Joe Biden Visits Selma’s Magic Bridge


The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma has made the news again:

“Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Director of the National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis today announced the designation of 13 new national historic landmarks, including the majestic Edmund Pettus Bridge, a 400-year-old historic district showcasing the influence of Spanish culture in Puerto Rico, the home of author and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, and a historic stadium used by Negro league baseball teams in 20th-century segregated America.”

When I last visited Selma in 2011, I left with the sense that the Edmund Pettus Bridge had become something of a Medieval shrine for Northeastern DWL pilgrims in the religion of White guilt. Now at least it is official.

A few days ago, Vice President Joe Biden, the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Eric “My People” Holder parachuted into town for a photo op at the annual march across Selma’s Magic Bridge to commemorate America’s triumph over “the forces of evil” in Dallas County (AL):

“Biden said nothing shaped his consciousness more than watching TV footage of the beatings. “We saw in stark relief the rank hatred, discrimination and violence that still existed in large parts of the nation,” he said.

Biden said marchers “broke the back of the forces of evil,” but challenges to voting rights continue today with restrictions on early voting and voter registration drives and enactment of voter ID laws where no voter fraud has been shown.”

LBJ, Congress, and the Mainstream Media succeeded in breaking the back of “the forces of evil” with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. While in Selma, Biden took the opportunity to remind us how that all came about:

“I think many in my generation who watched from another part of the country thought the right to vote had been secured,” said Biden. “But on that day 48 years ago we saw that it had not.

“My regret has been, ‘Why were we not there?’ I regret and I apologize it took me 48 years to get here. I should have been here. I should have been here,” repeated Biden.

He was there … for the day.

In Dallas County (AL), Valley Grande is the White flight parallel of Vestavia Hills. Chuck Thompson toured the area while writing Better Off Without ‘Em:

“Alarmed at the prospect of being swallowed up by predominantly black Selma, residents of a nearby and predominantly white, unincorporated community known as Summerfield hatched a plan in 2002 to keep themselves disconnected from the expanding city. By gathering enough local signatures, they would simply incorporate themselves into a new town, thereby separating their fortunes from their more undesirable black neighbors. Thus was founded in 2003 the town of Valley Grande – complete with the presumptuous é on the end revealing all the élan of a Florida condo development.

“What they did was typical – they just made a new city so that Selma couldn’t get its hands on the resources from this area,” a local African-American tells me.

Local whites, on the other hand, point to a decaying and downtrodden Selma and feel justified in their efforts to avoid being pulled into the obvious squalor. When I asked a longtime white Valley Grande resident why the town wouldn’t want to be associated with historic Selma, he said, “You been to Selma? You seen Selma? All the empty buildings? That’s the reason we didn’t want in there.”

Nearly fifty years later, there is a reason why the Mainstream Media doesn’t come to Selma in 2013 to showcase the nearly abandoned downtown business district, the failing public schools, the blighted and dilapidated housing stock, the syphilis billboards, the potholes, litter, and knee high grass, the ruined shopping centers and restaurants, the decaying antebellum mansions and other such indicators of the “progress” and “vibrancy” that Selma has made since it was redeemed for “democracy” by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in 1965.

The reason why those civil rights marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge encountered such “entrenched hostility and prejudice” from local Whites … was because the “forces of evil” who had to live in that city (as opposed to cheering for black people on television in a distant state) had a vested interest in preventing the sort of social and economic collapse described above from happening.

In Selma and Birmingham and Tuskegee, the “forces of evil” were vanquished by self-righteous Yankees like Joe Biden … and so was commerce, the tax base, quality public schools, safe neighborhoods, high property value, streets without potholes, quality public services, and competence in government.

In the parlance of the Civil Rights Movement, those things were “overcome.”

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  1. There is no reason to wait for the MSM to show the effects of integration. This is the cyber age. All it takes is a website, video cameras, a little historical research and some effort. What could be done is create a website to showcase Negro dominated cities in the South. Volunteers would drive into such cities with their video cams (preferably HD) and document to blight. Obviously the volunteers should not go in alone or unarmed. Juxtaposed within the edited video would be picture show the prosperity present when Whites dominated those cities.

