The Cahawba Solution

There is a specter haunting Selma, Tuskegee, and Birmingham: the ruins of Cahawba
There is a specter haunting Selma, Tuskegee, and Birmingham: the ruins of Cahawba


Cahawba, the first permanent state capital of Alabama, is a ghost town located about 12 miles southwest of Selma in Dallas County (AL). The Cahawba site near the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers was abandoned around 1900 for various reasons and has since reverted to the wilderness.

In the comments, I keep getting asked questions about what I would do with the black population in Alabama in an independent Dixie, and it occurs to me that my solution would probably just be cutting off the financial lifelines that artificially sustain places like Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee and allow those cities to find their own equilibrium between the capacities of their residents and the natural environment.

I would allow Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee to depopulate and “democratically” revert to the wilderness like Cahawba – Detroit is inexorably undergoing the same rewilding process – rather than sustain these zombie cities indefinitely on life support with neverending infusions of cash that are confiscated from White taxpayers elsewhere and misallocated there to sustain the illusion of economic viability.

In an independent South, Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee would be designated as “freedom zones” where the black population would be allowed to keep their voting rights and control the local government, but under the new system they would be expected to stand on their own two feet and generate the economy and tax base necessary to sustain their own public institutions.

In the new system, there would be no affirmative action, no welfare state (Section 8, Medicaid, Medicare, TANF, Obamaphone, Obamacare, EBT card, free lunches, free public schools, etc), no racial set asides, no federal civil rights laws, no “disparate impact” standard, no EEOC, no Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, etc. Instead, there would be complete freedom in a Southern Union, which includes freedom of association and the freedom to fail in life.

Black Run America (BRA) would be put to a swift end in the Republic of Dixie. The world would cease to revolve around black people and their myriad problems. We would no longer run every single institution in our society as a charity for the purpose of uplifting one chronically dysfunctional racial group.

Schools would revert to educating the young. Hospitals would revert to healing the sick. Courtrooms would revert to delivering justice. Police and Fire Departments would revert to their original public safety roles. Banks would revert to accepting deposits and providing credit. Businesses would revert to making money, providing useful goods and services, and creating jobs for the public.

It wouldn’t be necessary as some people imagine to violently round up African-Americans, detain them in concentration camps, and deport them to some distant location. It wouldn’t even be necessary to restore the Jim Crow laws. Finally, it is ludicrous to suggest that slavery would be restored in an independent South, which would have naturally faded out a century ago anyway.

After 50 years of Black Run America, black people could never accept the return of a normal society. If that system ever died in the South but survived in the North and West, there would be an even greater mass exodus than the Great Migration to the Northern states, which would respond to secession (and the departure of Southern “obstructionists”) by creating an even more comprehensive welfare state with higher taxes and even more civil rights, environmental laws, and labor laws.

America would bifurcate into the Northern paradise and the Sunbelt-based Confederacy on every conceivable issue. Liberalism would dominate public policy in America. Conservatism would dominate public policy in Dixie. African-Americans, who are the most liberal ethnic group in the country, would choose to vote with their feet and cast their lot with the Northern paradise.

Without the Great Society welfare state, Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee would gradually revert to the wilderness like Cawhaba or their demographics would shift after the magnets are removed and Whites would recapture the majority and control of public policy in those cities.

Without harassment from meddlesome Washington bureaucrats, Southern state legislatures, county commissions, and city councils would have long ago moved on with what they really care about – economic development, not “civil rights” – and competition between them would ensure jettisoning the “civil rights” agenda in favor of preserving high property value, quality public schools, safe neighborhoods, and the prosperity and tax revenue that is derived from maintaining those conditions.

In the distant future, I can see Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee decaying into ghost towns like Cawhaba, and the new Southern federal government turning their ruins into national parks. Just as tourists now visit the ancient ruins of Rome and Pompeii, future generations will be able to tour the marooned skyscrapers of Birmingham and the rewilded landscape of Selma and marvel at what was allowed to happen to those ancient cities after they fell to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement.

The civic obituary in the year 3013 will explain that the American ideology of freedom, equality, and democracy was realized and taken to its logical conclusion here and elsewhere – these cities were turned over to African-Americans in the name of something called “civil rights,” who lacked the capacity to sustain their inheritance from a more advanced civilization, and these cities were finally deserted and left to decay as symbols of what happens when reality is subordinated to abstract ideologies.

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  1. As I said above, the illegal alien problem in Texas is in a whole different category from the rest of the South.

    I didn’t know we were just talking about illegals. Most Mexicans are legal (which is really a misnomer since it is only by US law that they are legal).

    Mexcians are a problem whether they are classified as legal or illegal and there are far too many of them in every Southern state.

