Health and Fitness Series: How Food Corporations Manipulate Your Diet


Have you ever felt like you just can’t shake off the weight? Do you know someone who has ever struggled with diet and exercise plans to stay in shape?

Do you know anyone in your family who suffers from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, or food related cancers? Have you ever wondered why you just can’t stop eating that huge bag of potato chips or why you have to put in long hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine to keep your diet in check?

Have you ever wondered why this has only recently become a major problem in America? Look no further than the how corporate agribusiness and the processed food industry – the huge conglomerates that produce most of the food in your local grocery store – which have been “optimizing” their products with all sorts of complex mathematical equations for the past thirty years to addict you to high calorie garbage food which is scientifically designed to have low nutritional value and to always leave you craving for that next serving of Doritos:

Note: This excerpt comes from Michael Moss’s Salt, Sugar, Fat: How The Food Industry Hooked Us which shows how the fatal combination of capitalist agriculture with liberty and democracy at the grocery store has been destroying your health.

“Both fat and salt are at the heart of Frito-Lay’s operations in Plano, Texas, and some of the companies favorite methods for manipulating these two ingredients were relayed to me by a former chief scientist there named Robert I-San Lin. These include a remarkable effort by company officials to reduce the ideal snack to a mathematical equation of taste and convenience – “P = A1T + A2C + A3U – B1$ -B2H – B3Q,” with the P standing for Purchase and the allure of fat and salt easily overcoming the H, or the public’s health concerns.

I would find out that one of the most compelling and unsettling, aspects of the role of salt, sugar and fat in processed foods is the way the industry, in an effort to boost their power, has sought to alter their physical shape and structure. Scientists at Nestle are currently fiddling with the distribution and shape of fat globules to affect their absorption rate and, as it’s known in the world’s leading supplier of salt, their “mouthfeel.” At Cargill, the world’s leading supplier of salt, scientists are altering the physical shape of salt, pulverizing it into a fine powder to hit the taste buds faster and harder, improving what the company calls its “flavor burst.” Sugar is being altered in myriad ways as well. The sweetest component of simple sugar, fructose, has been crystallized into an additive that boats the allure of foods. Scientists have also created enhancers that amplify the sweetness of sugar to two hundred times its natural strength

The industry’s pursuit of allure is extremely sophisticated, and it leaves nothing to chance. Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine, and this knowledge is useful, not only in formulating foods. The world’s biggest ice cream maker, Unilever, for instance, parlayed its brain research into a brilliant marketing campaign that sells the eating of ice cream as a “scientifically proven” way to make ourselves happy …

Inevitably, the manufacturers of processed food argue that they have allowed us to become the people we want to be, fast and busy, no longer slaves to the stoves. But in their hands, the salt, sugar, and fat they have used to propel this social transformation are not nutrients as much as weapons – weapons they deploy, certainly, to defeat their competitors but also to keep us coming back for more.”

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  1. It’s even worse than that, HW. If you look closely, you’ll see that source location (not only on Frito Lay products, but Nabisco, Rice Krispies, & many other common items) has been carefully worded (“made for -X- brand”) to obscure where they are made. I knew this was happening with store brand items (HEB, here), but noticed it with Rold Gold Pretzels, Rice Krispie Treats, & Fritos a few months ago. The colours on the packaging were off was what made me notice it. Apparently, Triscuits now, too.

    It’s one thing to eat European products. We’re not eating that filth from Mexico. :shudder:

  2. What do Michael Bloomberg, the New York Times, Democracy NOW, Michelle Obama, NPR and Occidental Dissent have in common?

    A deep concern for our health. Thanks. It’s totally not a flavor of the day crusade, this is the social justice issue of our time.

  3. Hunter, you forget to mention the “damnyankee” angle in this. Don’t you realise that it’s a conspiracy by the Northeast and the Upper Midwest to make sure that all Southerners are fat and diabetic, so that we can at last finish you off? Silly fools! We’ve been plotting this ever since Reconstruction was overthrown. Don’t believe me? Just ask Dixiegirl and Apuleuis. They’ll explain to you how even a rainy Saturday afternoon is in fact a secret damnyankee attack on the South.

  4. The only way to help those who cannot motivate themselves to lose weight is to essentially make these controlled substances. Fat, salt and sugar are not unhealthy, we just aren’t built to deal with them in abundance.

  5. Poor eating habits go with the rat race and city life, whether rich or poor. Hard work, in connexion to the land, and traditional eating habits all go together.

  6. It is true that Yankees have launched crusades against alcohol and tobacco in the past.

    At the same time, it is also true that the social and health problems caused by substance abuse of alcohol and tobacco were so obvious that those social movements resonanted across much of the South. There are still dry counties in the Deep South in 2013.

  7. Anyone who tells you that it is healthy to eat fast food as a staple in your diet, engage in binge drinking, smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, eat lots of Doritos and Cheese Puffs and wash it down with a case of Coca-Cola is either a fool or someone who just enjoys being a contrarian.

  8. I just try and stick to the four major food groups and it has worked well for me.

    1. Mozzarella
    2. Cheddar
    3. Swiss
    4. Monterey Jack

  9. Mosin Nagant,

    I suspect you post at my site as Hereward Saxon.

    The SWPL’s in teh cities eat better than the rural people, on average. Despite access to farms and land for gardening, the rural people prefer McD’s – like Honey Boo Boo.