    It’s certainly something I would get behind.

    Call it Bring Back Jim Crow or something similar.

  2. Joe Biden is a good example of, the Roman Catholic is not your friend, and is every bit as low & foul as the Jew.

  3. Earl, I’m Roman Catholic, and I don’t like Clown Biden either. JB is a Catholic in name only. The problem with too many RC’s is that they have been snookered by the misinterpretation of what ‘social justice’ means. Hopefully, the new pope will straighten this nonsense out so the next generation of Catholics won’t be conned by this garbage.

  4. As someone said yesterday though, it’s one thing to revise history, and another to plot a course for the future. It may well be that the segregationists were right to wish to maintain segregation, but what happened on the bridge made that impossible. And frankly violence on that level isn’t excused on either side.

    What’s the plan moving forward. What are you going to do with the 20 million blacks in Dixie? Are you going to re-establish separate but equal? Really?? Or, all the way back to slavery? (You speak so fondly of how rich the slave sugar plantations were. But again, time has moved on and regardless of how rich they were that’s not a model that has any currency in the year 2012.)

    I don’t quite get what you’d like to see done with Selma and Tuskeegee and other black enclaves in your proto-nation.

  5. Jackson,

    1.) First, the idea that secessionists want to restore slavery is absurd, and I notice that it always the people who don’t live here who come up with that idea. The vast majority of cotton in America isn’t even grown here anymore.

    2.) Second, I am a Southern Nationalist. I don’t believe that race is the primary issue. The primary issue is the existence of the Union and the ability of a centralized government controlled by hostile outsiders to meddle in our internal affairs and impose their delusional ideas upon us without our consent.

    3.) Third, I believe that secession is the solution to that problem, and that all the various problems which now burden us could easily be tackled if states and local communities had the power to make their own laws and govern themselves.

    4.) Fourth, I don’t endorse using violence against anyone. I do believe that the “violence” in Selma and Birmingham was deliberately provoked by professional agitators and that it was distorted and taken out of context by the media to misrepresent those cities and advance a political agenda.

    5.) Finally, I don’t consider slavery or segregation any guide to the future. Essentially, I would return the power that was usurped by the federal government to the states, and trust that the people of the states can do a better job at making their own laws than Congress or the Supreme Court.

  6. In my proto-nation, it would be up to the people of Alabama to make their own laws, and I doubt they would choose to sustain the likes of Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee on perpetual life support with their tax dollars.

  7. Dirty little secret, few care anylonger. Same with the holocaust, if the jews let up for a year it would be about the 1289th most important thing on any normal person’s list of important things.

    The women who are flattered by today’s propaganda only pay lip service to what they are told is important, “Dancing with the Tools” is way more important than selma whatever.

    HW, nice try and being moderate, that is good and all, race is the most important thing in the world, while various wordist enterprises might surpass it they are temporal.

  8. I should have been here. I should have been here,” repeated Biden.

    Okay, Joe. For penance, I sentence you to move to Selma, Alabama and live the rest of your life there without Secret Service protection and without armed protection of any sort.

  9. @ “….JB is a Catholic in name only….”

    What you profess and how you were raised —your religious socialization— are important. And no, he comes from an intensely Jewish-catholic area of the Northeast.
    Philip Hart opened the u.s. border. It matters what he was, because he comes from a group that has Genocided the Children of the Founders (wasps) in the past.

    Now… there is a new propaganda about how the “founders” were all really not even protestants (which was bad enough, right, lol?) BUT they were masons, illuminati, deists, etc, etc.

    The ones who were are put front and center, the others forgotten, swept under the rug, since it doesn’t PROVE the main point: White protestants (especially southerners, as they are the most Generational Americans) MUST BE gotten rid of, (JUST LIKE BACK IN EUROPE).

    U.s. opened their doors to them—- but they did not come in peace, seems like. Right?

