Black Teens Murder Baby In Stroller In Brunswick, Georgia



Even for the Black Undertow, this is a new low:

 “West earlier told reporters that the incident occurred at 9 a.m. Thursday as she was walking home from the post office, pushing her son Antonio in a stroller.

“A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn’t have any money. And he said, ‘Give me your money or I’m going to kill you and I’m going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,’ and I said, “I don’t have any money and don’t kill my baby.”

The boy tried to grab her purse and opened fire when she said tried to tell him she had no money, West said, grazing her head. She said the boy then shot her in the leg.

West continued, “And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face.”

West said she tried to perform CPR on her son and that the police took over when they arrived, but to no avail. “We lost him,” she said. …”

Note: The baby was half White/half Hispanic.

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  1. The long we wait to take action, the longer this continues. It’s not a new low. It’s typical.

    It’s time to consolidate social groups and political organizations in the South and begin flushing out all members of the polity who are not consonant with the views of the people of the South. A simultaneous reeducation must occur in the south to enlarge Southern sentiment and encourage and promote Southern pride. It is the responsibility first of the individual, then of the municipality, region and state to uphold and enforce the sovereign will of the people.

    Southern people must be elevated from this world of temporal enslavement and recognize the infinite truth and salvation in moral principle. Southern business owners should forgo all transactions with clients and individuals who seek to harm the South and her people. Our Pride can not be measured in units of Yankee gold. Just as firearm manufacturers have united in a refusal to provide munitions to state and federal agencies that deny people the right to bear arms, so must every Southern business owner — or those who simply care about freedom — need to deny the business of those whose interests directly conflict with those of the people. Rather, the must redirect their resources and begin serving solely the community of which they are members. The Yankeefication of the South is the souring of our milk and the fungus on our honey.

  2. I’m surprised the local thug community isn’t cowering in fear with that whip-smart Chief of Police running the show.

    “Don’t worry about nuffin’ bro. My cuz’s uncle’s dad’s friend is Chief of popo, man. Time fo’ us to get ours. Where the white kids at?”

  3. How do we encourage Southrons to stop watching television until a new public access network can be developed?

  4. The half-breed’s mother was a bean-lovin’ race-mixer. The Mexican she spawned with was darker than some street niggz prowling about, judging by his news photo. So, what are we doin’ here? A half-breed mongrel got niggerated by a bullet to his mamzerized half-a-beaner brain and the race-mixin’ white ho is just going to hop back between her cum-crusted sheets and make another two or three. So I’m lost: are we supposed to be sad or something?

    Here’s how I see it:

    1 – One mongrel baby that could have been born white but instead got itself beanertized by its race-mixing ho of a mother. (no loss here, then)

    2 – A race-mixing white woman (ho) living amongst the groids got her beaner-baby frijole-tized. Like – maybe she learned something???

    3 – The beanior father should never have been in this country just so he could make blue-eyed beaner monstrosities like this dead thing. At least it died quick, just like the lights going out. Gone.

    This is war and none of the participants were on our side. Not the race-mixer, not the beaner, not the half-breed.

    Bonus: However, two niggz with beaner-blood on their hands are going to the slammer – at least for awhile. To that we can rejoice.

    Or at least crack open a Bud…

  5. It is cold hearted of me, but have to agree with August. She was obviously no friend of whites, probably a colorblind, libtard, I don’t know. I feel bad for the child though, he had nothing to do with anything, just trying to live.

  6. TGC, I was in the process of doing something similar before a judge decided to change the terms of my divorce. Even sold my Harley’ s and bought custom built bikes from some locals, and was working on replacing my american made cars with one’s built down here. In all aspects I think we should live as if yankees and the federal government does not exists. Don’t buy their stuff, ignore federal laws etc etc. It’s better to buy foreign made stuff then yankee made stuff.

  7. LilyDellaValle, I looked at that wall, but don’t have time to translate it. Is that the future of our language?

  8. “How do we encourage Southrons to stop watching television”

    The corrupt churches aren’t doing that, are they? Are southern churches using video displays (of music, Sunday School and sermon software) in services now? In many northern churches, everyone is watching the video screen more than the pastor — and even if he (or she — I hope not!) is telling them they don’t need electronic entertainment at home, like “Simon says” he is conditioning them to need it in church.

  9. If this happened to my 24 month old there would not be a good ending.

    Wake the fuck up Whites. Just because he was a half breed wetback doesn’t mean that they would not have done the same to a blue eyed, blond haired Caucasian.

    Arm up & get ready to defend yourselves. A single spark is going to burn this whole wretched Country down & rightly so.

