Senate Reaches “Bipartisan” Amnesty Deal

District of Corruption

John McCain and Marco Rubio joined Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin this morning to unveil the latest version of comprehensive amnesty:

Note: It is worth noting here that the Tea Party is responsible for saddling us with Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, who endorsed amnesty after the election and who recently claimed that an attack Israel would be treated like an attack on the United States, both of whom turned out to be nothing more than sleazy politicians who are willing to do the bidding of the Republican establishment to prep for their 2016 presidential campaigns.

The only political candidates worth supporting in this country are those which are willing to formally commit themselves to secession. Anything less than secession, as the Tea Party has demonstrated by putting Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in the Senate, and by listening to Sarah Palin who endorsed John McCain’s reelection, will just be co-opted by the Republican establishment after arriving in Washington.

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  1. Ron Paul may have said he’s all for open borders in public, but would he try to nullify the states majorities of passed anti immigrant laws? Would he stop, say, a state coalition bewteen Texas and South Carolina working together deporting all the illegals back over the Rio Grande?

  2. Libertarianism is mostly incompatible with traditional white conservatism, but from a national SOCIALIST point of view it is completely opposite. No wonder Jack Ryana says Ron “Paula,” seeing him as the worst possible evil.

  3. Hail Tamer! Been spending most of my time out in the woods these days. Keeps me saner than contemplating the future of BRA.

    “The millions of White Northerners who continue to vote for Democrats in election after election are responsible for this. They tip the whole political spectrum to the Left and it effectively means we end up all kinds of shit that would never pass a Southern Congress.”

    Which above all else, is why we need a free and independent South. Nothing in the current system, Democrat, Republican, or other, even pretends to represent the best interests of our people. Quite the contrary.

    Lately, there seems to be more open discussion of the possibilities of secession. That is a truly positive sign, but just a mere baby step towards widespread political support among Southerners.

    We need more people to come around to the right point of view, in spite of their constant bombardment with the anti-white point of view of our Northern “betters.”

    Register my firearms? I think not, yankee man.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Lots of my acquaintances back home vote Democrat every time, both young and old alike. Some are evangelicals, all are gun nuts. Why do they vote Democratic? Answer: FDR, Social Security, welfare and Unions. The Boomers always go for the Social Security.
    FDR totally destroyed our people.

  5. When it comes down to it the vast majority of whites, especially Boomers, will give up every liberty, virtue, and even the citizenship of their own children and grandchildren for their fu#g Social Security check.

  6. Outside of sexual morality issues, the Catholic church supports every bit of BRA. That church supports the mexican invasion, gun control, the civil rights act, all the forced integration, the silly notion people are interchangeable and racial mixing is ok… every fucking bit of it

  7. Libertarians would not support any state legislation that singled out racial groups. They say they are for states rights, but above all they are liberal’s on race issues and want all the niggers, beaners etc to be on the same legal level as White men.

    That is the bottom line about libertarians an why White men should never vote for them

  8. Apuleius says:

    …such of the weaker sex as she are more gainfully employed in producing semi-literate offspring to be employed as manual labor. In a free and independent Dixie, Dixiegirl’s offspring could be guaranteed employment in the custodial arts…

    Sadly, I have a respectable IQ— too bad neither the existing country or the one you propose would want to have me do anything other than clean toilets, lol

  9. — Pushing populations on top of each other always causes tensions. Sometimes, it’s ok for awhile (due to prosperity or whatever) but eventually it crashes. That’s just history.

    Really, it’s nothing personal.

  10. Wasn’t it said recently here that 99% don’t deserve to live, only a 1% elite including higher IQ WNs. It has also been suggested here (in comments) that the strong-willed female motherhood problem be bypassed by using artificial conception and Asian surrogate wombs. Perhaps no female WNs are needed to create the future Southron utopia.

  11. “Libertarians…say they are for states rights, but above all they are liberals on race issues and want all the niggers, beaners etc to be on the same legal level as White men.”

    Well, if states’ rights are recognised by a states’ rights minded commander in chief, and if a majority of southern people really voted to secede their states, then it wouldn’t matter if the president wasn’t racialist. But the southern Republicans didn’t care about that, but voted pro-Zionist for the endless war.

  12. Because Paul is none of those things. That’s what you fail to grasp, few have faith ron Paul is what you say he is, and given his liberal rhetoric, no reason to have faith in him. For you, he’s a german and says some words so all is good. For the rest of us he is a liberal who loves queers in the military, and likes to call White folks racist. Just like obama

  13. “he’s a german and says some words”:

    It’s the “Wordism” thing? Watch out especially for words ending in “ism”! However, do you realise that Wordism itself ends in ism?

    At least you were consistent, Stonelifter, and didn’t vote for ANY of the candidates.

  14. Stonelifter said:
    “Outside of sexual morality issues, the Catholic church supports every bit of BRA. That church supports the mexican invasion, gun control, the civil rights act, all the forced integration, the silly notion people are interchangeable and racial mixing is ok… every fucking bit of it.”
    I agree, that’s why I no longer attend the Catholic Church. But get off your high horse mister, your Protestant denominations are all just as bad, in some cases worse. Check out the Methodist, Episcopalian and Presbyterian church USA. Gay bishops, performing gay weddings, women ministers…kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.

