Conservatism, Inc. Ponders GOP Crackup

District of Corruption

I’ve noted many times here the growing disconnect between the “GOP establishment” or “Conservatism, Inc.” and the conservative base in the South and West which has been growing more restive and which has been coming around to our view of things on issues like black crime, secession, and immigration:

“And yet, the heart of the matter extends beyond the GOP. My conversations this week with two Republican officials, along with a Democratic strategist’s timely memo, reflect a growing school of thought in Washington that social change and a disillusioned electorate threaten the entire two-party system.

Seem like a lot to swallow? Allow me to describe my last few days at work.

Between bites of an $18.95 SteakBurger at the Palm, one of Washington’s premier expense-account restaurants, Republican consultant Scott Reed summed up the state of politics and his beloved GOP. “The party,” he told me, “is irrelevant.”

He cited the familiar litany of problems: demographic change, poor candidates, ideological rigidity, deplorable approval ratings, and a rift between social and economic conservatives.”

“It’s leading to some type of crash and reassessment and change,” said Reed, who ran Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign and remains an influential lobbyist and operative. “It can’t continue on this path.”…

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  1. You’re right Crowley, I misspoke. I wouldn’t accept someone else labeling me as their version of a racist. I don’t admit I’m a racist, but I don’t recoil in horror at being called one. After being called an anti-semite enough times I learned that the term is almost meaningless, and once you laugh it off it’s as if you’re now part of the Big Joke, at least insofar as dealing with Jews. Christians are another story. But I take the term “racist” in the same way. It’s like everyone in the world knows it’s another one of those things that only whites fall for. When you stop falling for it, it falls away. If the world I wish to see happens to be better for whites, who cares?

  2. RRS: Great comments. What we all need to understand is that the Left is never going to allow us a debate on this, they are going to keep hammering John Q. Public with lies and half truths, and continue working up laws that force behavior patterns because they know that behavior determines beliefs. That’s why the Mantra is so important–it is short and immediately places the other on the defense. It is like mental Judo, the enemy’s own statements convict him. And it works. It is nearly impossible to answer because it is wrapped in the left’s doublestandards.
    There was once I went to Occidental Observer and the whole damn crew was getting run around by one anti-white, trying to defend their points through obscure historical minutia. I introduced Mantra thinking and in a short while had the Anti-White running for cover.

  3. The lefts only rebuttal to the Mantra is censorship, the silent treatment. But it’s shortness and very hard hitting attack makes it the most difficult to censor. It is easy to remember and easy to understand (everyone understands double standards). Leftists have told me it’s simplistic thinking, and it is, and they hate it. The Left’s entire 80+ year propaganda campaign has been simplistic deceipt.

  4. Land Shark: Judeo-Christians and Republitards are the absolute hardest to reach. American Thinker is chock full of those types–colorblind, civil rights loving, finger wagging Vietnam vets and boomers, everything bad is because of Nazis, always looking for a new savior of color. I used to cause all kinds of hate and discontent and made such irrefutable arguments they banned me 4 times.

  5. There is nothing imprecise about the term “racist”. It means “White person”, nothing more.

    What the “Whitakerites” can’t repeat often enough: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    Endless repetition doesn’t work? Like the endless repetition of the term “racist” doesn’t work?

  6. Wayne,

    The problem with RRS is that in context of discussion at Occidental Dissent, his message is 1) ineffective and thus a waste of everyone’s time, and 2) counter-productive in terms of educating people about the value of Jew critics like KMD. The fact that he drones on and on with the same points, apparently oblivious to these facts, reflects poorly his intelligence.

    Any eyeballs on these pages are attached to brains that already get his points. RRSs message would make more sense at Red State, Free Repubic and places where there probably are people who fear the racist label. There are no such people here. His snarking about Jewsers, again, is snidely dismissive of indispensable work by great men like KMD. TOO has a quite a bit of “news and Jews” for a very good reason. The point is to illustrate KMDs theories by citing news that shows Jews constantly screwing White people.

