Mexicans Struggling to Put Food on The Family Table


(Will these Mexicans starve if the US doesn’t let them live in the USA?)

We’re under a propaganda blitz to give amnesty to 11-20 million mostly Mexican illegal aliens. The usual lying liberal suspects, now joined by lying Libertarian traitors (Rand Paul) pull at our heart strings that these Mexican “undocumented workers” (illegal alien criminals) are all honest, hard working people, “just struggling to put food on their family tables”. Americans are constantly told that poor, honest Mexicans will probably starve to death in Mexico unless we allow them to come to the US and do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.

One rather inconvenient fact that contradicts the “hard working Mexicans who will starve” meme, is the very high obesity and diabetes rates in Mexico.

“Mexico now has higher obesity rates among children ages 5 to 11 years than any other country. According to a 2012 health survey, 34.4 percent of children are obese, Ortiz said. The comparable figure in the United States is 16.9 percent, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.” (Link)

If Liberals and diversity, Hispandering reach out Republicans want to really help Mexicans and Mexicans Americans, they need to get Mexicans to take food OFF THE TABLE.. Mexicans are fat, they eat way too much unhealthy, fat, sugary foods. Mexicans aren’t starving – they’re so fat they have a diabetes epidemic!

Hear that lying Liberals and equally lying Libertarians?

Mexicans are not starving – they’re fat – the fattest, most obese people in the world! If we give full amnesty to 11-20 million fat, diabetes afflicted Mexicans – this will hurt the health of the United States.

For Mexican illegal aliens and millions of fat Mexicans looking to invade the US our policy should be:

“Birth control Si! Amnesty No!”


  1. Many Mexicans are becoming obese for the same reason as other peoples: urbanisation. They have left behind the natural, rural life of subsistence by hard manual labour, and joined the cosmopolitan, city lifestyle, living for money and “fun” (mostly electronic entertainment) — and by cheap GMO bread alone.

    Sodom and Gomorrahs everywhere, foreign and domestic, will continue to metastatise and destroy healthy enthnies everywhere. One can empathise with the common problems of foreign peoples, but each people needs to solve its own problem.

  2. Typo correction: “enthnies” above, should have been: ethnies

    A robust revival of Christianity in Mexico as well as our states would reverse the trend of urbanism. We would even return to pure speech instead of the Negroid and Sodomite pidgin of

  3. So, even if Mexicans are starving that’s no excuse for letting them in here. There’s nothing to prevent the anti-White, guilt mongering do gooders from sending food, medicine, etc to Mexico.

    Of course, they really don’t give a damn about helping poor Mexicans. What they really want to do is hurt us.

  4. By the standards of the rest of the world, Mexico is a relatively prosperous stable country with fairly good human development, health and welfare metrics. It’s just that it has the United States of America as a direct northern neighbor.

    Likewise, Ben Jonson was a pretty good playwright…who just so happened to live and work and write at about the same time as William Shakespeare.

  5. Interesting video Mosin, thanks.

    Having said that, the photo above is my comico! Hey carnal, I am starveeeeng to death, arriba!

  6. Urban pidgin…

    “we talk ‘s—‘ online and drink beer ‘btw’…’guys’ ”

    …or English language.

  7. @No-Man

    I don’t know what bed you’re hiding under, but in real life, niggers in the ghetto don’t “work out” at all — they just lay about smoking cigarettes and talk on cell phones all day.

  8. more of the same says:
    March 21, 2013 at 5:31 pm (Edit)
    So, even if Mexicans are starving that’s no excuse for letting them in here.

    Jack replies.

    The point of my post is that….

    Mexicans aren’t starving!

    They’re the most over fed, fat, obese people on planet earth!

    It’s pure lying propaganda that we should let these terrible, fat, lazy people flood in to our country because they are supposedly “just trying to put food on their family table”.

    These fat Mexicans need to take unhealthy food off the table!

    I can’t believe otherwise solid Conservative Americans are giving in on immigration.


  9. No one in Gun Germs and Steel pointed out that Indians get diabetes easy.

    It was all about us giving them the common cold. Fact is they didnt exist on a cereal diet or on much red meat.

    Our diet was no compatable with their hunter gatherer micro evolution.

  10. Turn ’em back, Jack! It’s time to renovate! It’s time to empty the dustbins of clutter and dispose of the trash heaps! Time to replaster, repaint and reseal!

    The reason why virtually all politicians, particularly at the state level, are scumbags, is because they hold temporal and material comfort above principle and righteousness. The way to solving our problems, as Southrons and sovereign individuals, begins at the local level. These local and state politicians who cater to the whims of political, financial and social provocateurs (Yanks and Jews of all kinds) have made it clear on which side they stand. Fear or gold, usually both. But shouldn’t the politicians, who ARE members of the community, who REPRESENT the community, FEAR the community IF they practice their job in a manner that HARMS the people? It’s up to the people to decide how these representatives will be treated at least within the local community. Seats of representation are not chairs of despotism. It’s time to localize, organize, and insert representatives of We The People.

    There simply isn’t enough space on the internet left for the black community, latino community, Jewish poplulation feel good and sob stories. It does us no good continuing to beat the eviscerated horse.

  11. A foraging diet us a healthy one. Avoiding all processed foods is a great way to eat.
    Wetbacks eat tortillas, tons of rice and cheese. Very unhealthy.
    Lots of gluten.

  12. What costs the most at supermarkets: fruits, vegtables and meat.

    What costs the least: breads, junk food and sugar products….

    This is why the poor have diabetes and weight problems.

  13. “Jack replies.

    The point of my post is that….”

    I think the point of your post, and of everything you’ve written since the 2012 election, is seething hostility to those stayed-at-home-ers you believe cost the Grand Old Party the election.

    If I had seen this coming on OD I would have gone to the poll and pulled the lever for Obama rather than stay at home.

    Good riddance to the Goof Off Party and the Americanist mentality that enabled it for too long.

  14. No, you wouldn’t have voted for Obama! Not seriously, would you? Better to have stayed at home than that.

  15. I live in Yuma AZ amongst thousands of obese Mexicans. My family is caucasian by the way and not one of us is obese. I’ve been behind many of these people in line at grocery stores paying for their food with Food Stamp cards, carts full of carbohydrate laden foods… soda, tortillas, lots of fatty meats, chips, cheese, cakes, ice cream, cookies, donuts… only veggies are the ones in their salsa. Almost no fruit. It is a custom for them to always have food cooking on the stove & always served with tortillas. Huge parties centered around food & beer & sodas all the time. All birthdays are a huge celebration for them. I know these things because I live around this my whole life! A lot of them are diabetics as well, so sad! Yet this is traditional. They’ll live in poor conditions but have tons of food.

  16. Thank You Power Mom of Three for sharing your honest observations.

    I think it’s important to get this truth out that poor Mexicans have very bad diets, bad nutrition, bad excercise culture. It deflates the George W Bush propaganda that all these immigrants are honest, hard working people just struggling to “put food on the table”.

    It also goes over well with wealthy, liberal types who worshipping good looks, healthy bodies, want to live around “beautiful people”.

    Yoga, vegetarianism, vegans – that is all out the window when your community gets flooded with poor Mexicans.

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