The White South’s Last Defeat


Michael Lind spells out the progressive agenda of Southern genocide, which as I have shown naturally follows from the existence of the Union, that is the subtext of recent movies like “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained” …

“This local British-American ethno-racial hegemony in the South was eroded somewhat by the migration of Northeasterners and Midwesterners to the Sun Belt following World War II and the advent of air-conditioning. And now, predominantly nonwhite immigration from Latin America and Asia threatens to make white Southerners of British Protestant descent a minority in their own region. Texas and Florida are already majority-minority states. It is only a matter of time before the same is true of every state in the South. Southern whites will go from being a minority in the nation as a whole to a minority in the South itself…

The demographic demise of the white South is going to be traumatic for the nation as a whole. A century ago, when European immigration made old-stock Yankee Protestants a minority in much of the Northeast and Midwest, one response was hysterical Anglo-American nativism.”

Note: Could anyone in the”mainstream” get away with writing something like “the demographic demise of the (Jews) is going to be traumatic for the nation as a whole” thereby spelling out in explicit terms their genocidal intentions?

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  1. Most of these states are governed by Republicans. I they don’t have federal powers, but they don’t seem very interested in stemming the demographic flow which tells us exactly what they think of indigenous Southerners.

    As much as I hate to say, I think it may be time to retire the Southern secession concept. The real South had its elites laying the groundwork for secession years before it happened.

    There is a time-constraint here. The clock appears to have expired.

  2. You’ve seen nothing yet. Obama is an outright enemy to the White south. He is t-ing up the whole region for massive Mexican immigration.

    Remember, he has just barely started his second term.

  3. Lew: Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, it is going to have to be radical. Some really difficult things will have to be done to save the South. Secession is radical and I still think it is a good strategy but I would accept anything that would work at this point.

    Race replacement (genocide) really is the program. They just come right out and admit it now. If we refuse to submit, we are horrible evil “hysterical nativists” who are enemies of the state.

  4. Disgusting article, just like the comments. America, as a world class power is dying. Read the comments on the article–the majority of the whites are leftist whose only cause is sodomy, that’s all they care about. All comments from minorities are anti- white. At what point do whites accept that they have lost their country? That has got to be the first step if anything is to change for our benefit.
    Sadly, I think what this traitor wrote will likely come to pass unless radical changes come about in the form of economic woes that cause immigration to stop to slow. We know “our” government, State and Central, will no nothing for us.

  5. I’ve just been watching my PBS Shakespeare and the fuckers are pushing the black shit again. This time they featured an Indian scholar who claims Shakepeare was tipping a negress whore and writing poems to her.

    It’s fucking absurd. Half the scholars say he never existed and the other half try to claim he was an oil drilling communist.

    We are fucking doomed.

  6. Do not dispair, southron Cavaliers. Every aspect of the current Jewpower – cultural, political, economic – runs on trillions of debt and monetization of same. Not sustainable for much longer. The Jews and their servants know it, and that”s why the sudden, desperate grab at the guns: when Jewry can no longer buy consent from urban blacks, mestizos, and SWPLs, they’ll have to use extreme violence, Ukraine-Cambodia style. That means civil war, in the course of which all sorts of outstanding racial and other issues will be resolved. I’ll even let ya’ll secede…for awhile. Shakespeare? No worries. According to REFORM JUDAISM (“Unmasking Shakespeare: Was the Greatest Canon of Western Literature Written by a Woman?”), Summer 2o10/5770, p. 34ff., “he” was actually a (now presumptively lesbian) Jewess. They really are a mad race. And – now as before – they will be destroyed by their own money-crazy, power-crazy madness.

  7. Let me try once again. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. However, I am curious to discover when you think slavery would have ended in the South. You know, with no Civil War.

  8. The Constitution of the CSA specifically protected slavery. It would not have gone away without the difficult process of ratifying a constitutional amendment, which may well never have happened. Slavery would have become less important economically as machines replaced cotton pickers, but there’s still plenty of unskilled work to be done even today. And, even if it wasn’t at all important to the economy, Southerners would be reluctant to cave on the issue they founded their country on.

  9. It is still true.

    The South is now almost the size of the Northeast and Midwest combined. Of course that population growth is due in large part to transplants seeking jobs in the Sunbelt. We have been over that countless times here.

  10. Sadly, I think what this traitor wrote will likely come to pass unless radical changes come about in the form of economic woes that cause immigration to stop to slow.