  10. “It doesn’t help our cause to say things like that. It just encourages people to see racialists as the problem, not actual cold blooded murderers”. -HW

    I can only assume you don’t have beautiful, white children like I do. If this murder does not make folks see that feral Blacks are the problem, like the thousands of murders & violent crimes before it didn’t, then NOTHING will. Race realists are not & never have been. The way I see it, you can lead folks to the truth & they can willingly accept it or you can IMPOSE your WILL on them.

    Our cause may just not be the same. I want to be free of the black millstone around my neck & friend, thar’s only one way that’s gonna happen. Bet the farm.

    Lex in Mississippi.
    Semper Fi

  11. Oh hell yea negros would do that to our White children in strollers and cribs. Then be hailed a hero by other negros and there would be no shortage of yankees supporting the beasts

  12. The only reason this doesn’t happen to white children all the time is that white mothers avoid the Groid assiduously. If whites were around blacks more this would be a daily occurrence.

  13. At this point you either categorize Negroes separately in your mind…. or you become a misanthrope. It’s that simple and scary.

  14. Don’t think so J. It meant to kill the woman and missed or it wanted to do as much harm as possible, to know the woman would suffer for the rest of her life

  15. Don’t count on the police to get to the bottom of AA motivation that have/are waging ethnic conflict for half century. They’ll simply blame whitey discrimination system not doing enough to uplift these wonderful creatures.

  16. Hunter – I’m with you. The REASON so-called White Racialism is dead in the water is because of STUPID comments like some of the idiocy here-in. (I don;t know Augest fomr Adam – but Wayne ? I’m dismayed. )

    The kid had blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive trait (Start STUDYING GENETICS PEOPLE). The father is a Mestizo. Yes. The father is a mongrel. But he’s got Aryan genetics. Yes – the mother strayed from her gene pool. She had that child at the end of her reproductive cycle. Where were the White men, courting her, all her life? She’s still very pretty, at 41. She should have met her Mr. Duggar decades ago. But she didn’t. Maybe she wasn’t thin enough…….

    Look at that little boy’s face. Had that child grown up – no one would have placed him outside the White Race. YES – there are issues with that…….I had the same thoughts about “mongrels” when saw the father.

    I’m still a human beng, though.

    This makes me SICK. This slaughter makes me SICK.

    Two filthy vile NIGGER BEASTS – my God, there aren’t even words to convey my repulsion, anymore – attacked a woman and her baby. Two GROWN NIGGER BEASTS tried to rob a woman. One shot her – AND THE OTHER SHOT A SLEEPING BABY IN THE HEAD.

    I don’t care what the Race is.

    When that Jew family in NYC were killed in a hit and run car crash, by a Mestizo, a few weeks ago – I rejoiced. Yes. I did. 3 more Devils sent back to Hell. THEIR Tribe unleashed the Shitskin trash on this Nation.

    But Whites let it happen.

    When I read about some degraded Mud Shark getting murdered, and sometimes cooked and eaten by her Nigger Beast, I think, “Good riddance to bad rubbish. She got what she looked for”.

    Whites let it happen.

    The Southern men here are correct in their disdain for White Yankees, who can’t do enough for thier Nigger Beasts. White men let Jews pass laws that allow Nigger Beasts to mate with their women. White men should have been fighting off all challenges to their world. But White men handed it over. And White women went for the poisoned bait.

    Whites let it happen.

    This is beyond the pale, though.

    WE defended George Zimmerman, when the Jew media was so desperate for a cause celebre that they tried to paint Brown George White. WE helped. Hunter – you know Kyle Rogers made the MASSIVE MAINSTREAM MEDIA change course.

    We HELPED.

    We White Racialists/Advocates/Evil Nazi Bigots That Want to Kill Six Million Jews (well -some of us) HELPED a persecuted Brown man.

    Why won ‘t we help a murdered baby? We can’t brng him back – but was can make sure his name doesn’t fade into time.

  17. J Spruce – right you are. Check the mainstream feeds, on this story.

    Niggers are making excuses. Fortunately – more and more non-nigger commentors are speaking out.

  18. My guess is she turned down countless White men, but woman all spin things for team woman. In this case the spin goes she had to race mix because of White men, and not of her own perversion, or because she fell for propaganda etc etc

  19. Hey Stoney – how is that fling with the young gal that looks like a Dutch soccer player working out?

  20. The Union has been evil since Lincoln.

    But how to explain the normalization of this kind of insanity?

    After the second world war an artificial “middle class” was created. The poor, illiterate white masses left the cities/countrysides…. they got houses and cars. Impressive… not.

    They didn’t assimilate into their new class & rank, it wasn’t real anyway so nothing to assimilate into. Honestly ask yourselves what dad or grandpa did during/before the war… was he an enlisted man or a real officer & then look at yourselves and be intellectually honest: are you really middle/upper class?

