The White South’s Last Defeat


Michael Lind spells out the progressive agenda of Southern genocide, which as I have shown naturally follows from the existence of the Union, that is the subtext of recent movies like “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained” …

“This local British-American ethno-racial hegemony in the South was eroded somewhat by the migration of Northeasterners and Midwesterners to the Sun Belt following World War II and the advent of air-conditioning. And now, predominantly nonwhite immigration from Latin America and Asia threatens to make white Southerners of British Protestant descent a minority in their own region. Texas and Florida are already majority-minority states. It is only a matter of time before the same is true of every state in the South. Southern whites will go from being a minority in the nation as a whole to a minority in the South itself…

The demographic demise of the white South is going to be traumatic for the nation as a whole. A century ago, when European immigration made old-stock Yankee Protestants a minority in much of the Northeast and Midwest, one response was hysterical Anglo-American nativism.”

Note: Could anyone in the”mainstream” get away with writing something like “the demographic demise of the (Jews) is going to be traumatic for the nation as a whole” thereby spelling out in explicit terms their genocidal intentions?

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  1. BTW— Ratzinger just announced the first retirement of a pope in 600 years. He was almost as quick as the one-month-long John Paul I, who may not have died peacefully.

    So, much in-fighting seems to be going on upstairs. Limiting oneself to “The Jewish Menace” would just be boring.

  2. John Hagee, Protestant shill for Israel, Ditto Gary Bauer and Company and the rest of the Christian Zionist Evangelical (Protestant) crowd. Franklin Roosevelt, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, all good Protestant Presidents who loved the South and their fellow whites. Supreme Court Justices Earl Warren, Hugo Black, John Paul Stevens, William O. Douglas (son of a Presbyterian minister no less), David H. Souter , all Protestants and all united in rulings to destroy the real Constitution. Then there’s William Lloyd Garrison, Henry Ward Beecher, abolitionist congregationalist minister and sister of the abominable Harriet Beecher Stowe. Dredelgirl and Butzhead, you ought to know a few facts before ( i realize that’s a tall order)..well..those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But then again, it’s obvious you two have the main purpose of dividing like minded whites by stirring up centuries old religious differences. Cui bono? (that’s Latin for “who benefits”?)

  3. @Butzhead

    ” Catholics like Frenchie & Rudel”

    Sorry, I was baptized and raised as a Lutheran (you know, that religion named after the man who singlehandedly started the Reformation by deconstructing a thousand years of non-Biblical Roman Catholic crud that had accrued to Church teaching.)

    Your ignorance of the Christian religion is what still leads me to believe that you are a fifth columnist Jewish troll in disguise.

  4. @LandGuppy

    “Catholics and Jews get along because they are both, as William Pierce noted, systematic thinkers. Neither understand what Protestants are doing.”

    If you don’t think that Calvinist theologians and preachers are extremely rigorous systematic thinkers then you are even more stupid and ignorant than I thought.

    Presbyterian joke:

    Q: What do you call a Methodist?
    A: A Baptist who knows how to read.

    Don’t get bit by any rattlers at your next prayer meeting.

  5. “Not rigorous enough to keep the world, tooldel.”

    Of course not landguppy. If you are a rigorous thinker who is not afraid to fully follow ones perceptions to their logical conclusions then you are naturally drawn to a rejection of metaphysics in any form whatsoever. I don’t get too aggressive about it though. I prefer to regard religiosity as some sort of socio-psychological phenomenon which is useful at times in keeping the lower orders in line. It’s a two edged sword though, the 30 Years War was hardly a plus for Whites although the current religious turmoil in the Middle East may actually be all for the best as long as we can keep them from getting any nukes.

  6. @ Rudel: “….But then again, it’s obvious you two have the main purpose of dividing like minded whites by stirring up centuries old religious differences. Cui bono? (that’s Latin for “who benefits”?)…”

    That’s EXACTLY what is always repeated when a wasp tries to assert their own right to their own heritage.

    Forcing ANY white sub-group to suppress its REALITY, its history, its narrative, its right to meet others of their same kind, its right NOT to intermarry with other whites
    — that is what is against the spirit of nationalism.

    Your repeater talking points that you have been told to say— will cease to work. Mark my word.

    What you’re really asking for is Genocide.

  7. “Thus play I in one person many people,
    And none contented: sometimes am I king;
    Then treasons make me wish myself a beggar,
    And so I am: then crushing penury
    Persuades me I was better when a king;
    Then am I king’d again: and by and by
    Think that I am unking’d by Bolingbroke,
    And straight am nothing: but whate’er I be,
    Nor I nor any man that but man is
    With nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased
    With being nothing.”
    ? William Shakespeare, Richard II.

    It’s a damned tough job being King. The WASP in America gave it all away. Better to accept oblivion? Say it isn’t so.

  8. And thank you so much for clarifying the meaning of cui bono, citizens of Redneckia being way too stupid, no doubt, to understand such scholarly, obscure, and highbrow phrases!

  9. @Rudel I really don’t have the time to answer your insults. I’ve got a real personal life, and a real public life. You, on the other hand, are just another a-hole telling anecdotes on the internet. You can’t respond to any real criticism of your catholic positions.

    Whatever you are, you are not a Protestant.