    The dispute here here that I perceive is not about whether mantra techniques have value. Most everyone, I think, agrees they have value in the right context. I’ve never seen anyone dispute it. I use mantra techniques myself time just almost never on our in-house sites. Denise is a harsh critic of Jews. She uses them too. Where is anyone saying don’t use them? No where. RRS is responding to claims that no one is making in front of an audience that already gets his points. Think it through. That is not an approach people ought to be modeling.

    It’s also not true that point-by-point discussion never has value. Value depends on context. If you want to convince a person to abandon anti-white ideas, you are going to eventually need to give them a better rationale than you’re “anti-white.”

    I occasionally respond point-by-point to the deranged Marxist types for my own reasons not because I’m trying to convince them. Sometimes, I like to draw out their talking points. They’re so hateful it’s frequently easy to give them enough rope to hang themselves in front of neutral audiences. Sometimes, I like to give the historical facts when I know people are listening who don’t know the historical facts. I and probably others give the facts for their benefit not because they’re under any illusions some anti-white will be convinced. And sometimes, I just say fuck off anti-white. It just depends.

    Whitaker’s drones don’t appear to have any appreciation for the importance of context in delivering a message. The mantra is great in certain limited contexts. It helps. But outside of those contexts, it’s value is dubious or harmful to the effort.

  7. Unthinking, monotonous drones won’t overthrow the regime, Brutus. The reason Duke/Linder have had limited success has less to do with their message than with the fact Jews won’t let them get their message out.

    Is there any Bob Whitaker pupil who isn’t a moron? Sometimes, I wonder.

    Why is it always either/or with you geniuses? There is a time and place for the hard-hitting mental judo of the mantra and a time for the 5000 word essay.

    I guess all those anti-whites have seized the high ground in academia and publishing because dense works don’t matter. Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Alan Dershowtiz, Thom Hartmann write books filled with thousands of words because words don’t matter.

    Can I roll my eyes now?

    This the problem with the mantra, folks. It appears to shut off the capacity to think among people who use it too much. They claim to attack the left using the left’s own methods when they don’t. The left doesn’t use only the racist meme. They use the racist meme backed by huge body of dense, theoretical works.

    When is the last time you saw some anti-white laughing off books by Tim Wise? The left understands long works are important.

  8. more of the same says:

    “There is nothing imprecise about the term “racist”. It means “White person”, nothing more..”

    Yes, but no. If someone asks, “Are you racist?” This would imply that the meaning goes beyond “White person”, since a person wouldn’t need to ask if one is White, as looking at you would suffice. “Racist” is a psyop term of abuse of the left. Not a lot is gained by allowing your enemy to label you.

  9. Lew: I agree with your points as well. I said long ago that the right surrendered the liberal arts to the Leftists decades ago, and it is the liberal arts that influence the public. Conservatives pretty much abandoned art, music, journalism, history and law. They surrendered the moral high ground. Anyone who takes the time to educate themselves can easily debunk the propaganda machine, especially with any knowledge at all of history. I use the mantra at first, then when the anti-white comes up for air I hit him with real history. The left never expect to come face to face with anything outside the narrative they have constructed, so it is always fun to lay it to them.
    I would say we need both types, just like the left. They use the masses to repeat mindless phrases while the elite of the movement shore up the shallowness of the masses. That is what the right needs too. I also have no qualms with discussing Jews, but keep in mind that is going to lead to WWII and Holocaust, and Nazis, etc and YOU will be on the constant defense. I can do that, no problem, but for every minute you spend on the details of Axis-Allies quandary, is a minute you don’t spend on the here and now, and most importantly, a future for our white children.
    I do agree that here amonst us we can and should discuss beyond Mantra.

  10. A racist is a white person pondering what is good for him or her as a white person. Non-whites cannot be racists, so don’t even try. It is a concept specifically designed to shame whites and only whites into hating their heritage and surrendering their inheritance.
    I don’t use the word at all, never need to. When some blockhead brings it up, I ask them what they mean, then tell them I put my family, kin, and nation first, like every other people of the world, and that I love and respect my ancestors, then I say “What’s wrong with that?”