    The economic woes since 2008 have definitely had an effect on birthrates by race. I hate to be the bearer of good news amidst all the doom and gloom, but…

    The following are three lies that have been repeated ad-nauseum about demographics, immigration and all things considered too taboo to contradict.

    Whites are no longer the majority of births in the US

    The New York Times published this story on May 17, 2012 based upon the US Census estimates. The US Census stated, “a set of estimates showing that 50.4 percent of our nation’s population younger than age 1 were minorities as of July 1, 2011.” Despite these claims, the US Census admits on its website, “The US Census Bureau is not the primary source for data on births. The primary source is the National Center For Health Statistics (NCHS).” The NCHS did not provide the full data on 2011 births until October 3, 2012; nonetheless, the liberal media couldn’t wait to celebrate the multicultural future they helped to build. Unfortunately, when the NCHS did provide the numbers in detail, they didn’t quite pan out the way The New York Times had hoped.

    According to the National Vital Statistics Report: Volume 61, number 5 which is entitled Births: Preliminary Data for 2011: Total births for 2011, there were 3,953,593 births, of which 2,150,926 were by non-Hispanic whites. That total equates to 54.4% of the population and according to any first grade math teacher that makes a majority.

    In fact this total was a trend of the white share of births increasing since 2008 according to previous NCHS Reports.

    The percentage of white births rose from 53.38% in 2008 to 54.4% in 2011, mostly at the expense of Hispanic births which fell from 24.5% in 2008 to 23.07% in 2011. Think about that for a second. This must be the first sustained year-after-year rise in the percentage of white births since the 1920s (the percentage of whites in the US rose from 1790 to 1930 due to European immigration and has fallen ever since).

    So worse is definitely better in that the economic slowdown is helping to sustain America’s dwindling white majority. President Obama is to be commended for his gross economic mismanagement which has led to a net outflow of illegal immigrants and the suppression of Hispanic births inside the country. Props to mah nigga!

  11. Texas and Florida are already majority-minority states. It is only a matter of time before the same is true of every state in the South.

    I realize that fact-checking is difficult, time-consuming work, but if the author of this Salon piece (who was, presumably, paid for writing this article) had taken, oh I don’t know, all of two minutes to check his facts, then he wouldn’t look like such a fool for publishing these blatant untruths.

    Whites make up 57.9% of Florida’s population, clearly a majority. Texas is the only majority-minority state in the South, although whites are also a minority in DC.

    And it’s simply not true that whites are headed for minority status in every state in the South. In the coastal South, stretching from Delaware to Texas, whites are in deep demographic trouble to be sure. Along with New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and Hawaii, they form the 16 Warm States of southern tier America where whites form only a bare majority of the population.

    But in the 5 states of the inland South (aka the Scots-Irish belt), West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma, whites still form substantial majorities and are in no danger of becoming minorities anytime soon, if ever. Demographically, this region is part of the 34 Cold States of northern and middle America, where whites still form about three-quarters of the population.

    Of course these facts don’t mesh with The Narrative, where the entire White South is doomed, DOOMED I tells ya. And y’all can’t blame the damnyankees for this one: the author claims Southern roots going back centuries. The lesson here is don’t believe anything you read in liberal propaganda sheets like Salon magazine.

  12. Metropolitan Government sucks. Its the Babylon System of Government. Appointed Commissioners and Administrators–no more Elected County Sheriffs. Look at how Judeo Masonry is always behind and pushing the garbage on us. LOOK FOR THE RINGS….V.S. Herrell is right about them. Diest Masons are Jewish… Good book online by Phoebe Courtney–Beware, Metro, Regional Government


    When you are taught your race is nothing, you will eventually believe it. Once you believe it, the ‘anima’ of your race, your culture, dies. So, it is not surprising that your numbers will slowly die as well. And the Xenos, the Enemy, sensing that, will expedite the process. The psychology of the demonic is aptly named, after all.

    But all it takes for a culture to thrive once more, for the White Race to ascend to the stars again, is to know one’s ancestors, see one’s heritage as worth fighting (and yes, even dying) for, to dis-enable the naysayers (like Antichrist666) from spewing their wormtongue venom.