    Was the pope who did Vatican II not “real?” The pope did lead the current thinking, after all. (And tolerate Jesuit-created Liberation Theology).

    Why can’t people deal with this stuff?

  10. Put your schmeckle back in your goy hole, Earl Putz. That video proves Yankees, not Catholics are the same as Jews. Biden can’t even receive communion in some dioceses and should be excommunicated. Your Klan 2.0 addled brain would have been tied to a tree along with the rest of your doughy body and flogged like a feral Nigger for those comments in the Confederate Army. Anti-Catholicism in BRA has always been the PC hate outlet for closet faggots, rubes, sluts, liberals, hucksters, jews and commies. See MSNBC’s conclave coverage. Even that faggot Shep Smith at Fox was condescending (multiple tv’s at gym).

    Acquaint yourself with Leander Perez and other good RC Southron bantu-bashers. Ask Apuleius, I’m sure he knows more than a bushel of ’em.

  11. Earle, Biden’s embrace of BRA is not based on his Catholic religion any more than LBJ’s embrace of BRA back in the 1960s was based on his Protestant religion.

    Both were/are simply “going with the flow” – it was good for their political careers and any honest discussion about race in America is a career killer.

    That’s reality.

    It’s not “fair”, not about “reason” or something some church convention can meet about and make some changes in church teaching.

    BRA is/has been the official state religion in the USA since the early 1960s. The politically correct enforcement of BRA orthodoxy is as strong as anything in Communist Eastern Europe since the end of World War II.

  12. “In my proto-nation, it would be up to the people of Alabama to make their own laws, and I doubt they would choose to sustain the likes of Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee on perpetual life support with their tax dollars.”

    Quit trying to ignore or sidestep your very serious nigger problem. Appalachia will be fine but you are living in a sea of them. When the federal EBT teat stops giving milk the Deep South will be in a world of hurt. This problem is what’s going to precipitate the disorder that will lead to secession, you will have to deal with the niggers first, not after you have set up your own polity.

    The idea that the breakup of the United States is going to be peaceful is a fool’s hope.

  13. You’re still dodging the question, Hunter. What do you realistically plan to do with all those +20 million niggers in your midst. And don’t say “They’ll just self-deport”, because we both know that’s never going to happen — they sure as hell didn’t self-deport from South Africa during Apartheid. If anything, their numbers increased dramatically there during that system. So what’s your plan?

  14. What are you going to do with the 20 million blacks in Dixie? Are you going to re-establish separate but equal?

    I’d suggest the Southerner give them the same options I’d give them as a Northerner (but not a Yankee, obviously):  be responsible or get on a plane to Africa.  Theft, assault or robbery, unwed parenthood and any parenthood without establishing the ability to support a family would get one-way tickets to their choice of Liberia, Ghana or any other country willing to take them.  Let them take Ritalin and Norplant if they desire some help controlling their impulses.

    Your twenty million would be reduced very rapidly.  Just deporting the felon population and inviting the hood-rat girlfriends to follow would account for ten percent.

    • Most of the problems we have with blacks can be attributed to the existence of the Union.

      Get rid of the Union and the problem will solve itself. There won’t be any Supreme Court to hand down edicts from Washington anymore. There won’t be any Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. There won’t be any EEOC. There won’t be any EBT card or TANF welfare check or Section 8 vouchers or Medicaid or the thousands of other ways that we subsidize black dysfunction.

      All we have to do is give people back the right to govern themselves instead of telling them what to do and these problems will no longer be allowed to fester in the midst.

  15. That’s amusing.

    313Chris is living “in a sea” of blacks. There are only a few thousand of them around here. There are fewer of them here now than at anytime since the introduction of slavery into this area in the 1830s.

    They self deported to Detroit and Chicago a long time ago.

  16. ““What they did was typical – they just made a new city so that Selma couldn’t get its hands on the resources from this area,” a local African-American tells me. ” – and what resources would those be?

  17. “There are only a few thousand of them around here.”