  15. Some of us noted his consistently outspoken position in support of our rights, including First, Second and Tenth Amendment rights, and he was the only candidate who spoke in support of secession, nullification, and the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and most of the federal bureaucracy.

    Whether he likes gays (or not) really IS a significant issue I’ll grant you, Stonelifter, and I am utterly opposed to toleration of sodomy, and other fornication. But there was not a better candidate than Ron Paul, even if he was not good enough in your opinion to deserve your vote — and even if he is German, with a little Irish.

  16. I left mainstream protestant churches over 2 decades ago and you can not find one post of mine praising any main stream sect. Not a fucking one sparky. Cannot find any post of mine praising modern Christians, modern theology, dogma etc etc

  17. No better candidate then Paul the nigger/ beaner/ queer/ banjo lover just proves how rotten the whole system is. You project a lot of positive stuff onto Paul that simply isn’t there but there are good reasons to suspect him and libertarians on every front

  18. Reynauld, I agree, not only the R.C. denomination but nearly ALL of so-called Christendom is thoroughly corrupted, including those Scots-Irish churches that were “on fire” with the spirit (and fruits) of revival in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Some shout “Catholic hater!” whenever someone points out the corruption. By that measure I could also be called a Protestant hater, but I only dislike the corruption. Where Catholics and the various eastern churches stand against the forces of atheism and Islam I am in admiration of them and pray for their success.

  19. I don’t think I project what isn’t there, Stonelifter, but I’ll grant you that a lot of his hippie followers who looked forward to legal drugs and a “re LOVE ution” heaven on earth DID project things that weren’t there. Ron Paul doesn’t give evidence of being a traditional, conservative Christian, and he remains a member of the VERY liberal denomination United Church of Christ, which he should denounce and have left if he were a believer. No, I never idolised or worshipped the man, but I recognise he was the best pragmatic choice. I’m not a Libertarian either.

  20. I agree that no better candidate just proves how rotten the whole system is. Some decided to vote anyway, for the least evil, to take a step in the right direction. Some WNs even decided to vote for the worst choice (Obama) to bring on the Collapse. At least you did better than the latter group by not voting.

  21. “If good people leave a church it will never be better” is similar to the assertion that “if good white people withdraw from political involvement….”

  22. “Lew talked about voting for Obama.” I was referring to some WNs outside of OD, who believe making worse is better.

  23. Tamer…it doesn’t matter whether good people are in the Church or not. We simply have no influence over the arrogant leftist bishops controlling the American catholic church.. I try to fight the displacement of whites every day why should I attend and financially support an institution dedicated to the dispossession of my race?

  24. Well, I misjudged again. No experience at all in the Roman Catholic church? Best wishes on your military training decision as per The White Tea Room comment thread.

  25. Reynauld de Chatillon says:
    January 30, 2013 at 2:51 am

    “displacement of whites” and “dispossession”

    No point “fighting”, if you insist on using such mealy mouthed words. If you upset no one with your toned down and respectable speech, they certainly aren’t going to remember anything you said, so you may as well relax and put your feet up.

    On the other hand if you want to ruffle some feathers, use White GENOCIDE and call your bishops, anti-White.

    If you don’t want to do that, you may as well take it easy.

  26. Mosin Nagant says:
    January 30, 2013 at 1:53 am

    “However, do you realise that Wordism itself ends in ism?”

    You have just demonstrated, you do not understand what Wordism is.

    Wordism, is not an “-ism” that people follow. It is just a string of text and a definition, that explains what bad “-isms” do.

  27. Mosin,
    I can see why you don’t like “Wordist”, because that word exposes and criticizes your behavior.

    I have noticed, you never use White, you prefer “Western”.

    That means you believe White countries are propositional constructs. Propositional means as long as immigrants coming to White countries say, they agree with our way of life, they should be welcomed with open arms.

    What propositional is really saying is Whites have no rights to our own lands. They are for anyone in the world that wants to come, as long as they have the same opinions.

  28. The other side of Propositional is it means they can kick Whites out of our lands or destroy us, if we no longer agree with the old Proposition, or the Proposition is changed by the new majority.

  29. Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil and has gotten us nothing; advocating so passionately for evil does not do you credit as the good man I suspect you are

  30. Apuleius says:
    Dixiegirl is the poster child for why women should not have suffrage….”

    On dreaded “female emotionalism”—- would just point out that it’s ALL the left has ever used—logic would not take them far— and it’s why they win.

  31. That’s one thing I can agree on Stonelifter. I hate, hate the fucking apathetic excuse powered by the left over optimism of the post World War II era that it’s best to vote for the Lesser Evil because we’ll still get SOME good. *rolls eyes* (liked the way you called it horseshit in one post) Lazy Americans not wanting to get up and do the politicking themselves as they should, the required citizen’s duty to their country (remember that old JFK quote) and our Founders expected us to continue. You know, when Franklin said “If the people CAN keep a republic….”

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