Offering Us The Poison Apple

Presented for "fair comment", protected by the 1st Amendment
Presented for “fair comment”, protected by the 1st Amendment

Most OD readers are aware of the many false “conservatives,” the neo-conservatives, the RINOs who pretend to be on our side, when instead they work to implement anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-American immigration, crime, and foreign policies, while giving us some form of conservative or libertarian spin that it’s somehow good for us.

If we don’t agree that Third World immigration or some extremely expensive, Jewish-inspired neocon war is really “good for us,” they viciously slander and persecute us as terrible “racists,” in exactly the same way as Marxists, liberals, and hardcore leftists.

These false friends use an insidious tactic called “offering the poison apple.”

Back when Disney Studios was actually run by Walt Disney, the Walt Disney Company produced the great animated movie “Snow White,” which featured a beautiful, innocent, young White girl, who was offered a poison apple by a hook nosed, evil witch of dubious origins. Similar witches in the United States are now offering poison apples to conservatives.

This involves offering us some supposedly “helpful advice,” some type of friendly gift that’s supposed to help our future health, but the gift is always laced with poison. It’s consciously designed to kill us.

Recently, all types of our terrible Democratic enemies like Charles Schumer and RINO false friends like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio have been offering us advice that conservatives should offer mass amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. These new Hispanic American citizens will supposedly vote Republican and become model, taxpaying Americans because they are said to have traditional conservative “family values” and are fleeing corrupt socialist nations and so will naturally embrace everything conservative and libertarian, God fearing, free market loving, U.S. Constitution loving Americans cherish.

The correct response from OD readers is “yeah right.”

We’ve been down this road too many times. Black “conservatives” like Gen. Colin Powell and ex-liberals Jews were supposedly embracing neoconservatism and giving up terrible liberalism that just didn’t work. Neoconservative blacks, gays, Jews and Third World immigrants were supposedly embracing American conservative, middle class family values and free markets. The sad reality turned out that Colin Powell was caught wildly celebrating Obama’s election with black African students, the blacks continue to vote 95% Democrat and American Jews continue to vote > 65% Democrat, same as they always have in every presidential election since the 1920s.

This week, the terrible Jewish liberal newspaper, The Washington Post, has appointed a new writer to present an alternative “conservative” point of view. Meet Jennifer Rubin who is so ugly that even Bill Clinton wouldn’t try to have sex with her!

Championing a "Right Turn"
Championing a “Right Turn”

What’s Ms. Rubin’s advice to help Republicans and conservatives  come back to power in America:

1.) Dump any remnants of loyalty to America’s Christian traditions.

2.) Embrace gay marriage and promote women and gays in combat roles for the U.S. military.

3.) Never offer to lead White America.

Jennifer Rubin lectures:

“The question for the GOP, and for conservatism more generally, is if it can defy the stereotype of an intolerant, unsympathetic party of whites. Conservatives shouldn’t be part of efforts to cement those stereotypes… the whole crotchety routine (Forget Hispanics! Kick gays out!) has to go.”

I must reiterate that OD is not obsessed with Jews. OD does not identify every Jewish person in the United States as an active agent of Satan and we recognize and honor regular Jewish Americans who are on balance, decent, good people, decent good Americans, with understandable Jewish loyalties and concerns.

One such person is Lawrence Auster, who does a very concise job of refuting the insane, treasonous immigration rants of The Washington Post‘s court conservative Jennifer Rubin. Auster first quotes Rubin’s insane and treasonous call for open borders immigration in to the USA:

“Rubin: My own view is not unlike Charles Krauthammer … I want pre-1924 rules, which is that basically anyone who wants to come as long as he is not a criminal or a cretin can come in…

Kaus: Don’t you think that if we had your rules, half the world would want to come to the United States?

Rubin: Well, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if half the world came.”

Lawrence Auster then takes down this insane and treasonous neocon, one American Jew to another “American” Jew:

“Rubin then goes on to argue that America should follow Israel in this regard. She says that Israel would have “stultified” without the Russian immigrants who came in the ’70s and ’80s, and the same is true of America.

Of course she doesn’t notice that the immigrants to Israel were all Jews. She uses the fact that the Israelis have had open immigration only of their fellow Jews, to argue that America should have open immigration of half the people in the world, of every race, religion, and culture.

Such is the fantastic ethnocentric blindness of Jewish neocons and liberals. They make their own experience a model for others, not seeing the important differences between themselves and others. Thus liberal Jews think that because they are doctors and lawyers and top journalists, blacks can, in the same proportion, be doctors and lawyers and top journalists—and that if that doesn’t happen, there is something wrong with America. Thus they think that because their ancestors immigrated to America and were successful here, all possible immigrants, from every possible background, can also come here and be equally successful. Everything is about themselves. Everything is seen through the filter of themselves.”

Lawrence Auster is apparently dying of cancer, so he will not be around much longer to expose and take down these insane/treasonous immigration rants/poison apple advice of neocons like Jennifer Rubin. My advice is to simply ignore The Washington Post as a worthless rag, fit only to line bird cages and to understand the very sad reality that most American Jews are terrible on the live-or-die issue of immigration. The American Jewish community is by no means the only group pushing for anti-White, race replacement mass immigration in to the USA, but, as they say, if the shoe fits …


  1. Midwest Wasps are no longer what that once meant, either (German Lutheran, Swede, Alsace, Norway folk)— those used to be predominant there, esp. Wisconsin, MN, seems like.

  2. No-Man says:
    March 14, 2013 at 7:03 pm (Edit)
    Even Hunter isn’t southern enough, eh? People on the internet are weird.

    Jack Ryan… agrees

    Some people are never satisfied. The Pope is never Cathlic enough, David Duke not anti Jew enough and if Anna Kournikova showed up in a Bikini to their home and offered to be the guy’s GF/wife, they would complain about Anna’s cooking and cleaning skills.


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