Anti-White Unfair Campaign Shifts To Wisconsin


Remember the anti-White Unfair Campaign in Duluth, Minnesota?

It has shifted its operations less than ten miles away to the University of Wisconsin Superior. The Duluth metro area seems to be a real hotspot of Yankee White guilt and anti-White activism in the Deep North.

Update: Duluth is 90% White and St. Louis County, Minnesota is 94.86% White. Superior is 91.5% White and Douglas County, Wisconsin is 95.35% White.  In the 2012 election, Obama won 63.7% of the vote in St. Louis County (MN) and 65% of the vote in Douglas County (WI).

According to Wikipedia, the White people who live in the Duluth metro area seem to be mostly Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegians, Finns) and Germans. The Irish and Italians are about 11% of the population.

Note: I will save some of our most devoted commentators the trouble and point out here on the main page that “anti-racism” is really “anti-White.” As for those who still doubt that anti-racists are committed to White genocide, see Michael Lind’s latest article “The White South’s Last Defeat.”

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  1. Ps

    If memory serves, the 1st English only laws were targeted at… Germans and Norwegians in.. MN and PA. These groups were not welcomed by native born folk, but dumped on us by yankee industrialists who wanted cheaper labor and found to be useful tools by yankee progressives…. ie leftist.

  2. The first Scandinavians (mostly Swedes and Finns, and a few Germans) came here on their own, NOT lured by “damnyankees,” and founded one of the earliest colonies, taken over by the Dutch and then by the British.

  3. “White’s in the northern mid-west are committing cultural genocide, we should help them by encouraging negroes to move there.”

    Bear in mind that the people involved in this will be almost exclusively upper middle class people who won’t pay the price. The people who’ll pay the price will be the children of those who can’t afford to move away from the resulting white minority schools.

  4. For those of you who don’t know (is it still possible?) I live in MN. I say this as preamble to a confession/call to action.

    I have a ‘retreat home’ in a small town that has much to commend it, near one of the major metro areas in the State, (for those big-box scavenger hunts, called ‘sales’) near locally owned famrs, with ‘good’ people all around, that is overwhelmingly WHITE, and I have asked numerous times over the last three years, for people of (what I assumed to be ‘like mind’) to ‘come join me’ to:

    1). start a mission to ‘convert the heathen liberals’ to a more sane frame of mind- for these White-Hating Whites are psychologically SICK, buddy!

    How? By seeing a ‘white enclave’ as both 1) necessary and 2) desirable. I encouraged in my blog, and on other fora, the idea of a) leaving where you are, and b) moving here- with us (My wife and family), to a town where real estate has homes easily in the 100k range (which is ‘cheap’ by MN. standards) where “all the women are strong, and all the men are good-looking, and the children are above average” and the infrastructure of a ‘White Racially-Aware’ but SANE, normal group of Caucasians could both 1) put down roots, and 2) make a difference.

    Then, of a necessity (for someone has to lead, and others have to follow- egalitarian notions be damned!) by c) joining my church, and disciplining/educating yourselves, and your covenant children [ Rom. 12:1,2] while d) working to ‘effect change’ personally, religiously, covenantally, and eventually politically, in a [liberal] small town (converting/bringing to sanity, one mind at a time), thereby e) spear-heading an advance to f) change the politics of this state, in less than 50 years…. I have/had a vision, you see.

    For, I have long lived among all these ‘selbsthass’ individuals in MN, and WI. I know the lovely ETHNIC customs that are dying each year, as another Scandic Elder passes away, and yet the racial/cultural genocide continues. I see less and less, the blondes of my youth in schools, malls, libraries, etc. And even my own kids are silently being corrupted by the Multiculti world, even as I kept them from the P.S. indoctrination centers- for one cannot do this sort of thing alone. It truly DOES take a WHITE RACIALIST VILLAGE.