    Mexican immigration can rile up the people more than nearly any issue can. Ignoring or downplaying it is not practical politics.

  2. Small businessmen love to hire illegal non-White foreign workers as cheap labor. Big business loves to hire non-White foreign workers as cheap labor except that they have enough political clout to get them work visas.

    Both political parties think that this is a perfectly splendid state of affairs. Get ready for a bi-partisan “Dream Act” that will use sentimental propaganda in order to sell itself to the American public. You wouldn’t want some poor little spic to miss out on an affirmative-action, government subsidized, free college education now, would you?

  3. Those numbers on illegal immigrants that Hunter posted are suspect as illegal aliens are notoriously hard to count for obvious reasons. I think the number is higher than 11 million and I also think that the great Recession only caused a leveling off of wetbacks crossing the border and not a net decline in the number of them already here.

  4. “The Anglo-Saxon doesn’t mongrelize with blacks.”

    – LOL, when’s the last time you were in home-country, John?

    “Used to be English, gone to the dogs now.”

    – Then what the hell are you still doing here, you parasitic ingrate? Fuck off back to Limeyland, and quit posting here. You’re a fucking idiot.

  5. I was out for lunch today in a downtown casino here in Vegas. My wife and I counted seven inter-racial couples consisting of White guys with Asian women.
    Although I don’t condone such lifestyles. More than half of the White women in this city are not worth a damn.
    I just figured these middle aged White men had been cheated on or been fleeced by whorish White women in the past and gave up on them.
    Of course there were more than a few negro/White female couples in the restaurant, but I’m so used to seeing that now a days, it hardly even registers anymore.

  6. “I’m seeing MORE beaners here in NC, not less.”

    They are attracted most strongly by “economic GROWTH zones,” like the Triangle and Charlotte areas, as long as there is sufficient “safety net” and legal tolerance. Sometimes, economic growth is a curse.

  7. We’re not living in the Bush years anymore.

    The number of illegal aliens crossing the border is way down. Last time I checked, the net flow of illegal aliens crossing into and out of the United States was approaching zero, which makes sense considering the sluggish housing market and the decline of the construction sector.

    As the Baby Boomers retire over the next twenty years, there will be a huge surplus in the housing market. Huge numbers of illegal aliens have left Florida and Virginia. The economy is stronger in Texas which is attracting illegals from other states.

    Illegal aliens are not settlers. They are here to live off the welfare state and suck low wage jobs away from native workers. Most people will be shocked when the Mexicans leave as the economy continues to deteriorate.

  8. Here in Vegas, we have more Somali and other Africans as of late. Compared to the Bush years, we have less Mexicans. But the ones we have, have settled and won’t be returning to Mexico.
    Their children have over-run the public school system. Neighborhoods that were White ten years ago are now completely Mexican. They are run down and stink like a Mexican neighborhood in Mexico.
    There is a welfare office I drive by frequently that has a line that extends at least a hundred feet from the entrance in the morning. It’s like this everyday I drive by.
    Tens of thousands of them feeding off welfare in this one office alone. When school lets out, there are thousands of Mexican children in the streets.
    I was in the ER in an upscale area here with a friend and the waiting room was packed with Mexicans. They have gotten wise to the game, they don’t bother with UMCC anymore. They know they can get free treatment anywhere they go.
    Catholic Charities ushers new refugees in and gets them into every single possible welfare, food stamp, medicaid program available.
    These savages can’t speak a lick of English, doesn’t matter, the employees of Catholic Charities know the game inside and out. Most of them were refugees and given these jobs, they see this nation as a joke to plundered.
    The number of people entering this nation on a daily basis is beyond belief, the amount of money, literally given to them, is mind numbing.

  9. “Illegal aliens are not settlers”

    Tell that to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the millions of Mexicans in Los Angeles. They aren’t going anywhere and consider LA to be part of Mexico.

  10. The typical Mexican in the South is an illegal alien.

    The numbers you posted (not counting Florida) add up to 3.3 million illegals. There are officially 14.7 million Hispanics in Dixie (also not counting Florida).

    If most Mexicans in Dixie are illegals, then either the number of illegals is hugely under-reported or we have a lot more non-Mexican Hispanics than we realised.