    You just posted a lurid tale of accompanying some white girls through adjacent counties so heavily black that they were seriously dangerous. Unless you plan on seceding at the county level (admittedly a possible intermediate step during the anarchy and violence of the breakup of the U.S.) you’ve got niggers galore and they continue to migrate from the North back to the sub-tropical climate of the Deep South.

    At least Chris can move to suburban Detroit or rural Michigan and be safe if he so chooses since the rest of the country is White except for the concentrated urban ghettoes and Aztlan. You live in a sea of former slaves.

  18. A Raj officer and a battalion of Gurkha would have mown every last nigger done.

    And good fucking riddance. Put them in their place Americans.

  19. “All we have to do is give people back the right to govern themselves instead of telling them what to do and these problems will no longer be allowed to fester in the midst.”

    Wishful thinking. You think that the blacks are just gonna sit there and starve when you cut off their welfare. They gonna be comin’ afta you white mofos.

  20. “None of them ever experienced slavery.”

    They are slaves to welfare dependency which is probably a worse place to be coming from.

  21. “There are fewer of them here now than at anytime since the introduction of slavery into this area in the 1830s.”

    Actually not, there are far more of them in numerical terms. Quit trying to pretend most blacks don’t live in the Deep South and quit trying to deny that more are moving back down there from up North. At least we keep them bottled up in the ghettoes and shoot them when they get out of line. You don’t have the numbers to contain them unless you get a lot more ruthless real fast (which you will be forced to do when the welfare stops.)

    Peaceful secession is not in the cards.

    • Really?

      In 1860, there were 14,692 Whites in my county and 16,160 blacks. In 1870, there were 17,165 blacks here. In 2013, there are 12,690 blacks here and you claim the sky is falling. In the Deep South (including Florida and Texas), 34% of blacks live in the 7 states of the original Confederacy:


      Here’s the black population of the South in 1870:

      Alabama – 48 percent black
      Georgia – 46 percent black
      South Carolina -59 percent black
      Mississippi – 54 percent black
      Florida – 49 percent black
      Louisiana – 50 percent black
      Texas – 31 percent black
      North Carolina -37 percent black
      Tennessee – 26 percent black
      Arkansas – 25 percent
      Missouri – 7 percent
      Kentucky – 17 percent
      Virginia – 42 percent
      Maryland – 22 percent

      Here’s the percentage of the black population in the South in 2012:


      Alabama – 26.2 percent
      Georgia – 30.5 percent
      South Carolina – 27.9 percent
      Mississippi – 37 percent
      Florida – 16 percent
      Louisiana – 32 percent
      Texas – 11.8 percent
      North Carolina – 21.5 percent
      Tennessee – 16.7 percent
      Arkansas – 15.4 percent
      Missouri – 11.6 percent
      Kentucky – 7.8 percent
      Virginia – 19.4 percent
      Maryland – 29.4 percent

  22. @Hunter

    “Chris is living in a sea of blacks.”

    – No, Chris is living in a city that is losing niggers by the day, and where his own, now peaceful, block stands mostly vacant compared to just last year.

    “There are only a few thousand of them around here.”

    – That’s not what every census map on the internet says.

    “There are fewer of them here now, than at anytime since the introduction of slavery to this area in the 1830’s.”

    – But there are still more of them in your “proto-nation” than anywhere else in my real nation. What is your plan to deal with that?

    “Get rid of the Union and the problem will solve itself.”

    – How? Please explain in detail.

    “They self-deported to Detroit and Chicago a long time ago.”

    – And they’re self-deporting back home to Dixie as we speak.

    • 1.) In my county, there are 12,690 blacks. In your city, there are at least 583,000 of them, 46x the number of them that live here. It is the single largest concentration of blacks in the entire country.

      2.) The Census maps show that “self deportation” has been going on here for over a century and never stopped.

      3.) There are more blacks in Michigan than Alabama. Why is that?

      4.) Sure. It was federal court orders and federal laws that imposed most of this insanity on our cities in the 1950s and 1960s. Secession would solve that problem overnight.

