What’s the Matter with South Carolina?

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I’m asking Hunter Wallace and some other proud (straight) men of the South to explain:

What’s the matter with South Carolina?

By geography, demographics and history, South Carolina should be leading the fight for our people. SC representatives should be resisting mass 3rd world immigration & amnesty, opposing cultural marxism of Washington DC, the Ivy League, the New York City/Hollywood Axis of anti White evil. Anti Southern plagues like affirmative action for incompetent Blacks should be something that flat out just do not happen in South Carolina – where the Confederate Rebel flag recently flew over the SC State House. But the South Carolina political/racial reality now is:

SC doesn’t have a straight, Southern Man in the highest offices of Governor, US Senator!

SC Governor Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina to an Indian Sikh family. Her parents, Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa, are immigrants from Amritsar District, Punjab, India.

SC Senator Tim Scott – the first Black Senator from South Carolina since Reconstruction. Indian Governor Haley spouts the usual affirmative action nonsense to justify her appointing an incompetent Black:

“It is very important to me as a minority female that Congressman Scott earned his seat,” said Haley, who is of Indian descent. “He earned this seat for the person he is, for the results he’s shown. He earned this seat for what I know he’s going to do in making South Carolina and our country proud.” (Source)

(Sorry I couldn’t make it through the “minority female” part without reaching for my shot gun).

SC Senator Lindsey Graham – lisping queer as a $3 bill Graham has been leading the RINO treason to force mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration on the American public.

Outed as an immigration traitor in 2007, Lindsey Graham actually made an in person speech supporting mass amnesty to the Latino racial power group “the National Council of LaRaza” (translates as THE RACE!) (link).

Somehow, Lindsey Graham managed to survive all this racial/cultural treason, immigration treason to be re-elected to the US Senate in 2008. Can some local Southern men (not lisping boys) please explain how that happened? Perhaps it was Lindsey Graham’s boisterous support for Neo Conservative war mongering against Iraq & Iran, Graham apparently:

Loves to see those cute Marines in the tight pants go in to action! And this time Graham has worked to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that used to keep the likes of Gomer Pyle out of the USMC.

Now Lindsey Graham is back leading the push for mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration from the entire non White 3rd World. Graham is part of an immigration treason group called.

“The Gang of 8” – a bi-partisan group of US Senators composed of toxic Jews, Libs, RINOs, Hispanderers:

Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

Is anyone else a little alarmed about the casual use of Chinese Communist terms like “The Gang of 8”?!!

Yes, indeed I ask:

“What’s the matter with South Carolina?!”

And if proud Southerners are really serious about FIGHTING (not just talking) about secession, real Southern Independence – don’t you think it’s time to do something about the sorry state of political leadership in South Carolina?


  1. Fascinating comments. But HW, besides placing blame on actions taken fifty and sixty years ago, what about NOW?

    What are we doing now?

    People mention CZ advocates? Who’s going down there with Christian Reconstruction, postmillenial antidotes to convert the Whites of SC to a more biblical frame of mind? OR, at the very least, a slightly stronger variant Evangelical Anglicanism?


    People mention breaking off the belief that ‘America’ is their worst enemy? Again, theology needs to be used to convert the masses to see America as the beast with Ten heads, and not ‘God’s Christian [sic] Nation.’


    People forget that ‘Operation Exodus’ was to have targeted SC as a ‘homeland’ for those wanting a more ‘biblical’ homeland. But the first thing those idiots did, was to denounce the ‘evils of racism’…. back in the early 2000’s! Hell, they were ‘effed’ before they began.


    Ted Weiland’s book is correct. Until we come out from the fallacy of America’s false compact with the Devil – http://www.missiontoisrael.org/blvc-index.php

    We ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  2. “Perhaps it was Lindsey Graham’s boisterous support for Neo Conservative war mongering against Iraq & Iran…”

    I think a lot of it is that Southerners are easily distracted with nonsense like the Iraq War(which had a religious like level of support among Southern white males), prayer in schools(back in the 90’s), Christian Zionism, football games, wiggerized Nashville country music etc.

    Hunter is not addressing the question. Why are so many “conservative” white Southerners voting for amnesty loving politicians? That has nothing to do with court rulings from the 50’s or yankee infiltration. It’s much worse. The white South has become corrupted and is barely more racially conscious than the rest of the country.

    “Unlike the Big Ten, the SEC was segregated – as were all Southern public universities – until they were forced to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Kennedy administration mobilized the National Guard to force integration on Ole Miss and the University of Alabama.”

    That doesn’t explain why the Big Ten today has about equal numbers of black and white players but the SEC is pushing 90% black. No one is forcing Southern football programs to recruit only blacks. No one is even suggesting it. White liberals I know in my Northern state who watch college football think it’s weird that the SEC teams are almost all black and comment on it. They aren’t applauding, they are scratching their heads and wondering if some kind of “reverse racism” is going on.

  3. “Hunter is not addressing the question. Why are so many “conservative” white Southerners voting for amnesty loving politicians? That has nothing to do with court rulings from the 50?s or yankee infiltration. It’s much worse. The white South has become corrupted and is barely more racially conscious than the rest of the country.”

    I agree. After reading Weiland’s online version of his book characterizing the Constitution as an abortive second religion’s attempt to usurp God’s Laws, the only thing that now remains is secession;

    and the creation of a Christocracy, as the Early Settlers desired America to be, before the Constitution. For the Pagan Obamocracy, enshrining the ‘Noble Savage’ as Savior, is (I now realize) totally of a piece with what came before- Bush, Clinton, Carter, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, etc. All of it was the slow, inexorable departure of a nation that enshrined a false idol (Constitutionalism) in place of the One, True God.

    America is a pagan state with ineffectual cultists still worshiping at the ‘High Groves’ and ‘hill shrines’ JUST LIKE OUR BIBLICAL ANCESTORS DID, and claiming all along to serve YHWH.

    I now see that Rome’s edict, that only the Christian religion can be the sole faith of a White Man’s kingdom, is both biblical, and logical. (and, yes, Lynda, I apologize for my intemperateness on this ONE issue against Rome!) America is just as pagan as France, or Botswana.

  4. Whatever issue that has led to these unfortunate developments is likely the same issue that seems to have made interracial dating so seemingly common in SC. It isn’t as bad as Charlotte which features much more interracial dating than I’m used to being raised CT largely, its like what I’d imagine Cali to be like on that front. Unfortunately I think SC, the founding the state of the Deep South, is also where the rot is setting in, the South is going to be North lite soon enough. Being Black this bothers me for different reasons than it bother you folks but it is terrible anyway.

  5. Yes, Jamara, it’s terrible for your folks and our folks, because it’s not natural. Are you a Christian, Jamara?

  6. John. Many many things. But mainly as Black Americans are already a mixed racial minority I prefer not to be interbreed out of existence. Viscerally I find it plainly unappealing and it terrifies me that my future child my marry a white or non black.
    Whites being white is a great thing, black remaining black is too. Its the American way to keep the races seperated in that manner, lets keep it going.

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