    Basically, it’s Portlandia versus Honey Boo Boo. I’ll take the former for 500, thank you Alex!

    Urban gardening will go a long way to substituting salt sugar fat with real food. Go for potatoes and lentils for staples. Build yourself Henley Potato Towers:

    and grow lentils the regular way.

    There’s a book called “40 Centuries of Agriculture” written by an American ag professor around 1900, about how the Asians were able to grow high yields of food in small spaces, year after year for 4000 years without depleting the soil, and densely growing their population.

    If we can grow food densely and densely populate ourselves, we can wage demographic war right back. Asian style agriculture can facilitate WN’s to extreme fecundity and population density.

  10. Mindweapon-Kievsky, “Forty Centuries” has been on my bookshelves since the early seventies when I read it, and I experimented with the bucket-stacking and and straw bale versions of potato “towers” when I was young, and they are not an efficient way to produce potatoes, except perhaps on a small backyard garden scale. Also, since the introduction of the new phytophthora, a more virulent form of the Irish Famine blight disease, from South America a few years ago, potatoes cannot be counted on to produce a crop without regular fungicide spraying. You might be lucky one year, starve the next, if you depend mostly on potatoes. The blight was widespread in the northeastern states again last year. I grew up believing no-spray potatoes are always easy and dependable, and never saw blight until recent years. The spores can travel and infect over fifty miles from a source in windy rainy weather, and being deep in a city is no sure safe haven.

    Rural people do not prefer “McD” ‘s. That is an urban prejudice against rural culture, like imagining us “hicks,” “rubes,” and now, “Honey Boo Boos”!

    You cannot wage war against urban cosmopolitanism by becoming urban-cosmopolitan. Backyard gardens are not enough. Even where I am, it is becoming much too crowded, but open spaces with fertile soil are disappearing everywhere as the continent fills up.

    For traditional, conservative whites to follow your advice to move into cities and engage in urban “labour,” and give up our “dead” religion (if not the guns) would be as wise as following your advice, and your example, in voting for Obama.

    I understand your reasoning, and hope you are right, but I don’t agree.

    Some people seem to like living in large towns and cities. I have yet to know an Italian who likes to live outside them.

  11. Voting for Obama, giving up Christianity (“which has failed”) to “create new religion,” moving INTO cities to form “economically-dominant ghettoes,” and try to outdo the enemy in their own occupations — are not typically “White” tendencies, in my opinion.

  12. The Portlandian alternative that you would prefer to “Honey Boo Boo” is decadent Hebrew, extremely insulated by wealth, etc. They have no Christian connexion. They like urban farming. They are “beautiful people” (by some people’s standard) who don’t live in the real world. You can be sure they also vote for Obama. They help implement Agenda 21 in their communities.

  13. I am sure that Dixiegirl hopes more “white” Portlandians and Northeastlandians, will consider moving to her area soon, to bring more much needed “Change.”

  14. Big Agra is owned by the same folks as Big Pharma. First, they poison your food and water supplies. Then, they treat you and treat you and treat you. Then, you either die or run out of money. There’s much more money is treatments than cures.

    You have an opportunity to learn what is really going on free of charge:

    Read it and weep because you are what you eat!

    If you know your government lies, then why do you believe it’s “pushing” of fluoride?

  15. For all you diehard Confederates And Southophiles, Mr. Mullins was the epitome of an honorable Southern Gent. So, read his book damn it!

  16. Hunter notes that “There are still dry counties in the Deep South in 2013.”

    That speaks very well of the people there, and unless it is about protecting moonshiners’ businesses it would almost make me want to pull up stakes and move there. (No, Dixiegirl, not really. I’m rooted.) I knew of some “dry” boroughs or townships in this area, but not entire counties, and in any case, it is a thing of the past here.

  17. When Anglo-Celts go teetotaler they go all the way. Look at the Welsh during the Revivals.

  18. “That speaks very well of the people there, and unless it is about protecting moonshiners’ businesses…”

    Yeah, that’s the question. Although it would be hard to ascertain a definitive answer, having lived for over a decade in a dry county, and been present during the years when the “dry” status was up for reversing, which it finally was, and seeing up close and in detail the, well, details, I am not at all so sure what the actual motive for “dry” counties is. But, I will say this to give everyone a pretty good idea of what the true answer very likely is:

    If I was forced to put down say a grand of my money on betting one or the other proposition, I must say that there would be little, nay, absolutely no question which way I would have to place my money in order to most rest my mind in confidence that I would be keeping it. And that would be that the “keep her dry” faction is almost exclusively a lobby group for bootleggers and the owners of the nearest liquor marts in the closest wet counties. I further say this as one who has spent more than a few hours talking to and seeing the local clergy in action on the issue.

  19. Add to this list of readable books, a couple more:

    Wheat Belly – to learn how Agribiz have made the ‘staff of life’ into a Frankengrain.
    And how an entire world is now suffering gastro-intestinally, for greed and obscene profit via GMO garbage; (in addition, this book gave me insights as to why we Whites have no ‘moral imperative’ to ‘feed the starving’ in thurd-world countries; yet how Liberals both a) profit off of this altruism on the part of whites, as well as b) ‘increase the surplus population, while making EVERYONE dependent on Big Pharma/Medical scam, and c)creating a disposable humanity via abortifacients and childless sexual debauchery.

    The GAPS approach
    Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
    by using naturally made/created probiotics to address a whole HOST of issues
    making your own yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, etc.

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