  11. Wayne: “It is a concept specifically designed to shame whites and only whites into hating their heritage and surrendering their inheritance.”

    This is true and well put. One might just as well say that to the accusation.

  12. Republitards and other faux conservatives are the first to call us out as racists. I agree with Fr. John, all Leftism must be vomited out. Republitards are failures because they willingly and repeatedly cede the moral highground, and therefore begin at a position of agreement with the Bolsheviks. To wit: they support the Civil Rights Movement, Civil War outcome, 14th amendment, suffrage, and the whole racism construct.
    That said, Christianity is riddled through with the same. The good news is that all the “Christian” festivals are ripoffs from our white pagan beliefs–ex: Christmas=Saturnalia, St. Valentines Day=Lupercalia, etc. The old religions united us as a people whether burning the pagan Norse Yulelog, or the Maypole, or Summer Solstice. They united us mostly through nature, Christianity is universalist and divorced from nature.

  13. Christianity, as a pro-white advancing organization, is finished. The next pope will be black African, that should send the last signal.

  14. Wayne- Did it ever occur to you, that such isn’t even REAL Christianity?

    But a liberal, Judaized COUNTERFEIT?
    What then? How would you respond if you realized that your critique of the religion of the God-Man Jesus Christ, has not been tried and failed, but has never been tried AT ALL!?

  15. Christianity as such — orthodox, traditional, genuine Biblical Christianity — is not dead at all, never will be. Christianity stands AGAINST universalist tyranny and ALL other forms of evil. The experience of regeneration and the hope of redemption are far more powerful and effectual than the spirits of paganism, or neopaganism.

  16. “Simple: They tried to take on “social conservatism,” whatever that is. They tied it to the religious right and from there continued down the path to irrelevance….Instead, the Right should’ve divorced itself from silly social issues that are better handled at the State level anyways, and focused solely on fiscal/economical conservatism.”

    Nonsense. The GOP elite are globalist not economic conservative. It’s precisely because they are globalist – which is bad for c. 90% of the population, that they have to focus on social issues as a distraction. If the GOP ran the presidential campaign on globalism they would have lost every state.

    “when i reframed it as an antiwhite movement that will endanger their grandchildren.”

    With women and grand-parents always talk about the kids. You don’t even need to be political – just point out that the way the MSM treats cases like Trayvon Martin or Dorner incites violent crime against white children.

    “But it’s not really “racism” that’s stopping us. It’s something different.”

    It’s the moral high ground – the power of the word “racism” stems from the current moral high ground in the same way “heretic” or “witch” would have done in the past.

    It’s literally absurd that the targets of an attempted global genocide aren’t defending themselves because of accusations of racism if they do and the Mantra does a very good job at high-lighting that double standard.

    “Wayne, Whitaker’s arguments are based on the idea that the left gives a crap about congruence.”

    But White people do. Relentlessly pointing out double standards in a supposedly universalist moral code is the surest way to destroy the influence of a priesthood.

    The mantra is an attempt to do the same thing to the PC priesthood as the MSM did over paedophile priests.

    I’m not against news&jews as well though – it just depends on the venue and the audience imo – as long as there’s *enough* people doing the disciplined mantra-type thing.

  17. Bottom line: if white people want to lose everything completely, they should stick with the GOP, who know they do not need to deliver anything for “conservatives” due to their privileged status as the “lesser of two evils.”

    These days the GOP is only good for brief token resistance (wink) before complete capitulation to the Left. In professional wrestling, this is known as kayfabe. Kayfabe has become a way of life for the GOP.

    The Republicans want to be “economically conservative and socially liberal” now just like Jesse Ventura, former professional wrestler and Minnesota governor, who was not even dumb enough to be a Republican himself.

    The Republican party began BRA. When the Republican party dies, BRA will die with it. The two are inextricably linked and always will be.

    The solution to our problem cannot be found in mainstream politics.
    Secession is the antithesis of kayfabe. Secession is not a mainstream political cause. Yet…

    Deo Vindice

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