    Andre Norton, the sci-fi writer, wrote of this mindset, and understanding of the divine spark within the White Race, believe it or not, in her book “Star Born”- where a settlement of White Men, having left Earth under a repressive ‘race-neutral,’ multicultural ‘thought crime’ regime, encounters the subsequent generation of White Men- from the same Terra- reaching to the stars, some two hundred (Bicentennial?) years later. Both of them meet on a foreign world- and it is up to both these affiliate, race-connected White ‘Dudes’ to destroy an oppressive race’s regime of ethnic supremacist, highly intellectul, but numerically small and sickening in their gene pool (think Ashkenazi Jews) aliens, to ‘give equal playing room’ for the White Men, and a similar (but totally alien) second race, on this planet (named Astra) to enble the ‘good guys’ (goys?) worldview to establish itself once more, on a new world.

    This intellectual ‘spark’- this ‘divine nature’ that the Christian religion says is our birthright, as sons and daughters of Christendom, is no mere hyperbole. Clearly, as my article above noted, the advances WHITE MAN SCIENCE have given us, have finally allowed us to strip away the propaganda of the lying races, and see ourselves once more, as ‘star born’ and ‘sons of the High King.’

    Ulfric wrote above: “Some really difficult things will have to be done to save the South. Secession is radical and I still think it is a good strategy but I would accept anything that would work at this point.”

    But are we willing to do so? I am currently reading Book II of the 2020 Revolt series by Dr. Patrick Johnston, M.D. I read the first of this trilogy in 2009, but did not know that the second and third were done. Reading last night of a regime (run by, in this case, a woman Prez that reminded me of Hitlery) that acted as blatant antichrists, and Christians gathering together in Texas, as if by divine appointment, there to start a secession of Christian Republics, was as thrilling as any of the atheist crap of HC, or JW, Rawles’ ‘utopian multirace BS’. In short, ‘without a vision, the people perish.’

    Do you have a vision, or not. Obviously, the FEDGOV trolls do. It’s the vision of the Christ-killer and the Statist, both servants of Satan. The question is, whose God do YOU serve?

  14. This is why the exhumation of Richard III was important. There’s a king that looks very much like Englishmen today. There he is, he wasn’t a coon or an Indian. Indeed you see him walking down the high street or working in the office and machine shop.

  15. It says:

    “….threatens to make white Southerners of British Protestant descent a minority in their own region….”

    I like that he makes explicit that the SOUTH is a code word for “Protestantism.” That makes it truly Genocide by legal standards. These are not just “people in an area,” but A PEOPLE in the legal sense.

    Lind, itself, is a British name. But I cannot find his religion mentioned anywhere. BEST GUESS would be that he is a Catholic, not a Jew.

    Anyone know?

    He also ties his interest in Genocide of the south (which he admits is a code word for protestant) WITH the Genocide of the Northeast Protestants, which he states he feels succeeded, “but not without hysteria.”

    What manner of folk is this man?—– and what is HIS PERSONAL stake in the Genocide of Protestants BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH, as he states in the article?

    “Fifth Generation Texan” is all wiki says— which translates into, “showed up for post-war cash spoils after the WBTS.” Not really from Texas.

    (Certainly, when you look at NYC, you can see why the Genocide of all the T.S. Eliots and Henry James —the people he mentions as hysterical— types was so great!)

  16. Why are catholics so full of hate and want to kill protestants? BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH? I just do not understand.

    We have one person from Europe who married into our family. In Europe they had to be catholic. As soon as they arrived in America, they quit going to that church.

    In fact, that is the case for all WHITE Europeans, according to the Pew Research Center. The only reason the country went from 90% wasp to half catholic in 60 years, is the IMPORTATION of non-whites by them.

    The loss of WHITE catholics from that religion in u.s. is the largest loss of religion, according to Pew Research Center. The “majority catholic” hegemony is non-white driven, entirely (with positions of authority for people such as this Lind person).

    (Excepting Tamer, of course, and Proud Globalist Race Traitor, who seem to just want to be on the side that is winning).

  17. Oh—

    If you want to know who is really in power—- a clue might be that they are offering “fast track conversions” to their religion.

    Usually, freebie conversion is what is done about two steps from “forced conversion” or “conversion at gunpoint.”

    Lots of “fast track conversions” translates into GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY, imo.

    Fast track conversion does not happen in the same universe as “respect others beliefs.”

  18. One thing that certainly needs to happen is that whites, especially Southern whites, have got to stop fighting the symptoms and not the cause. We waste energy attacking blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. when, in fact they are not in control of anything and never have been. Then leftists, aka DWLs, Commie Jews, and the Chamber of Commerce types point at us as “haters” and “bigots”, further isolating us.
    Case in point: blacks. They have not once organized on their own against us, they do not own the media, they do not rewrite history, they are 13 percent of the population and barely increasing.
    Second, Muslims. Blamed for war on Chrisians, attacks on Christmas, etc, while they have little power here, don’t care about Christmas, and are in fact against many of the evils we are against.
    I’m not saying these groups won’t be a problem, but the focus now should be white anti-whites. In my experience, they hate their race, heritage and culture much more than non-whites who simply envy it do.

