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The posts have been sparse here lately because I have been spending so much of my time researching and learning more about the interplay between exercise and nutrition. I have really cranked up the intensity of my gym sessions this month and have become much more conscious of my diet in order to maximize my results.

Needless to say, the White Southern lifestyle of binge drinking, barbecuing on the weekends, and eating too much pork and fried foods can have a disastrous effect on your health over an extended period of time, especially in the automobile age when most people don’t get nearly as much exercise as they used to.

With that in mind, I would like to probe the OD audience here and start a discussion about exercise and nutrition. What foods are staples of your diet? What foods do you avoid eating? Does anyone here prep their meals in advance? How regularly do you exercise? What supplements do you use?

Does anyone here use an exercise program like CrossFit, P90x, or Zumba? Is anyone here on “the paleo diet”? Are you “counting your macros”? This is an inexhaustible subject.

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  1. Silver, what I wrote here is power lifting and it works. I have trained for years and used many different workouts.
    If you are not going to failure, you will not gain strength or size.
    You do know why people use a spotter, right?
    It is because they might need one on the last rep because….

  2. If you can do ten reps easily and rack the weight, you are not going to make gains.
    You have no idea what your talking about.

  3. Hunter, spend less time worrying about nutrition and more time lifting weight. Your body will let you know how much to eat and when.
    Avoid garbage, eat lean meats and leafy vegetables.
    Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

  4. Plateaus are normal. Sticking to the same workout for more than a few months will cause this.
    1)changing exercises involves secondary muscle groups.
    2)doing the same fucking routine gets boring, intensity turns to boredom.

    When the plateau hits, I take a week off, regroup and work only legs.
    I go to, dips, pull ups, sit ups super sets, no rest.
    Sets of three.
    No upper body actual weights, only squats.

  5. “Where do you get the wheat for your mill?”

    As I told you, you can go with a company called “Shelf Reliance” or any of the other ‘prepper supply’ type franchises out there. I went with SR, because they pack smaller sizes of everything, which is far better/easier/logical for a smaller family, or a single person. Those #10 cans of ‘winter wheat’ are great if you are the Duggars… But for a family of four to six, the smaller sizes SR offers, is a very wise idea.

    And, just to point out, all this talk of gym rats has little to do with fitness, and more to do with the mentality of ‘I’m more of a man, cuz my delts (or something else) is/are bigger than yours ‘. Ultimately, it’s a pagan glorification of sinful human flesh. Compare the Judea of the NT with the Roman Forum. Which ‘religion’ are you following, or worshiping, as it were? (It’s also soooo a 20-something mindset. At 50-plus, I’m just glad I can open a jar of olives, you know what I mean?)

  6. Reynauld de Chatillon says:
    My dad, who was raised in Alabama, always liked collard greens. I never could take much of a liking to them though….”

    If you don’t like them traditional, with ham, try gold-browning onion-garlic, then add crush pineapple, cook the greens in that and juices, then add about a quarter-cup peanut butter, hot sauce and cilantro to taste, serve over organic brown short grain rice.

    Collards can be cooked a thousand ways. Nothing beats greens and cornbread, imo.

  7. Mosin, cilantro, parsley, rosemary are other things people pay a pretty penny for, but they are basically weeds, lol.

  8. @ And, just to point out, all this talk of gym rats has little to do with fitness, and more to do with the mentality of ‘I’m more of a man….”

    It seems to be working for HW, and on that, he should be commended. That’s a significant weight reduction!

    Personally, I never liked “gym culture,” though. My gf with the NET neighbors says they go all the time (spending up their public paycheck she doesn’t want to pay them on expensive gym membership). Otherwise, they obsess about their dogs, and have them on a silly training regimen, too, running up and down what used to be a country road with the doggies in tow, and doggies dressed up in weird little outfits, even though it’s not even at all cold outside, it being the South.

    Now that Public Health is coming, we will all have to do “community workouts” or something soon, just like union workers do every morning, having some man bark at them in Spanish to do push ups and toe touches, and so on.

    Such good little soldiers!

    I hope the yankees don’t make us dress up our animals, the way they do, and go “jogging” around what used to be nice neighborhoods without a constant vision of fat people in loud-colored “sweat” outfits, huffing and puffing.

  9. That’s true. Mints are the “weedest” of all, but in grocery stores little packages of mint cost dollars. The Kentucky Colonel Spearmint variety and Wooly Applemint make the best tea, I think. Catnip, another self-sowing weed, makes another good tea I like. I’ve heard it is a popular tea in the south, supposed to be good for slowing down in hot weather. Mustard, dill, parsley, purslane, lettuce and most other greens actually sow themselves, and dandelion needs no care. Scotch kale and savoy cabbage greens are not different than collards when cooked, so just use whatever you have. Do you like okra, Dixiegirl? Okra contains omega fatty acid, which is good for the heart, but not if it is deep fried. I eat very young okra raw, otherwise cooked.

  10. Those NETS will bring you more gyms and yoga fitness centers, dance studios, pools, etc. — instead of working hard, barn or porch dancing, swimming in creeks.

  11. I’ll take the western way. The gym is quite western.

    Just don’t forget the real sports.

    Shooting, horses riding, rowing, hunting (various types)… Swimming.

    Indeed the pentathlon is a good gentleman’s event.

  12. Started lifting at 12 years old,powerlifting team in the military when stateside.Lots of little injuries showed up later.Now I am back to rucking with the dog through the toughest terrain I can find.One day trips the ruck weighs right at 35 pounds or 75 on extended hikes.I am at home in the woods.To prepare, I do pullups,pushups,crunches,lots of low back and push a wheelbarrow loaded with sandbags through the dirt.Diet,I eat what I feel like eating.5’8″ 165 ,almost 60 and take lots of Ibuprofen.

  13. The gym is an Athenian obsession. An aesthetic quality seemed to dominate their ideas. Spartans seemed to be soldiers first second and last. What does Greek civilization have to do with Sparta in that sense anyway?

    Athens is to some extent the birth of the idea of the Occident.

  14. Sean, I think part of the confusion is the term “powerlifting”

    When I hear that word, I’m thinking the sport.

    One of the reasons competitive powerlifters avoid training to failure is precisely because it puts on to much size and power-lifters are looking for the most strength at a given weight class.

  15. “The gym is an Athenian obsession.”

    John, I was semi-paraphrasing Tertullian’s “What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?” The Faith is the foundation of our Western civilisation, not the pagan gymnasium.

  16. Silver, what I wrote here is power lifting and it works. I have trained for years and used many different workouts.

    I believe you. That’s why I expected you know what powerlifting is and isn’t. It’s a specific term with a specific meaning. You can’t just use it to mean whatever you want. Pyramids and training to failure are not part of powerlifting training.

    If you are not going to failure, you will not gain strength or size.

    You’ll gain far more strength by not training to failure. Size is another matter.

    You do know why people use a spotter, right?
    It is because they might need one on the last rep because….

    Yes, because they might fail. If they’re getting stronger they’re testing their strength by sailing into uncharted waters. They might fail, they can’t be sure.

  17. I’m not sure about that. The pagan simply means country side religion. Which is sporty. Maybe not ball sports but certainly sporty in various ways.

  18. This.

    The chain stores pulled it off the shelves last month when the Times ran a story on it but they all have the DMAA in the back of the store and will sell upon request. It’s not illegal. I took two and am taking a break right now at the gym. It feels like I’ve sweat a gallon, crazy pumps and I am in a dreamlike state with dilated pupils. No appetite and no hard crash either. Was looking for Gaspari detonate but got OEP instead, first thermogenic.

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