    I often wondered why the leaders of the Reformation called Catholic church, and Catholic women whores, now I’m starting to understand. LOL.

    Let me assure you, that if there is a Jew troll here it is YOU.

  10. I see Catholic-bashing as a marker for ignorance and trolling.

    These ignorant dolts are bashing the Catholics for what exactly? What have the Catholics been doing to undermine American and Western civilization that protestants have not also doing for years?

    The trolls are just looking to spread divide and rule and stoke needless infighting (Tom/Earlmondo/Earl Butz).

    I was raised in a protestant tradition, now atheist/skeptic. One branch of my family is Catholic through one of my grandfathers. The rest are various strains of protestant. My Catholic grandfather and his four brothers were segregationists and dyed-in-the-wool defenders of the old South until the day they died.

  11. It perfectly clear the Catholic-bashers who routinely befoul these sites are aligned with organized Jewry. Most of them are probably Jews themselves. Spreading divide and rule, and spreading infighting among people who ought to be rallying against the Jew, is among the Jew’s oldest and most reliable cons.

  12. @John

    I PISS on your king.

    And good riddance to the fucking WASPs, too. I should shed a tear for that scum?

    The Anglo scum who colluded with the Jews to destroy ethnic white Catholic neighborhoods in Detroit. Who forced an invasion of niggers into public schools and low-income apartment buildings. Who forced them onto our city blocks. Who destroyed our way of life for fear that the lowly “ethnic”, with his superior determination, toughness, faster learning curve, and higher birth-rate might one day become a threat to the WASP and his precious fucking “inherited position” in American society. *spits*

    The WASP got exactly what he deserved.

  13. It looks like the Catholic church will finally get Pope Mutombo or Pope Burrito.

    So what? Every protestant church has had high-level non-white leadership for years.

  14. “….But then again, it’s obvious you two have the main purpose of dividing like minded whites by stirring up centuries old religious differences. Cui bono? (that’s Latin for “who benefits”?)…”

    Sorry Dixie, but I didn’t post that.

  15. Protestants who bash Catholics apparently don’t visit Evangelical sites. You talking about a cohort that has adopted multiculturalist anti-white memes! Crikey! I visit Christianity Today just to observe what my former fellow-travelers are up to. Here’s a little morsel for you:

    This “perfessor” at Messiah College writes that the Bible “has been used to justify warfare, oppress women, condemn gays and lesbians, support slavery, and legitimate colonization, to name just a few of its troubling legacies.” Troubling indeed. He’s the mainstream of Evangelicalism today. I’m talking Southern Baptists/Charismatics/New Reformed and all the rest. It doesn’t matter. Here’s another example: It’s a takeoff on a Victoria’s Secret model who bemoans beauty privilege and, wait for it, … white privilege!

    Or consider Christianity Today’s review of Django Unchained, which was awarded three out of four stars: I’ll save you the trouble — they like the movie because it raises “powerful and provocative” questions. Alrighty then!

    So I don’t want to be hearing about how Catholics are any worse than the Jellicals or any other Christian sect. That’s bullshit. And this comes from a kid who was taught and of course believed for many years that the Church of Rome was the whore of Babylon. Now I prefer none of the above.

  16. @Butthead
    “You can’t respond to any real criticism of your catholic positions.”

    What Catholic positions? I’ve never taken any. What I did was criticize your abysmal ignorance of various Christian theologies and of history in general. You and LandGuppy keep babbling on about what is Protestantism without ever defining what you mean.

    (Hint: man is saved by Faith alone.)

    You may be bothered that White Catholics, just like Whites in general, have been voting increasingly Republican for the past 50 years and that Jerry Brown was never ordained but those are the simple facts of the matter. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on one thing at this point though. You aren’t a Jew; you are simply stupid and ignorant.

  17. All I said about Protestantism is that if they want to take a world they could adopt some Catholic thinking. This was in response to Dixie’s criticism of either – or thinking.

    You have a very serious reading comprehension problem Rudel. Make sure your family gets you a locator chip. You’re not far from going out for ice cream and winding up lost in a farmers field near Salem.

  18. Black President, black Pope. Time our institutions had faces that reflect their current merit. Can’t say I don’t find it particularly tragic in the present case though.

  19. @Mosin

    Also, why does Stonelifter work for the Feds in a nonwhite nation, and not in a White county somewhere in Alabama for the Southron company SouthernCompany?

  20. The Catholic church supports every bit of BRA outside of sexual morality issues. That and helping to flood the usa with mexicans is the quick answer on what that church does to bring down the West and White men

    Wasp’ s built a nation your shit DNA never could piss

  21. So I can have the kind of money that buys my children options, including the option to leave BRA and because I like the work. In a very real sense money equals liberty, I enjoy the fact the feds pay me( by proxy) so much, while I help them ruin themselves… more going on then I care to rehash but the company I work for is in the South.

  22. @Mosin

    Stonelifter doesn’t live or work in the South (or anywhere in America, for that matter) because he’s a wife-beating, steroid-popping, psychotic coward and he wouldn’t know an honest days’ work if it slapped him in the face like the whiny bitch that he is.

  23. @Stonelifter

    “Wasp’s built a nation your shit DNA could never piss”

    – My DNA built an empire your inbred Ulster DNA couldn’t dream of.

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