      5.) No, something like 3% of blacks have moved back to the South, but the number of blacks that are moving here is dwarfed by the number of Whites who are doing so from declining Blue States like California, Illinois, and New York. What’s more, that trend in the 1990s and 2000s came to a halt when the housing bubble collapsed in 2007.

  23. “They gonna be comin’ afta you white mofos.” – If they could project force like this, they already would have done so. It is their alliance with northern whites that empowers them.

  24. (And tolerate Jesuit-created Liberation Theology).

    LT is a harm reduction strategy kept on a tight leash and is only tolerated as a last resort when Indios are close to going full Shining Path on their Catholic fascist leader or King. It’s a way to steal wind from Marxism’s sails and is the reason Venezuela is not a Jew approved socialist state. The Catholic model for Whites is varied and spans aristocracy, Rexism/Fascism, Swiss style democratic republic, distributism. Different people. Mexicans crawl in the hot dust before the Lady of Guadalupe and Euros take a dip at Lourdes.

    Why can’t people deal with this stuff?

    You can’t, because you have some psychological attachment to the old BRA as some pure or overwhelmingly WASP country when in reality that horrible acronym (to self id as an acronym, *wretch*) only exists because there was “an other”… I.e. a non-white, non-Angloid, non-Protestant component. WASPs were firmly in charge of this land at one time, they were barely done backslapping eachother for rebelling against their rightful king when the ones from up North ran the whole cuntry into the fucking ground. It doesn’t matter what their birth certificate says, “Yankeeism” is a religion. That’s your “religious socialization” for ya.

  25. Hunter is right. The only hope for Dixie, or any other State for that matter is restoration of States rights, which would require the repeal of just about every amendment after number 10.
    Blacks are not a problem anywhere, DWLs and Anti-whites are the problem because they constantly stroke minority egos, run down whites, and prevent us from defending ourselves. Even today in SA, the whites could fully recover BUT they won’t because pressure from people who are white.

  26. Let every state decide if it wants Jim Crow, segregation, anti-miscegenation, etc. There are 50 states, if you don’t like yours, move to another. Of course, the Yankee can’t abide by this because they are controlling, religious fanatics set on social jihad.

  27. You gotta laugh at the Roman Catholic apologists…according to them they are more representative of Roman Catholic leadership in the United States than the Roman Catholic Vice President of the United States, or the twenty some Roman Catholics in the US Senate etc. etc.

    You Catholics are delusional or worse.

  28. @Hunter

    “It is the single largest concentration of blacks in the entire country.”

    – Utter bullshit. Wayne County is whiter than a good many of your counties in Alabama and Mississippi.

    “The Census maps show that self-deportation has been going on here for over a half century and never stopped.”

    – More bullshit. For every few-odd niggers that occasionally wander away from Dixie, the local stock breads dozens more to take their place. The unnoticeable trickle out of Dixie doesn’t even compare to the deluge coming back into it.

    “There are more blacks in Michigan than Alabama.”

    – There are also more whites in Michigan than Alabama, and the niggers are corralled in Detroit (but leaving fast) Flint and Benton Harbor. Your Alabama niggers are EVERYWHERE down there.

    “Secession would solve that problem overnight.”

    – And for the umpteenth time, HOW exactly???? How does “secession from the Union” make +20 million niggers physically not be present anymore?

  29. There are more blacks concentrated within the city limits of Detroit than any other place in America. There isn’t even a city in Mississippi or Alabama that a population that is half the size of the black population of Detroit.

  30. Catholics made up maybe 1/2 of 1% or less of the Southern population in 1860. A few Catholics on the Eastern Maryland shore, and a few Catholics around New Orleans. That was about it. The South was Protestant.

    I’ve reached the point where I would be no more trust a Catholic as trust a Jew—either one will get you in trouble! They are not your friends.

  31. Chris: Hunter already answered that. If whites can decide for themselves, the giveaways are done. They will leave. But as it is now, a Federal pervert in robes has the pretend power to squash any such action
    Hell, even California at one time approved Prop 109 and a leftist piece of shit federal judge squashed it. All states would be better off without the Central government as currently constituted.

