Amurrica Series: BRA’s Inauguration 2013

District of Corruption

I’m trying to catch up on the inaugural festivities in Black Run America’s (BRA’s) capital this morning on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2013.

My brother called to inform me that Beyonce had sung BRA’s national anthem. He also said something about Medger Evers widow giving the invocation, a gay Hispanic poet and Obama citing Seneca Falls, Selma, and the Stonewall Riots in his speech as proof that “all men are created equal.”

Update: According to Obama, Equality Is “The Star That Guides Us Still.”

Note: Watching this disgusting spectacle reminds me of this little ditty, “I hates the Glorious Union, tis drippin’ with our blood, I hates their stripped banner, I fit it all I could …” The song references the act of “Swallowing the Dog.”

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  1. This country is just lame. There’s no other way to put it. We’re a Dreamliner. The most expensive consumer product ever built and it’s an absolute piece of shit.

  2. Sorry, not most expensive, but most complex.

    The complexity of the situation in that video is beyond comprehension. The regulations, the financial shenanigans, the depravity. And there is no substance. This puppy ain’t going to be flying much longer.

  3. She’s also spent MAJOR $$$ over the past decade or so on various skin lightening methods. I would hate to see what sort of cancerous mutations lie below her fake exterior.

  4. There is no enthusiasm for Obama, even among his supporters. Only 1/4 the turnout of 2008. Even the WaPo ran an editoral about how Obama isn’t important anymore, and doesn’t have the ability to lead or accomplish anything except kicking the crap out of the GOP. The endless campaign enters year 5, in other words.

    Beyonce did a better job that Christina Agulara at the Super Bowl. If you google “young Beyonce” you see she has always been the same honey color. She’s obviously mixed. Her hair is now much more fabulous, and obviously an expensive weave and not hers. But almost all poptarts, white and black, do that now. I don’t find her looks “harsh”. She’s a fine looking mulatto babe, she would have worked in the big house in Django’s world.

  5. Oh yeah she’s high yeller, about any segregationist politician would have kept her as a mistress. Two weeks from now at America’s religous event of the year she will be pelvic thrusting for the morons, and to wild applause at that.

  6. I hates the Glorious Union, ’tis dripping with our blood, I hates the striped banner, I fought it all I could

    Of course, the Virginia-born Randolph, who penned that, got his education in the antebellum North (Geneva and Poughkeepsie, New York). As Hinton Helper remarked, slavery had cultivated in the South imbecility.

  7. @ Beyonce is a harsh looking lady.

    She sounds like somebody with an ok voice, but who is gargling. And is she really wearing shiny Christmas Tree earrings? Christmas was last month.

  8. John B,

    What is the source of your hatred? Why can’t you just let people BE, for five minutes. Somehow, I can’t imagine you having a wife.

  9. John B. can’t even address the spectacle that unfolded in front of the entire world . All that was missing was a “get your hands of me you damn dirty….” and a cutaway to a half-buried statue of liberty.

    John B. wants to talk about his favorite man against time, Hamburger Helper.

  10. Re: John Bona

    Here’s a factoid from tomorrow’s book review … 9 of the top 25 public universities in the United States are in the South. More than in any other region in the United States.

  11. Hinton Helper was wrong on almost everything he said about slavery retarding the Southern economy:

    “For the next forty years, the southerner’s per capita income remained stagnant. Two thirds of the South’s wealth had disappeared, as had one out of four white men between the ages of twenty and forty. Confederate currency was worthless. Total northern wealth increased by a robust 50 percent between 1860 and 1870; southern wealth declined by 60 percent. Even if slaves are removed from the calculation, the decline was 30 percent. It would take the South sixty years to reach the level of wealth it possessed in 1860.”

    “Freedom” as a Northern colony was an unmitigated social and economic disaster for the South. We didn’t even recover the level of wealth that existed in 1860 until the 1920s.

  12. Obama is just proof that secession was, and is, the right answer. Anyone who finds that trashy thing singing somehow enticing should have their eyes checked. If that ain’t the problem, you’ve got worse issues. 4 more years of Obozo imbecility, ineptitude, lies, and shenanigans. This country voted for him, this country deserves everything he does to tear it down. Deo Vindice.