    I know I cannot do this alone, but where are those (besides myself) who SAY they care about all this stuff, like Western Culture, art, and music? Why is it Francis Schaeffer’s own son, Franky is now a liberal idiot- and a pseudo-Orthodox cultist, for example? [ For those of you who remember/know the series, ‘How shall we then live?’ – you will understand where I am coming from.]

    My heart bleeds for the trampling of Scandic Whites of their own heritage, and (at the same time) the very presence of the god-damned accursed Somalis, Meximidgets, and other thurd-world scum (the ‘h’ is silent) in my state, makes my blood boil.

    But, as Man from Mars noted, the response to my own personal queries- On boards such as this, on ‘prepper sites’ and even an aborted attempt at a ‘meet-up’ group, all resulted in … NOTHING. Crickets. For THREE YEARS, and for five years before that, just trying to start a church (without the ‘retreat/BugOut’ element in the mix) in the Mpls. Metro area!

    Just as I have noted on this forum before, most ‘patriots’ and ‘dissenters’ are great talkers, but LOUSY ‘do-ers.’ No one wanted to be involved in my church, UNTIL all the ‘hard work’ was done! Sorry- ain’t gonna happen. I’m not a millionaire, and ‘the laborer is worthy of his toil.’ No one wanted to start even a homeschool co-op, because they weren’t ‘sure’ that my ‘Christianity’ was THEIR perversion of same. ( Bizarre barriers to a truly valid Christian congregation included those afflicted/affected by CZ heresy, Seeker-sensitive numb-nuts thelogy, Musical TASTE (what the eff does a rock band have to do with the worship of Almighty God, any way?) and, above all, moral laxity (what do you mean your church is against abortion and sodomy?)

    All of this, even among ‘good, decent’ Scandinavians played a large part in my talking to prospective members, who always decided to ‘go elsewhere.’ And I remembered the words of Christ- “Many are called, but few are chosen.” People contacted me from links I had- sure; but no one ever bothered to connect/commit/covenant. And, after a while, it just demoralizes one…..

    I am being brutally honest here, because I think our kin need to know- if we don’t see the need to ‘hang together’ we shall most assuredly ‘hang separately.’ [Scum like PigRot will gloat, but that is ok. I know he’s damned, so he’s no threat- I rejoice in his destruction at the hands of Almighty God, and that right speedily.]

    But, if no one is willing to do the work, move their commitment from their lips to their legs, and move to a new town, establish community, and only THEN, after five to seven years of re-education, (why do you think the Son of GOD took three years with teh Apostles?- and He was GOD!) and women having LOTS of babies, in order to be ready to ‘effect change’; well, then, where IS the future of Whites in this dying nation?

    Even Chuck Baldwin, with all his rhetoric, visibility, and former name on a Presidential ballot (CP, VP) changed his residence, only when he knew that he would find a ‘ready-made’ congregation in his retreat locale in Rural MT., and not before!

    So, you can pray for these deluded fools in greater New Scandinavia..if you pray. YOu can rail about the demise of your culture as much as you want. But truly, if you aren’t going to commit to it, why bother? For that’s about all this forum is good for, apparently. Empty words, and not much more.

  5. Thanks, Fr John. The revival of the church is absolutely integral to the preservation of our people, not one without the other. Too many WN even mock the Christ, and increase the wrath of judgement.

  6. The WN were originally built up as nations on the Church so the most traditional expressions of the faith remain, in great majority, White communities. And they move to where-ever the parish church and school is located. This immediately transforms the area into a White enclave not by design, but by faith.

    When the SSPX built a new high school in my state – people moved from all over the state and some from overseas to enroll their children. The area became majority White in a few years.

  7. @Stonelifter

    Because the DamnYankee intentionally picked Germans from the liberal sections there, esp. northeast German/Old Prussia. Had they picked Swiss Germans, Austrians, and Bavarians, well, they’d all vote against liberal government and probably a resultant exodus movement to the Confederacy.

  8. Good heavens those people are dumb. There’s nothing more stupid than white liberal/socialists that wants to give away their own countries and societies.

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