls this will make AIR GUN making explode to a high scale….85 Percent of Gun Making is owned by a Jew Billionaie..Check article on on the Wet Back Drug Cartel and Obama at war with the Jew Billionaire- The Jew Billionaires Father lived in Newtown Kikedom….

  20. Hey guys, is there somewhere I can get talking points about how secession could be effected peacefully? I remember seeing a list somewhere about things like reparations to the US government, trade treaties, etc., but can’t remember where I saw it.

    Any help appreciated.

  21. What about this:

    Claim the Stars and Stripes and eject the North East from that union. Just a thought. Like black balling a club member. Kick them out of the party, rather than attempting to Escape yourselves.

  22. They rely on the notion of moral superiority to remain the “elite” without it they fall from grace. The NRA cuts too close to the bone on this, they can quibble the details as all right wingers like to waste their time on or they can attack the notion of moral superiority “natural elite” and depose them.

    That is why the elite allow in right wingers so they can derail us onto quibbling details of some near useless wordist endeavor (ideology basically).

    Every regime falls once its moral superior pillars are crushed and cast aside.

  23. Robroy,

    Can you elaborate?
    Which group are “they” in this context? The NRA as a self perpetuating elite? Or their opponents in the gun grabbing movement?

  24. @Hunter Just what are the Black & Latino/Hispanic violent crime stats? I’ve read over 90% of violent crimes are committed by Blacks & Hispanic/Latinos. Even higher % if not for mis-classified Hispanics/Latinos.

  25. To all OD People: This is going around now all over the place. Keep in mind 14th Amedment about NO TITLES OF NOBILITY ALSO: Proposed 28th Amendment to United States Constitution — Congress shall make to laws that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and / or Representatives; and Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and / or Representaives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States…………….Because the Poiliticians are exmpt from Obama Health Care because they are FED Workers…. These snakes will be able to get any kind of gun they want…but not us… TO HELL WITH THEM

  26. Should be obvious that the NRA is the outsiders in this case, that they attack not some silly details but the morality of the elite is cause for my rejoice.

  27. Ah ha. I see. Yes they did a good advert.

    I think that people will realize that if an M4, GP9, FNFAL , AR 15, HK etc etc is good enough for a prep school in DC that is good enough for anyone. The issue revolves around who gets to decide who is armed. If hypocritical wealthy liberals want armed guards for their kids, they jolly well shouldn’t prevent anyone else from protecting themselves.

  28. The problem with USA is not Negroes or Jews. The problem is your retarded healthcare system and your lack of welfare.

    USA: People with lack of money=no healthcare. That`s inhumane and insane.

    Norway: Universal healthcare and far superior to the weak and pathetic American system.

    USA: Americans work the hardest in the world but have less job security and less vacation that many. You never know when you`ll lose your job.

    Norway: High salaries, 5 weeks paid vacation, sick days, sick leave with pay for as long as the doctor prescribes. maternity leave with pay for 1 year, paternity leave for 2 weeks with pay etc. Steady jobs in Norway are secured for life.

    USA: Insane and ridiculous gun laws. More guns do not lead to less violence, believing it does makes you and incredibly stupid people.

    Norway: Socialist.

    USA: Capitalist.

    What system do you prefer?

  29. Trine, thats an obvious troll but I’ll give you an undeserved answer.

    I trust you do know how different our societies are, ethnically, historically, culturally. We have 60 times the population of Norway and an entirely different ethnic and cultural mix.

    Also Norway is not problem free, The rape rate there is up 69% and on top of it its entirely caused by you being stupid enough to allow Muslims into your country. No Muslims pretty much no White women being raped. Yes none. pretty much zero.

    Also looking at demography again, if the US and Europe were all free of Non European Whites (so no lumping Arabs in with Whites, they aren’t) neither would have any significant crime, The US rate would be a tad higher on some measures of violence but we approach any civilized European country. Our violence is entirely ethnic, a lot drug related to the fact that the bulk (not all) of the Black and Mestizo population is not very smart and lacks impulse control.

    And note while our Welfare system is inferior , when we did have a far more comprehensive system (pre Clinton era reforms) the crime rate was not lower. The presence of such programs does not mitigate crime in the US in any way. Guns have a small impact as did (maybe) abortion and lead removal . What did make the US safer is we locked up most Black criminals.

    Now in theory a future US could become more like Europe if we wanted if we were ethically 90% or so White (we could even lump Jews in with Whites) and stayed that way and we stopped ramming other facets of the Liberal agenda down peoples throats. However baring magic comet or something I can’t see that happening , so we can’t work a welfare state.

    Also if we chose this route, a lot of countries would have to increase defense spending because we’d can’t be the hegemon and a have a welfare state . Y’all might not like getting back to the basics of bullets and babies .

  30. Matt Strictland says:
    January 20, 2013 at 12:16 am

    “Also Norway is not problem free, The rape rate there is up 69% and on top of it its entirely caused by you being stupid enough to allow Muslims into your country. No Muslims pretty much no White women being raped. Yes none. pretty much zero.”

    What say you to this, Trine?

    Do you care about the Whites, that would never have been raped and murdered, if it wasn’t for YOU and your anti-White buddies, demanding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries change their RACE?

    Or are you a SOCIOPATH, like all the rest?

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