  13. John B,

    What is the source of your hatred? Why can’t you just let people BE, for five minutes.

    The true American patriots here have no one to blame but themselves for the spectacle unfolding on television: inaugration on MLK Day, Obama taking the oath of office on the Lincoln Bible, Medgar Evers widow giving the invocation, Obama’s speech that celebrated women’s suffrage, the victory in Selma over Southern segregationists, the fag rebellion in Stonewall, and the cherry on top, Beyonce singing the Star Spangled Banner.

    Such is the political genius of the Northeastern states. Such is the fruit of the existence of the Union with these people. Now its time to move “Forward” with Obama toward socialism, infinite debt, gun confiscation, fag marriage, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc.

  14. If God forbid Mr. Bonaccorsi is ever deemed “racist” by a black mob all he has to do is make an internationally recognized time-out gesture and explain who Hilton Helper was. He could also tell them he argues with southern “racists” on the internet.

    That could save his life.

  15. Lincoln is the looking glass that these freaks and their colored mob read their upside down US historiography in. Lincoln is the cracker jack decoder ring that these sable flag-waving black Republicans use to interpret the constitution and the “national purpose” as permanent feel-good revolution. Smash Limcoln’s divinity and the empire crumbles.

  16. Why can’t you just let people BE

    What you mean, Dixiegirl, is why won’t I let you and the other Southrons here have all the hating to yourselves? That’s your miserable idea of life, grousing constantly in the manner of discontented spouses about the North to which you’re wedded. It is so entirely unmanly that the only person here to whom I’m willing to give a pass is you personally, because, after all, women can’t be unmanly.

    If God forbid Mr. Bonaccorsi is ever deemed “racist” by a black mob

    Any black mob that wishes to “deem” me racist, Tamer, need only come here, to Occidental Dissent, and read the posts in which I have called myself exactly that. Unlike you and the other eunuchs who post here, I don’t put the word in quotation marks, because I’m not afraid of it.

  17. Back in 2008, a lot of mainstream Conservatives thought that it wasn’t so bad to have a black President. They were Indeed proud that the country could accept a nignog President. He went to good schools, a good university…well, now you’ve got what you deserve America. Reconstruction 2.0. This is going to going to turn into a bongo party.

  18. “The true American patriots on here have no one to blame but themselves for the spectacle unfolding on televion”

    – Shove it, Hunter. I voted for Romney. You didn’t.

  19. Ah but Chris,

    If only Michigan had done so.

    This is a serious question not intended as a taunt… Once America has gone black do you really in you heart of hearts think it’ll EVER go back?

  20. A better argument is that you’re an onanist for constantly making masturbation references like a 15 year old punk.

    Thanks for taking the bait, Tamer. You people are so predictable.

  21. Her mother is light skinned and often referred to as a Creole. To me, a genuine Creole has no African blood just as a genuine Latin is Italian. And, I don’t care how yellow she is, she is black.

  22. Today I will with some remorse defend the mulatto, ahem he is only half Negro, he is better than Clinton and Ted Kennedy, he did not start the evil he just went with it, who was the last okay American president Coolidge? Grover? Jackson? None? So it is with little fanfare that I resign as Obuttma’s apologist and relieve myself of defending said creature but at times like these let us be thankful for what we do have and ask ourselves the question which is more startling this event or that every White man has done nothing about it?

  23. That’s your miserable idea of life, grousing constantly in the manner of discontented spouses about the North to which you’re wedded.

    Obama is the North’s president. He is the apple of their eye. A majority of White people in New England voted for him twice.

  24. You’re a joke Bono.

    I’m just luring you Southrons into another round of pointless contention, Tamer. I respect my countrymen’s hobbies.

  25. We’ve seen this rigged game before … voting for either one of two Northern dominated political parties produces precisely the same result.

    You didn’t mind this rigged game all through the 1930s, when your votes gave us FDR.

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