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  1. I wouldn’t support Booker for President. He is a liberal on every national issue including immigration, and he is friends with uber-shady Rabbi Shumley Boteach, the subject of many Steve Sailer blog posts.

    Still, as a White resident of New Jersey, I need to give credit where credit is due. Booker has reduced crime, avoided corruption, and kept Newark solvent (admittedly with substantial help from liberal philantropists). This is a stark contrast with other Black mayors of Newark, Atlantic City, Camden and Trenton.

    Even as a councilman he had a tough-on-crime reputation. The NJ Bloods, a gang so senselessly violent the mother gang in California has disowned them, plotted to assasinate Booker before his inauguration and simultaneously start riots at all four state penitentiaries. As mayor he sometimes walks the beat, while doing which he once saved some kids from a burning building.

    He’s even proud of his White Confederate Army doctor ancestor.

    There are certainly worse people in the world than Booker.

  2. I caught Booker on CNN this afternoon, and I wasn’t impressed by his “line of shit” as the Negroes say. Like many Blacks he has a “great line of shit”, but, he will lack the mental ability & work ethic to connect it with any logical actions.

    As far as his Confederate ancestor, the poor doctor who delivered the little negro was probably blamed by its Mammy.

    Newark was bad news even when the Italian Catholics were the majority population.

  3. Whites Unite says:
    Still, as a White resident of New Jersey, I need to give credit where credit is due. Booker has reduced crime, avoided corruption, and kept Newark solvent…

    True, what you say. But look at the LEVEL you have come to think is acceptable. If only we could get some safety, and not drive further in debt. That’s a big deal nowadays. Younger people will have no idea what other DREAMS they could have had. Distractions.

  4. Many from the Northeast—- really see these things as GOALS of governance, things politicos can reasonably CAMPAIGN on. It’s very sad.

  5. GOOD JOB– Jews at Google had pulled the video, but you putting it up again, will help free speech and education of Americans

  6. Booker will seek higher office, probably prior to a presidential run. Don’t rule him out, Obama was more obscure than Booker and look where he is.

    Booker is a victim disarmament advocate, all negro government gang members are because it makes the business of their primary constituents so much safer.

    Those constituents are negro thugs, rapists, thieves, and serial murderers. Negro politicians love them, they’re the hidden muscle behind their campaigns.

    Unless and until the negro is brought to heel once more, this is what we’ll witness.

    Secession is the only solution.

  7. Mr. Hines of course jumping ahead of the game here. First the taboo of whites speaking or even thinking of white interests must be completely demolished before all his fine plans of decentralization can take place.

    But I understand old habits die hard.

  8. What religions or philosophical systems do you propose for the New Occident? A combination of ancient pre-Abrahamic traditions or newly created ones? Combinations of both?

    I converted to Kashmir Shavism and my brother is a converted Shakta.

    I find these systems are universal enough to be adapted anywhere.

  9. People are panicking, being too negative.

    I ‘ve seen much worse.

    I lived in New York City mid 80s, early 90s – late Koch years, Dinkins, 2,000 murders a year, Central Park wilding, gang rape, Tawana Brawley etc. My grandfather lived through the Bolshevik Revolution and The Russian Civil War. I was 7 years old during the Chicago ’68 Democrat convention, Chicago Civil War. I’ve seen worse. The key is to just live a positive life, seperate yourself from as much of the danger, negativity, corruption and cowardice as possible. go local, look for tough local White guys and gals, I recommend always supporting tough guy Italians like Sheriff Joe A. Avoid cowardly Libertarians, White racial traitors be they Grachites, Trucklers, Pussyfooters, Old Believers, True Believers or those White who are obsessed with destroying their/our people, understand the Jewish problem and act effectively, but don’t become obsessed with the Jews or fall down in to conspiracy theory paranoia.

  10. Newark was a craphole before Booker, and is ever-so-slightly less of a craphole now. He’s made a difference but its marginal at best. Newark is still a craphole that needs to be razed.

  11. “Why do the vics always seem to go along with the punishment?”

    Partly cos of all the other gangbangers on the other side of the camera out of shot and partly cos normal people are easily terrorized by killers – think of the Joe Pesci scene in Goodfellas


    Black people aren’t all individually four times as violent as white people – they just have four times as many killers.

  12. Lily,

    I don’t think Booker has made any difference whatsoever in the lives of average Newark residents, of any race.

    I live about a mile from Newark, and spend more time there than I would like. It is not a safe area. I don’t like going there unarmed. Of course, as I live in the Peoples’ Republic of NJ, I’m not entitled to defend myself if some giant feral negro chimps out.

    Anthony Imperiale did his best to keep Newark white, but he failed. It is interesting how quickly times have changed. In the 1960s, Imperiale was a man who stood for “law and order” against negro insurrection according to a writer for the NY Times:


    I actually interviewed Imperiale’s son at a Newark bar once for a term paper I was writing on the civil rights struggle in Newark. He was kind and accommodating, but it was depressing to hear him describe his father’s rise and fall.

    There was a passing reference to Anthony Imperiale on the Sopranos once, “The White Knight of Newark.”

  13. I wonder if jesse jackson and al sharpton are going to march on newark to protest this vile behavior against blacks?

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