  19. Palmetto Patriot:

    For many, a sense of RELIEF is felt, in seeing so many articles such as this.

    Before, they just felt a vague sense that something was WRONG, that staying in the u.s. is a bad idea, that they just would not want to have children in such an ugly country, where they are not a “majority,” but where the “new majority” is just ugly, genocidal, dumbed down, with a small tax collection “elite.”

    It is a RELIEF to see it spelled out so plainly for the public.

  20. Break the taboo against whites discussing what is good for whites and then all this Contard basement beta boy talk might be of some use.

  21. Lew says:
    “…As much as I hate to say, I think it may be time to retire the Southern secession concept….”

    In light of OBVIOUS Genocide, and Genocidal statements, as above—- why not begin the case for a tax-supported reservation, like many various Indian tribes got?

    Why not get your land— and ask them to pay for it? All the Genocided people get free stuff. Wake up.

  22. @ Hunter: I’m waiting to hear from the Political Cesspool on how they plan to save the Confederate Parks in Memphsis. I’m sure that the Cesspoolians will have a plan.

    I have some suggestions for them in which they can use their large national audience to their advantage in a local political dispute.

    Don’t forget, I’m probably, the first person who ever mentioned to you the anti-White Protestant dynamic at work, not only in the South, but across the flyover in general!The non-Whites, the Catholics & the Jews are not our friends.

  23. Reading Eustace Mullins CURSE OF CANAAN. He explains Canaan Vs. Shem and how Nimrod started Freemasonry. He even speaks how Robert E. Lee after winning a battle 25 miles from D.C. did not go there to take it! It was undefended at that time. Why didnt he take D.C.? Because he was a Mason! Judeo Masonry is the ram rod and enforcer of the Cain Serpent Race!

  24. Above, Fr John mentions Andre (Alice) Norton, who in the 1960’s was many white boy’s favourite rite-of-passage adventure story teller.

  25. Re: the Lind article: It sounds like Lind has been reading OD, taking the premise of ethnic homogeneity only south of the Line.

  26. I still think constantly talking about Jews is dumb – even though I got caught up in it a bit the last few years.

    The only reason I caught up was reactive – but southern nationalists and white nationalists should really develop a better philosophy than grievances about the Jews.

    Including Jews is worth excluding people who complain about Jews (this has nothing to do with Zionism).

  27. Hey Icesky Boychick – Including Jews re-creates the same milennial pattern of social psychosis. Now run along to your rabbi. He’s waiting. Your turn to bring the KY.

  28. I notice that the Occidental Observer has disabled comments. Reading these comments, with their talk of Masons and Catholics (what about the Trilateral Commission, or the Illuminati?), I’m beginning to understand why.

    I have the greatest respect for those writers who put their reputation at risk by sanely discussing such topics as race and Jewish influence. I have no respect for those who, hiding behind their internet pseudonyms, bring the Right into disrepute by blabbering about their idee fixe.

  29. Jeppo, if your intell on White birth rates is correct… well it will be some of the best news I’ve heard in a coons age

    Wayne is correct, negros are the tools, yankees are the hands that guide the tool.

  30. @William

    The Masons are a social fraternal organization, if water balloons & whoopee cushions bother you, then maybe the Masons present a problem to you. LOL. The Masons like so many other social-fraternal-charitable organizations have almost gone out of business for lack of interest. The bowling alone syndrome.

    As far as Kevin MacDonald goes, he has to protect his ass. He has pissed of the Jewish faction in California politics (Boxer, Feinstein etc.), and pissing off the Catholic allies of the Jews might have serious consequences for him. California Governor Jerry Brown is a Catholic, and possibly a Catholic priest. Catholic Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic leader in the House. These Catholic politicains are allied with the Jews and vote the Jew agenda. The Mexicans & other Latinos, legal & illegal, are 99% Roman Catholics.

    If you are a Catholic, and I suspect you or your family are, my advice is don’t expect Protestants to put up with Catholic excuses any more! Personally, I’ve heard the same damn excuses from the Catholics since the the mid-1960’s. You, your politicians and your church are a big part of the problem for us White Protestants, or as Dixie sometimes call us the descendents of the colonial Americans.

