Secede, or Die

Dissolve the Union or sink with the ship
Dissolve the Union or perish in a Third World dystopia


H/T Blood and Soil

After an hour or so of browsing the news, I see that the GOP is gearing up to surrender on amnesty for illegal aliens and capitulate to the Left on immigration in general.

There is even more nonsense than usual from Republicans this weekend about redoubling their efforts to push more Tim Scotts, Marco Rubios, and Bobby Jindals (a formula which never worked, the Left is just emboldened by weakness and keeps accusing them of “racism”) as “the new face of the party” in order to not come across as “a bunch of angry white men.”

These people allowed themselves to get rolled. They are absolutely incapable of “conserving” anything. As long as the Union exists and keeps filling up with millions of welfare dependent and/or permanently aggrieved non-Whites who align themselves with insufferable White Northeastern liberals, the GOP will perpetually shift to the Left on every issue in an increasingly desperate attempt to “reach out to minorities” and to be competitive “out in California, on the West Coast, or in New England.”

The existence of the Union is the core of the problem. The Union is the only reason this is even happening. It is because of the Union that we are eventually saddled with everything we despise because of the unrelenting political and cultural pressure that emanates from the Northeast and which is imposed on us whenever they capture control of the federal government.

The whole edifice of the Union was built on the monstrous lies and deceptions in The Federalist Papers. At some point later this year, I will probably review The Federalist Papers just to show how “federalism” in practice turned out to be a consolidated, meddlesome government of unlimited powers which interferes in our daily lives more than the “tyranny” of any premodern monarchy.

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  1. My internal targeting computer somehow got locked in the last couple of weeks. Not sure I could change it at this point if I tried.

  2. In theory I have no
    Objection to ordinary people owning HMG’s much less Armoured Cars. Tanks are perhaps a no no but only because the tracks ruin roads. Small pack artillery, why on earth not? It would probably not be used anarchic wise by whites.

    What I do not like is niggers with guns.

  3. This whole 2nd Amendment bullshit is just another pillar of traditional white America being toppled. Its about white identity, same as the Confederate flag. They could give a fig about its connection to slavery, it is the connection with exclusive and explicit whiteness that pisses the Bolsheviks off.

  4. It’s also ironic that the same people that pissed all over the culture — the boomers — now want to take the guns because they don’t feel safe living in their creation.

    Screw ’em.

  5. Anti Whites Are Evil says:

    The people that liked being called the Greatest Generation, are also responsible, because they gave birth to and raised the Hippies.

    Actually the contributed a lot of lynching and George Wallace, Bull Connor, increased KKK membership, suspicion of Jewish activity of Hollywood film. They raised the Boomers traditionally and Boomers decided to drink the poison when they were teens. Last lynching by GG happened in 1980.

    LandShark says:

    The boomer thing is just an ideological hook, and they happen to have the power as well. I’d apologize all day long for making them be the whipping post though, if the characterization were’t true most of the time.

    They also demonized Gen Xers since 1980 relentlessly in the media and screwed over millions of Xers in the workplace.

  6. “It’s also ironic that the same people that pissed all over the culture — the boomers — now want to take the guns because they don’t feel safe living in their creation.

    Screw ‘em.”

    Yup. They shit in their own nest. Now let them stew in it. That whole generation of whites failed. Others committed sins and errors, but none with the frequency and intensity of the boomers. Like ToS said, a true good boomer won’t try to defend the rest or shift blame. To do so would be like a Northern white trying to shift blame to southern whites.

  7. more of the same says:

    Hunter, with all due respect, are your commenters drawing more people to you or driving more of them away?

    Will OD ever make it big like Huffington Post?

  8. The Four Horsemen of Boomer Eschatology to Bring in Woodstock Nation:

    1. Make all history and facts political? Check
    2. Destroy the nuclear family? Check
    3. Disarm America? Working on it.
    4. Replace any seeds of spiritual inclination that might overturn 1-3? Working on it with global warming religion.

    I seriously don’t mean to offend like-minded boomers. I apologize if my posts are offensive to some. But did boomers care 50 who they offended 50 years ago when they chanted “don’t trust anyone over 30?” How would you have liked to have a been a frail old man when this filth was tearing up the nation?

  9. I don’t think we should blame any specific group. Some are more guilty than others no doubt, but all groups have some great American citizens among them. I don’t care what group my comrades belong to, just as long as they look like me, think like me, act like me, and will be able to shoot the enemy without any hesitation when that time comes.

  10. We need an enemy besides air and ideas, snowhitey. We really do. And boomers are the only politically correct class we can take aim at without being considered haters.

  11. GenX got the rawest of raw deals and has every right to be pissed at boomers and the “greatest generation”. Each excelled the down fall to an astronomical rate.

  12. I don’t think White Nationlists have as thin a skin as the average person. If they did, they wouldn’t be White Nationlists.

  13. The republic has become an empire, and the empire is coming down. Nothing can change that, or change the timing all that much: it’s a question of inertia. Where the wreckage falls, that we might influence a lot.

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