  11. A large party of NC’s growth is retiring yankees, hug curse. From looking around older Whites doing the mexican hiring. Not sure if that is because older folks have the disposable income, or if it’s because they are to old to do for themselves or if my sample size is to small. The young White couple across the way hired a White man to paint the house. Perhaps older White folks are unaware of the over all mexican invasion/ problem

  12. The White Asian paring is common in the army and army towns. When you get to know the White man, it is almost always because he was rejected by White women for to many years. Asian chicks are fine with nice guy beta types husbands. White women are not. Plus there is a lower divorce rate. Folk here mostly fixate on the race problems, but I think the gender war is the more dangerous problem. And the one less likely to be solved

  13. Here’s the 2010 Census information broken down by Hispanic population per Southern state:

    Alabama – 192,880 Hispanics
    Mississippi – 86,562 Hispanics
    Georgia – 902,724 Hispanics
    South Carolina – 250,357 Hispanics
    Louisiana – 202,483 Hispanics
    Texas – 9,928,556 Hispanics
    Oklahoma – 350,963 Hispanics
    Florida – 4,423,723 Hispanics
    Arkansas – 194,642 Hispanics
    Missouri – 222,813 Hispanics
    Tennessee – 303,433 Hispanics
    Kentucky – 140,173 Hispanics
    West Virginia – 24,120 Hispanics
    Virginia – 671,241 Hispanics
    North Carolina – 838,678 Hispanics

    Here’s the Pew Hispanic numbers on illegal aliens per Southern state in 2010:

    Alabama – 120,000 illegal aliens
    Mississippi – 45,000 illegal aliens
    Louisiana – 65,000 illegal aliens
    Georgia – 425,000 illegal aliens
    South Carolina – 55,000 illegal aliens
    Florida – 825,000 illegal aliens
    Texas – 1,650,000 illegal aliens
    Arkansas – 55,000 illegal aliens
    Oklahoma – 75,000 illegal aliens
    Missouri – 55,000 illegal aliens
    Tennessee – 140,000 illegal aliens
    Kentucky – 80,000 illegal aliens
    West Virginia – 10,000 illegal aliens
    Virginia – 210,000 illegal aliens
    North Carolina – 325,000 illegal aliens

    The vast majority of Hispanics in Dixie are concentrated in Texas and Florida. The same is true of illegal aliens.

    Texas has always had a large Hispanic population. Florida has huge numbers of Puerto Ricans, who are U.S. citizens, and Cubans who are legal residents. In some states like Alabama and Mississippi, the majority of Hispanics are illegal aliens.

    Here’s the net loss or gain of illegal aliens from 2007 to 2010:

    Alabama gained 10,000
    Georgia lost 50,000
    South Carolina lost 15,000
    Florida lost 225,000
    Texas gained 200,000
    Oklahoma gained 20,000
    Mississippi gained 5,000
    Louisiana gained 30,000
    Arkansas was unchanged
    Kentucky gained 25,000
    Missouri gained 10,000
    Tennessee lost 20,000
    West Virginia was unchanged
    Virginia lost 115,000
    North Carolina lost 50,000

    In 2013, the illegal immigration problem in Dixie is not what it was a decade ago in 2003 when the construction industry was booming. The Eastern South from Virginia to Florida has lost huge numbers of illegal aliens while the Western South, really just Texas, has seen a modest increase.

    Illegals are sensitive to changes in the economy.

    The largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States has come to a standstill. After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants—most of whom came illegally—the net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped and may have reversed, according to a new analysis of government data from both countries by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. …

  14. “Folk here mostly fixate on the race problems, but I think the gender war is the more dangerous problem. And the one less likely to be solved”

    However, underlying the gender war is the war against our culture and religion, which is even more difficult to fight. Corrupted “Christian” churches are doing little or nothing to fight these enemies, and many are on the wrong side. Everyone wants to work for, fight for, the enemy who has the money, prints the money, decides who gets the money. The love of money over freedom and righteousness is the root of all this evil.

    “Let slaves adore and love a despotism (and the reward of serving it!). It is the part of freemen to detest and to resist it.”

  15. @Hunter

    “After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants—most of whom came illegally—the net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped and may have reversed, according to a new analysis of government data from both countries by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. …

    And again:

    Those numbers on illegal immigrants that you posted are suspect, as illegal aliens are notoriously hard to count for obvious reasons. I think the number is higher than 11 million and I also think that the Great Recession only caused a leveling off of wetbacks crossing the border and not a net decline in the number of them already here.

    I don’t see any fewer spics around here just as Stone has reported not seeing any fewer in NC. The Mexican population in the Southwest is increasing as the rather more concrete school enrollment statistics show. I’d be a lot more confident of the supposed reduction of beaners in the South if it were based on hard school enrollment data rather than on numbers coming from ideologically biased institutions like the feds and the notoriously left=wing Pew Foundation who had ample reason to play down the numbers during the last election.

  16. The number of illegal aliens in the last amnesty was claimed to be 1 million or so when the bill was being debated, but ~3 million eventually received amnesty.  We may have close to 30 million in the USA now, and they’ll be able to sponsor tens of millions of their relatives if they get legal status.

  17. Hunter, even if the number of adult invaders were declining, many of those who remain are REPRODUCING here. Minus ten percent, plus fifty percent.

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