Jeb Bush’s Immigration Makeover


This is phonier than John McCain’s 2010 reelection promise to “build the dang fence”:

“After years of building a reputation as the “good” Republican on immigration, Jeb Bush shocked the reform community on Monday by ruling out a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, a position solidly to the right of prominent GOPers like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

The news stunned immigration activists and aides working on a bill and who have long insisted that anything short of citizenship is a dealbreaker for reform — especially given that Bush was decisively in the pro-citizenship camp just months ago. It also was a head scratcher for political observers, giving Bush an unexpected opening in 2016 to attack not only Rubio, but several possible presidential candidates, as overly liberal on immigration reform. …”

Note: Increasingly, I am starting to see keeping up with American politics as a waste of my time on the same level as following the lives of celebrities like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. The federal government is a consolidated despotism, the states have been stripped of their sovereignty, and nothing short of the dissolution of the Union by secession or revolution will suffice to take us off this destructive path.

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  1. They should just come right out and make the country an open-borders door mat for non-whites the world over. It’s what they, Repubs and Dems, really want.

    Off topic, but as yet another example of the sordid state of the sheeple is the hysteria over Scalia questioning the Voting Rights Act. Most the “outrage” of course is from whites, especially those of college age.

  2. It’s a smart move politically for Jeb Bush. Maybe he or someone on his staff has been reading Sailer or Brimelow? Most likely it is no more than a cynical ploy.

  3. “Path to citizenship” has always been a red herring in this immigration debate. Most questions relating to whatever immigration legislation will or won’t pass are red herrings. Even a formal and (if it can be enforced) actually enforced moratorium is a red herring, comma, Rand Paul. If the immigration bill grants work permits to illegal aliens currently in country, it’s an amnesty bill. ‘Nuff said.

  4. The one thing the Bush family knows with certainty is that white Republicans/conservatives can be just as easily tricked as white Democrats/liberals. The Bush family is nothing but a bunch of self-serving liars and tools of the Rothschilds. As with most of the Estalishment, this family only supports and serves (in addition to themselves, of course) the ruling Jew elites aka Kosher Nostra (got that one from the comments section of The Irish Savant). In this day and age, and supported by all prior evidence, why would anyone believe anything coming from an American politician’s mouth?

  5. I told my dad years ago politics is like professional wrestling- it’s all fake and it doesn’t matter who wins.

    Yet professional wrestling is a big business, millions watch and follow. They know it’s fake and they don’t care, they enjoy the drama and want to see what happens next.

    Pro wrestling has “turns”- in a “face turn” a heel (bad guy) turns into a face (good guy) and the opposite can happen as well. Jeb is manufacturing some kind of “turn” or repositioning of image. He is not the natural, instinctive politician that W is but he is not stupid. He knows the natives are not just restless, but furious and the “path to citizenship” is an outrage to them.

    But this too is all BS. As they have been saying on VDare- any working status is amnesty. All they want or need is work status, citizenship only gives one voting and what moron thinks the right to vote means anything?

    What Jeb doesn’t realize is the natives are not as intelligent as he is, but they are not that stupid. Rush will pick up on this and Jeb’s trial balloon won’t just deflate, it will go down in a hail of gunfire.

  6. I was talking recently to a guy who works with pro wrestlers. He said “It’s funny to see them beat the crap out of each other and then sit around in the lobby drinking coffee together.” I’m sure Jeb is doing the same with the folks at La Raza.

  7. An more interesting trend is progressives and liberals are starting to have trouble keeping all of their people on the pro-illegal pro-immigration bandwagon. I read an article, I wish I remembered where now, about how a lot of the Dem rank-and-file is restless and not exactly thrilled about amnesty.

  8. Thrasymachus:

    Illegal aliens are already voting and getting welfare, and as far as “deportation,” well, that rarely happens. Any bill that extends work permits is essentially an amnesty bill, not only to the illegal aliens already here, but to the cheap labor lobby “more importantly.”

    Remember this:

    1. There is no immigration bill currently in circulation that has a chance of real passing that will do right by us or accrue to our benefit.

    2. That means that all the bills currently being pondered are just one version or another of either bad, worse or worst.

    3. Therefore, any “debate” between or among proponents of these bills is almost purely Kabuki Theater.

    4. I say “almost” because the one thing that will prevent any bill (which will surely be bad for our cause) from passing is pure partisan jealousy. Other than Lou Barletta, Kris Kobach and a few others, nobody is interested in doing the right thing — Everyone wants to do the wrong thing. Except everyone who wants to do the wrong thing thinks the wrong thing is the right thing, so they don’t want the other political party to get any credit for what they think is doing the right thing.

    5. If the Democrats were smart and Machiavellian, they’d let a Republican establishment bill pass, make symbolic noise about how they’re upset about how it doesn’t have this element or that element, and then make more symbolic noise about getting those parts later. That’s because any bill the establishment Republicans want is essentially the same as any bill the Democrats want in what really matters. Then just wait until when the bill becomes law and wreaks demographic havoc, and then the Democrats will have their permanent hegemony over American national politics. But the Democrats might not be as smart and Machiavellian and as long game-aware as we give them credit for being — They might be so bull headed and partisan that that by itself wrecks the whole deal.

  9. His advisors haven’t been reading Sailer or Brimelow. Come on. This is an obvious lie, probably to make GOP rank-and-filers believe they have friends in high places.

    The national GOP leadership likes to give desperate people rays of false hope to keep them voting Republican, instead of looking to SNism or WNism. Greg Johnson had a nice formulation to describe how they operate. The idea is to keep whites who are unhappy distracted until it’s too late.

    Evil, thy name is G O P.

  10. Lew,

    You made a good point in the comments the other day.

    Even if there are “good Republicans” in Congress like Sen. Jeff Sessions (there are quite of few of these from the South), the GOP leadership won’t let them do anything. They will just kill their bills in committee like they did with the 2011/2012 immigration bills in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee.

  11. Yup, pretty much. I’ve admired Sessions ever since I learned he called the NAACP a communist front group that helped shove civil rights down people’s throats. The left screwed him out of a judicial appointment for those remarks.

    I wish some of the better system conservatives like Sessions would go off the reservation and tell it like it is. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan. He seems to have completely repudiated Trickle Down and has been a full-time regime critic from a dissident perspective for years.

  12. Even if there are “good Republicans” in Congress like Sen. Jeff Sessions . . ..

    How do you figure that? Sessions was a vocal supporter of the shedding of Southron blood in Iraq for the US Empire and Israel.

    Here he sounds like a self-righteous New Englander:

    Sessions said of the anti-war protesters: “The group who spoke here the other day did not represent the American ideals of freedom, liberty and spreading that around the world. I frankly don’t know what they represent, other than to blame America first.”

  13. “One would think the Unions would be raising hell against immigration. The silence is deafening.” – Once upon a time they did. Likewise environmental groups used to be opposed to it. And one can even find examples of black leaders decrying the effects of unchecked immigration on their community. But they were all in effect compromised(perhaps even from day one considering who they are), and the rank and file didn’t abandon them for someone who would look after their interests. Let us hope we can do better.

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