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  1. Just be sure to use good lighting and get some decent sound…and speak naturally! These seem a bit stilted.

  2. Dare they say yes to racial segregation? Or even to the freedom of speech required to advocate it? Without these two they can kiss whatever’s left of the rest goodbye. Say yes, indeed.

  3. The second guy kinda looks like Lurch. I’m just sayin’…..I like his accent. The backgrounds are bad. The low lighting on the first guy makes him look kinda furtive and creepy. Like a Dad tryng to hook up with a teenaged hooker on line, as 4AM. The edited background on the Crews guy looks like an amatuer scifi Yout Tube video. I’m sayng this because imagery is EVERYTHING.

    TAKE SOME ACTING LESSONS. Speaking lessons, really. Lopok for a Toast Masters group. You have to sound and look relaxed, and confident. The first guy – he needs ot move the camera up to his eye-line, and get clear lighting. He’s a Dad. He needs to look like an authoritative, yet kindly Dad. he wants seccession because it’s what’s best for his wife and kids. Move the camera UP, and have lighting and color. His video doesn’t need to look “professional” – just….normal and not ‘creepy”. This guy looks like a very good man. The camera angle and the greyed out lighting makes him look like a Creepy Guy. There are flashes of pure goodness, and Southern Gentleman, in his wonderfully expressive eyes – but the lighting and camera position undercuts his pure Southern goodness. You have to appeal to people emotionally – his wonderful eyes communicate emotions ways that most most actors would KILL to be able to do.

    The second fellow – He has a wonderful voice. In terms of visuals – he HAS the head shape to get away with the sahaved head thing. The distance of the camera, in terms of positioning, makes him look immobilized, and all “forehead”. his eyes are disappearing under his brow. The background!!!!! Quel Horreur! What first semester art student DID that!???

    Get him outside. in a beautiful Southern countryside setting. A park, or a monument. Move the camera IN, to do a mid-range shot. Frame him head-to waist, in the center. We NEED to see his eyes, because his face seems immobile, at that far-distance range. We need to see the subtle expressions in his eyes, as he is speaking. Get SUNLIGHT on him. Waving leaves on trees, behind him. Maybe a speakling pond, or river in the background. A natural setting, in Sunlight, will make him look “Natural Masculine Southern Man” and not like Southern Beltar. He has a flawless voice. Really beautiful tone, and modulation. that needs ot be brought out. We need to see his face speaking.

    Get that latest White Rabbit Mantra video, with the beautiful girls. Don’t look at the girls; look at the LIGHTING. LOOK at the camera placement. Theri faces are level WITH the camera. The girls are all different. There is a uniform “look” The filtered white lightng. The white clothing. This was all done to emphasis the variations in the girl’s physiology. Their faces, facial expressions, and verbal intonations become the “drama”. You really “see” each individual lovely girl, stating the same message. That video is genius; it’s UBER “staged” – but everything comes across as beautifully “natural”

    The fellas don’t need to wear matchng outfits, etc – but the camera work and lighting MUST be more professional and convincing. You don’t need a top flight film crew – just look at how things “look”. Hunter’s video was successful because his manner of speaking is very authoritative. Ther was enought light to see him, and the positioning of his head, in relationship to the overhead ceiling light, created an almost “halo” effect. I’m sure this was wholly un-intentional – but ut “worked” Hunter is a Heavenly Southern Man, sending an Angelic message.

    Palmetto’s viddy was GREAT – cause it worked for him. He came across as a really cool, smart, Southern Good Old Boy Hipster, who rolled in after he and his swingin’ pals closed the local happening bar for the night, he decided to check his emails before he crashed, and something inspired him to make a pro-Southern video on the spot, as 3AM. He looked really happy, satisfied, and competely confident, like he had a GREAT time that night, and he’s telling the world How Things Are Gonna Be, Now, Hell Yeah!

    You DO have to think aobut camera angles, and lighting, in order to really convey the message, Marketng is HUGE money because most people make up their minds in 3 seconds.

    I’m not kidding.

    3 seconds.

    I’m NOT kidding.

    You “grab” or “lose’ peope in



  4. I am seriously considering doing one for Missisippi.

    I would promptly be fired from my career of course…

    For speaking the truth & exercising my First Amendment Right.

  5. Seccesion shall not arrive without violence that is a fact. Once I believed in peaceful seperation, no longer(or I only hold the faintest hope), the various States are so entwined and joined(and ultimetaly subservient to) the United State that they do not secede; no they cannot in present form. People can secede but these states as they exist cannot I fear. As to the first point a martyr can only rally a moral and just people. Do these exist in quantity in these Americas? Does a single moral man exist in these Americas willing to Sic Semper Tyrranis at least? The wages of sin are death.

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