Amurrica Series: BRA’s Inauguration 2013

District of Corruption

I’m trying to catch up on the inaugural festivities in Black Run America’s (BRA’s) capital this morning on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2013.

My brother called to inform me that Beyonce had sung BRA’s national anthem. He also said something about Medger Evers widow giving the invocation, a gay Hispanic poet and Obama citing Seneca Falls, Selma, and the Stonewall Riots in his speech as proof that “all men are created equal.”

Update: According to Obama, Equality Is “The Star That Guides Us Still.”

Note: Watching this disgusting spectacle reminds me of this little ditty, “I hates the Glorious Union, tis drippin’ with our blood, I hates their stripped banner, I fit it all I could …” The song references the act of “Swallowing the Dog.”

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  1. That’s a line from one of Harold Covington’s stupid novels, Tamer. And it’s just stupid-sounding. I’m a white man and I’m American. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    I didn’t ask for your ‘regard’; that wasn’t the point.
    You said it was a Covington quote, (and maybe it is as well?), but I was sure I remembered reading it somewhere recently, and I was right 😉

  2. Beyonce makes the Star Spangled Banner (barring the last part) sound like some kind of animated kids’ movie theme.

  3. Most of these sorts of statements probably don’t originate from the pen of recent novelists anyway. The Bible is a series of quotes from Egypt, Babylon, Ur, Tyre and what have you.

  4. @Tamer

    Is a Russian only either a Russian or a white man? Is a German only either a German or a white man? I imagine you’d say no to both questions, and that they’re one and the same in both instances. So why isn’t the same true for Americans?

  5. Chri313,

    Can a Turk be a German? I think not. Certainly a Ghanan or Angolan black can’t.
    Can a black be an American? They answer that question when the formulate African American. But they’ve captured the government and installed themselves as commissars of Thoughtcrime and Newspeak.

  6. “The Bible is a series of quotes from Egypt, Babylon, Ur, Tyre and what have you.”

    There’s your higher criticism.

  7. Chris asks a good, fair question: “So why isn’t the same true for Americans?”

    In the two centuries of the Republic, was America on the way to becoming a distinct, new ethny, through pan-European interethnic mixing? It might have required another two centuries of internal immigration, until it would be possible to be both white and Anerican.

  8. It would require centuries to blend English, Scots-Irish, German, Dutch, Swede — nearly all non-Catholic, northwestern European groups into an American PEOPLE — let alone add Catholic Mediterraneans and Eastern Europeans….

  9. @John

    Who the hell is talking about Turks or Angolans? I said Russians and Germans, not foreign invaders.

    Real Americans are white people, as in European ancestry, who were born here, to parents who were born here, who were themselves born to parents who were born here and so on, and that speak English as their first language and identify as Americans and nothing else. All the other shit-colored aliens have no claim to this country or an identity as an American.

    Just like an Aborigine is not and can never be an Aussie, and a Xhosa is not and can never be an Afrikaner, neither is a nigger or gook or mystery-mix a true American.

  10. John, I want to make sure as an Englishman with an interest in American history you enjoy a full understanding of the Stonewall riots that our President championed in his inauguration speech. Here’s a NYC fishwrapper writeup from the time:

    Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad

    After initially being unable to remain in the television room I know reflect on Obama’s latest speech with sick joy because now a knockdown drag-queen brawl will be a highlight in BRA’s “soaring” epitaph.

  11. @John
    For somewhere down the line White Man grew soft. He wanted only peace and (retch) tolerance. It could be said that the blame lies with “the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Revelations 3:9 or the Yankees or some other reason having to do with the aforementioned in some capacity. Yet it is inescapable that right now at this very moment it is all happening and where is the Hero of Old, the Joan of Arc, the Hammer, those who fought the Turks at Vienna, the British soldiers at Rorke’s Drift, Voortrekkers at the Battle of Blood River, Real Americans at The Alamo, and many others I do not know or have forgotten. They are dead but does their spirit live on? Where is the LORD GOD has he abandoned us or have we abandoned him? Why does he will us suffering or do we blindly wish upon ourselves said suffering?

    Why does the White quake in terror before the legions of hell? Has he opened the gates and thrown down his shield to turn and flee? May the LORD GOD save us all.

  12. Chris contends that one can be both white and American, and that American can be an ethnic identity. I agree that in many places so much pan-European “blending” has occurred already that truly American identity may have emerged. I expect this is true in some urban areas, not often in rural.

  13. I agree with the idea of a true American.

    I’d probably say I’m an Anglo-American or Americanized English because that describes
    My own bio and is some what precise as to origins.

    Most African Americans so called have never been to Africa. I also don’t think that blacks are Americans. They are something else entirely. They don’t have a culture, merely the pastiche of one. A cargo cult.

  14. I know about the club rioting. It’s pretty frigging stupid of gays to have this mythology.

    They have edwardII, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Andy Warhol, Abraham Lincoln etc…

  15. American identity would require uniformly European culture, and Christianity instead of the Hollywood “culture” and Ism than dominates presently.

  16. The Problem as the nignog from Jigaragua in the Emma West video shows is that a nignog can say:

    “I Hamm Breeteesh.”

    Any similar Ape from Jamaica can legally and correctly as far as the paperwork is concerned say:

    “I Hamm American!” while tormenting whites on the NYC subway.

  17. She’s not British. Indeed after Scotland fucks off there’s no Britain at all. Britain has Imperial meaning in a way that English doesn’t.

  18. After Scotland, there is still Wales, Ulster, Man, and the Channel Islands the last vestige of English France. The Falklanders are English and Welsh mostly (?) and think of themselves as British, and are looking to Chile also. I offered an example of a blended (English-Welsh-Scot) interethnic identity (truly British, not Breeteesh) but maybe AUSSIE would have been a better example.

  19. Beyonce is a nigress trying to look White. Also, she lip-synched the SSB. Can’t say as I blame her on either account. As for the Kenyan, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. The only man who can give us that Civil War which is, in turn, the only route to the White Republic. The Lincoln of Our Time.

  20. Bestiality is next.

    During his sophomore year in high school, Cody Beck finally got fed up with hearing homophobic cracks. If his classmates thought being gay was weird (Beck was openly bisexual), he had a confession that would blow their minds. He told them he is sexually attracted to dogs and horses.

    “I just couldn’t keep it in anymore,” Beck says. “Just for the hell of it, I figured I’d throw it out there and have them make fun of me even more.” Which they did. An 18-year-old from Arizona who graduated from high school this past year, Beck says classmates taunted him by calling him “Bestiality Dude.” Being a “zoophile” in modern American society, Beck says, is “like being gay in the 1950s.

  21. The white guy in the clip’s preview picture is he’s certainly feeling like shit at a shit inarguation.

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