  32. Is that so?

    In Stewart County (GA) in 1850, there were 8,649 Whites and 7,373 slaves. In 2013, there are around 3,008 blacks there.

    In Randolph County (GA) in 1850, there were 7,857 Whites and 5,008 slaves. In 2013, there are around 4,602 blacks there.

    There isn’t any “deluge” of blacks moving here. Something like 3% of the black population has moved back here – typically retired public employees seeking a lower cost of living – which is dwarfed by the number of Northern Whites moving to the Sunbelt.

  33. I do feel sorry for the White people who have to live in these majority Black counties in the South.

    Back in the 1970’s you could still travel in the rural South and not see Blacks everywhere, and it it was easy to find nice clean places to eat, and clean restrooms etc.—-Not Today.

  34. As I said above, there are more blacks in Michigan than Alabama. There are more in Illinois than Mississippi. There are more in New York than Georgia. There are more in Pennsylvania than South Carolina. There are about the same number of blacks in Ohio and Louisiana.

  35. As hard as it is to believe, we could easily solve our problems with blacks by restoring power to the states and eliminating the ability of the Joe Bidens of the Northern states to meddle in our internal affairs.

  36. Hunter, percentages are not the same as absolute numbers. Unlike myself, you still have not answered the question about what to do with the sea of niggers you live among nor have you proposed any specific scenarios about just how how secession will come about.

    We all need to stop focusing on the true but well worn stories about how bad BRA is everywhere and start concentrating on realistic solutions to the problem.

    Step one – start siring white children.

  37. “As hard as it is to believe, we could easily solve our problems with blacks by restoring power to the states”

    Easily? Don’t make me laugh. The 101st Airborne will be on your ass if you resist overtly. Nullification and local de facto secession as in the case of the White Atlanta suburbs and which has always been practiced by in Whites in the North is a start. It needs to begin at the grass roots level with jury nullification, passive foot-dragging type non-compliance with federal mandates, home schooling and private “segregation academies”, and as much tax evasion as you can get away with.

    And I have yet to hear a concrete proposal from you about what to do with the niggers when they are cut off from the dole.

  38. @ Wayne

    “Hunter already answered that.”

    – No he didn’t.

    “If whites can decide for themselves, the giveaways are done. They will leave.”

    – No they won’t. South Africa during Apartheid was independent of the rest of the world to the point of being a UN-sanctioned pariah. The niggers there were little better than serfs. And they sure didn’t self-deport from that place. No, they bred like rabbits and their numbers flourished. They even migrated in from neighboring Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    There is zero evidence to support that they would voluntarily leave if you guys seceded. So how do you plan deal with them?

  39. Chris: SA whites could easily take care of business were it not for outside pressure from fellow whites. Same for the South. Again, minorities are not the real problem, it is the religiously fanatic leftist whites who control the media, Washington, and academia. There were no problems in Selma before white agitators brought them. There were no problems in SA until leftist agitators caused them. Nobody here is saying zero blacks.

  40. Rudel,

    1.) I don’t waste my time pondering scenarios in which I would be a dictator with absolute power to rule by decree.

    2.) I think it is plausible that a state could become aggrieved to the point of seceding from the Union.

    3.) I think we could convince the majority of White people in this area that “self government” is a meaningless concept within the Union.

    4.) I think we could convince White people in this area that a more decentralized government is preferable to the current consolidated one.

    5.) Finally, I think that if self government was restored at the state and local level, we wouldn’t have to worry about the race issue anymore because the states, counties, and cities would move on their own initiative to tackle the problem and some kind of equilibrium would be restored.

  41. The Catholic church is 100% full bore for BRA on every issues besides sexual morality. Your next pope will not fix it.