  31. “Governor Jerry Brown is a Catholic, and possibly a Catholic priest.”

    Although he studied for Holy Orders he was never ordained.

    “I’ve heard the same damn excuses from the Catholics since the the mid-1960?s.”

    White members of the Catholic Church have gone from voting 70% Democratic in 1960 to 45% in 2012. An even larger majority of White Catholic males are not Democrats.

  32. “Earl Butz is a Jew troll,,,,comes on to bash Catholics whenever Jews are criticized.”

    That’s a very Jewish behavior pattern although recently (the last decade or so) after an initial love affair with “end times” Christians who support Israel they seem to have turned their animus towards Southern “rednecks.” This is good. I just wish that the Southrons that post on this site start to realize that the Jew is actually their deadly enemy. Few seem to think so as their previous experience with Jews for a couple of hundred years prior to the “civil rights”movement was with the relatively few and fairly benign Sephardic and German Jewish merchants that just wanted to fit in as upstanding Southern citizens. One would have though that the largely New York Jewish outside agitators of the 1960’s would have disabused them of that notion.

  33. As usual, Catholics like Frenchie & Rudel can’t take the truth about the Catholic political alliance with the Jews. Why do Catholic politicians vote in lockstep with the Jews on every issue in Congress?

    As Protestants the days of accepting Catholic excuses are over. No more excuses for Catholic politicians pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, or more non-White immigration. For Catholic politicians taking away our Bill of Rights, and Second Amendment Rights. Catholic politicians pushing for more diversity & multi-culturalism. Catholic politicians pushing for wars for Jew Israel. Catholic politicians pushing the homosexual agenda & hate crimes. The list can go on, and on… But, one that maybe more dangerous than all the others is the Catholic belief in an infallible executive! An all knowing divinely inspired dictator.

  34. Catholics and Jews get along because they are both, as William Pierce noted, systematic thinkers. Neither understand what Protestants are doing.

  35. Reynauld de Chatillon says:
    Earl Butz is a Jew troll,,,,comes on to bash Catholics whenever Jews are criticized….”

    Why can’t you and Rudel see that you are only reactionaries? You EXPOSE your “Either-Or” (left-right, up-down, black-white) mindset. You can ONLY SEE THE WHOLE WORLD in terms of “catholic versus jew.”


    It’s NOT THAT PEOPLE don’t get that OPJ (Organized Political Jewry) is a deadly enemy. It’s just that people watching you AREN’T YOU, either. In other words, they can see you MUCH MORE CLEARLY than you can see yourselves.

    How do you take a simply Reactionary—- and turn them into a person who can “think outside their simple box?” lol

    Some people just get frustrated that OPRC (Organized Political RC) is completely hidden from you. It’s like you’re playing with a deck of cards that only has one card in it, lol

  36. The fact that Jews and Catholics have taken over this once Protestant country ought to tell you something about the effectiveness of either-or thinking. The question is not how could you do it, but how could you see what works in the world and not do it.

  37. If Protestants want to take their country back, they should elect a Pope and adopt the Catholic model. When you’re done you can break it up again.

  38. LandShark says:
    Catholics and Jews get along because they are both, as William Pierce noted, systematic thinkers. Neither understand what Protestants are doing….”

    I don’t recall ever hearing William Pierce saying that. And… the Spanish and Italians known as being “Systematic Thinkers?” I thought they were known for bull runs, grabbing their crotches in public, rich creamy fatty food, and so much more.

    If we can return to Reality— it’s the Protestant Mind that is HUGELY GERMANIC in character. GERMANY being a hotbed of protestantism historically. (No doubt why Dresden was so egregiously bombed, and its history now being rewritten to erase the protestant reality of the history of that city.)

    the Italians and Spanish… “Systematic Thinkers” so unlike those pesky Germans, who were never known for philosophy, Logical Thought, and symbolic complex thinking.

    I do remember Eustace Mullins (from a colonial family, btw) reminding people that the American Language missed being GERMAN by only one vote. And the “anglo-saxons” are a real Germanic mix.

    The real problem is that NEITHER catholics, nor jews, can give the founding population its due. They HATE that the protestants (who are not Chosenites NOR who do not have “the true and only path to God” and who are heretics worthy of death) are so damn interesting and elusive.

    (Of course now the adopted language, imposed without a vote, is SPANISH. And you can see how LOGICAL everything is getting now… right? Lmao)


  39. Anyway, none of the above will change—- because most of the newcomers are liars, thieves, and self-serving as hell.

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