  21. Racialism isn’t dead in the water because of a cranky commentariat, Lord knows the left have their angry echochambers.

    It’s dead because its goal is to have [white] people that failed miserably as “middle class” suddenly act like a master race.

  22. She is beautiful from the inside out and will be moving overseas with me. Young, fair skin, light brown hair, tall, slender, athletic, a face like the heavens… we hope to have children in the next 2 years.

    Notice how my point was not addressed. What the harpy tries to do is attack a young woman who did the harpy no harm instead of offering a counter arguments. Blame white men, remove responsibility from women, classic feminist “arguments”

  23. Stonelifter – if what oyu arer saying is true – then I am vert glad for you and I wish you and that woman very well. All the best, in fact.

    I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true. I do want my Race to survive. I had NO idea about what was happening to Whites, in my youth. The sorrow of my life is that I did not build a family. I truly didn’t know any better. So I do what I can, now.

    If you and your girl can rebuild – good. All the best. Long life, and many children.

  24. No Man – you’ve raised some interesting points. It’s a tad more complex. The Aristos of the White Race abandoned and betrayed their own kind. centuries ago. The “White ” military personnel of today can’t be more slavish and acomodating of their Jew Masters. Upper Class Whites should have been leading, guiding, and protecting thier own kind – their own Racial stock – all along. That is the true purpose of an “aristocrat” The peasants grow the food, and build things, and do the grunt work – but the Aristocracy’s very function is is to protect and preserve THIER OWN KIND. Lay their very lives down, when the time comes. White Kings and Queens used to know that. And DO that. But Western European Aristos sold out for Sheeny Gelte approx 400-200 years ago.

  25. Western European Aristos sold out for Sheeny Gelte approx 400-200 years ago.

    If by soldout you mean disempowered and in some cases out right regicided by satanic Jews and godless European proles, I’d agree.

  26. Denise,on Google news, this story is buried. Meanwhile, in the spotlight section, Obama pardons his homies for non-violent offense of welfare frauds drugs etc.

  27. No Man – you are right about the Satanic Jews – but William of Orange, Victoria, and Wilhelm IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel were not “Godless proles”.

  28. Ok Denise. I will believe you and bury the hatchet

    Thank you for the well wishes. I have my own regrets in life, sins I’ve committed, sins I did not commit, things I did not do and say and can sympathize. I am more then happy with the girl in my life. I took her to her 1st symphony… puppy love is wasted on the youth

    My great regret is having to leave the South to be fiscally secure enough to have a new family. Culturally I am not fleeing the South, I am leaving the union which no longer secures a man’s property but it’s the nature of men that we can rebuild more easily and longer into life. Which is why I was a tyrant with my daughter’s.

  29. TGC says:
    March 22, 2013 at 10:27 pm
    How do we encourage Southrons to stop watching television until a new public access network can be developed?

    Ryan responds:

    I highly recommend this anti ZOG weapon :

    TV B gone.

    It’s an electronic device that turns off all the TVs in the room. I’ve had great fun with this.

  30. In a sane and healthy culture men understand they have obligations up and down the societal food chain. We no longer live in a sane or healthy culture. Perhaps the next one White men create will incorporate what was best in the old Western Civilization

    Most days it is easier to be an E3 then ans 03, but some how privates never figure that out. Many of the obligations a man owes downward are invisible but incredibly heavy.

  31. Denise: “When that Jew family in NYC were killed in a hit and run car crash, by a Mestizo, a few weeks ago – I rejoiced. Yes. I did.”

    Talk about inconsistency.

    This individual “rejoiced” over the death of one group of non-whites, YET flips out when another poster comments that he doesn’t care if a mongrel baby got niggerated. Could this individual’s bloodthirsty “rejoicing” over the death of certain people – any people – BE the reason that “white nationalism doesn’t get anywhere”?

    I don’t know this “Denise” from a hole in the ground, nor care to. But it’s this kind of contradictory idiocy which makes white nationalists come across as…well…idiots!

  32. Animal kingdom, a lioness conceives cubs, she will no longer mate. But if her cubs are killed by another lion, which often happens, then she will mate again. And so it is these critters instinct of subjucation.

  33. I’m no friend of miscegenation but if the father was half white, he had to marry one way or the other. And the baby should not have been killed. It’s always wrong to kill a human baby, even if he’s black. And this one was mostly white, so there you are.

  34. “I highly recommend this anti ZOG weapon: TV B gone. It’s an electronic device….”

    Try the Sledgehammer, a manual device, for a very memorable, bridge-burning, public or household demonstration — but outdoors, on plastic sheeting to avoid uncontrolled release of toxic waste chemicals.

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