    The negro question; many will self deport. Yep yankees hate the idea but most of y’all will beg them to go north. Your cities drive your politics an city yankees cannot say no to negros. With out a bloated govt giving negro jobs, or giving negros legal advantages in hiring, promotions or college, most will fall in social status. Without yankees, negros will do more jail time, face more armed White homeowners. Without the yankee enforced wealth transfer payments, negros will not be able to breed like they do… Without yankees we will have free hand to deal with them as we see fit, and we have always been able to keep them in place when we are free of yankee interference

    And at the end of the discussion it will be our problem not yours, and is no concern of yankees. yankees only make it an issue because their default setting is run down the South and all things Southron

  42. For decades, various counties in Mississippi and Alabama simply bought them a bus ticket and provided them with information about the superior welfare benefits available in New York, Illinois, and Michigan.

  43. In my proto-nation, it would be up to the people of Alabama to make their own laws, and I doubt they would choose to sustain the likes of Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee on perpetual life support with their tax dollars.

    I can see white people refusing to sustain black holes like Selma or Tuskegee because they’re small, unimportant towns, but Birmingham? Birmingham is the largest city and chief business, industrial, banking, education and media centre of the state/proto-nation of Alabama. So unlike Selma or Tuskegee, I think Birmingham is definitely worth trying to reclaim for white civilization.

    It’s like the difference between majority-black Detroit and majority-black Flint, Michigan. Detroit is a great historical city, birthplace and headquarters of the auto industry, strategically situated and one of the world’s busiest border crossings. Flint, on the other hand, is a nothing-burger of a town, an industrial wasteland in the boondocks, merely a shitball exurb of Greater Detroit. Flint’s not worth saving, but Detroit is.

    I can understand why the whites of Valley Grande would want nothing to do with the blacks of Selma, but the whites of Over the Mountain should seriously consider retaking the much more valuable city of Birmingham. How? Through the city-county consolidation of Birmingham and the rest of Jefferson County, like what’s been done in Nashville-Davidson TN or Jacksonville-Duval FL.

    Overnight Birmingham would transform from more than 70% black to a slight white majority. Obviously the wealthy taxpayers of Over the Mountain would get dinged big-time in such a merger, but looking at the big picture, winning back an important city like Birmingham to white rule would be worth it to Alabama as a whole.

    City-county consolidations like Birmingham-Jefferson or Detroit-Wayne are the most effective way to rescue major cities from the nightmare of black rule. And they can be done NOW, not in the distant (and theoretical) post-secession future. So the blacks of Selma, Tuskegee and Flint can be left to wallow in their own crapulence, but Birmingham and Detroit are simply too important to permanently cede to the moolies.

    • jeppo,

      I’ve lived in the Birmingham area and I don’t know of anyone who thinks that reclaiming Murderham is worth the cost of sharing power and tax revenue with the blacks who gutted and sacked the city.

      Birmingham was a steel town in the early twentieth century. The steel industry has long since moved on to foreign countries. The only thing of real importance left in Birmingham is UAB. You’re also ignoring the fact that the Whites in Over the Mountain already share a common government with Murderham called Jefferson County.

      In an ideal world, the Alabama state legislature would just gerrymander Birmingham-Bessemer into its own county or quasi-sovereign negro reservation, and provide Over the Mountain with the legal means to preserve its standard of living.

  44. Blacks are 13% of the population country-wide, and only slightly increasing. I am more worried about Mexicans and other sundry Latin Americans.

  45. I’ve noted, Stonelifter, that the commie agitators went all the way to Alabama to have sit-ins, sing-in, marches, etc. Why didn’t they just buy every black who wanted it a ticket to a northern state??

  46. @Hunter

    “For decades, various counties in Mississippi and Alabama simply bought them a bus ticket and provided them with information about the superior welfare benefits available in New York, Illinois, and Michigan.”

    – That won’t fly this time, Hunter. The Republican state legislature in Michigan is introducing legislation to disqualify a good portion of niggers from EBT card eligibility. Niggers have access to the internet and can find out for themselves whether or not some far away place would welcome them. And finally, niggers are buying bus tickets BACK to the South. You won’t be able to bribe them with a ticket to the place they just came back from!

    • Why not?

      If the Union was dissolved, BRA and the welfare state would crumble in Dixie (Obamacare being a prime example), whereas the ascendant liberal majority in the North would double down on civil rights and socialism.

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