Negroes In Negroland (1868)

North Carolina

Here’s the link to Hinton Rowan Helper’s less famous book, Negroes in Negroland (1868), which he wrote in the midst of Reconstruction in North Carolina.

Has anything changed?

“The party has, since the termination of the war, viciously and unpardonably abandoned the old landmarks of just and sacred fealty to race ; and it is now advocating what means the prostitution in bulk of a great and good white integer to a small and bad black fraction. The policy of the Radical (not the Republican) party, if carried out to its logical ends, will inevitably result in the forced political, religious, civil, and social equality of the white and black races ; and the direful sequence of that result, so flagrantly unnatural and wrong in itself, can only be reasonably looked for in the ultimate degradation, division, and destruction of the Republic.

It is in the sincere hope of lessening at least some of the dangers of the shocking and wide-spread calamities thus alluded to, that this compilation is offered to an intelligent and discriminating public.

There are now in the United States of America thirty millions of white people, who are (or ought to be) bound together by the ties of a kindred origin, by the affinities of a sameness of noble purpose, by the links of a common nationality, and by the cords of an inseparable destiny. We have here also, unfortunately for us all, four millions of black people, whose ancestors, like themselves, were never known (except in very rare instances, which form the exceptions to a general rule) to aspire to any other condition than that of base and beastlike slavery.

These black people are, by nature, of an exceedingly low and grovelling disposition. They have no trait of character that is lovely or admirable. They are not high-minded, enterprising, nor prudent. In no age, in no part of the world, have they, of themselves, ever projected or advanced any public or private interest, nor given expression to any thought or sentiment that could worthily elicit the praise, or even the favorable mention, of the bet’er portion of mankind.

Seeing, then, that the negro does, indeed, belong to a lower and inferior order of beings, why, in the name of Heaven, why should we forever degrade and disgrace both ourselves and our posterity by entering, of our own volition, into more intimate relations with him ? May God, in his restraining mercy, forbid that we should ever do this most foul and wicked thing !

Acting under the influence of that vile spirit of deception and chicanery which is always familiar with every false pretence, the members of a Radical Congress, the editors of a venal press, and other peddlers of perverted knowledge, are now loudly proclaiming that nowhere in our country, henceforth, must there be any distinction, any discrimination, on account of color ; thereby covertly inculcating the gross error of inferring or supposing that color is the only difference and that a very trivial difference between the whites and the blacks ! Now, once for all, in conscientious deference to truth, let it be distinctly made known and acknowledged, that, in addition to the black and baneful color of the negro, there are numerous other defects, physical, mental, and moral, which clearly mark him, when compared with the white man, as a very different and inferior creature.

Never will it be possible for the compiler to erase from his memory the feelings of weighty sadness and disgust which overcame him, a few months since, when, while sojourning in the city of Washington, he walked, one day, into the Capitol, and, leisurely passing into the galleries of the two houses of Congress, beheld there, uncouthly lounging and dozing upon the seats, a horde of vile, ignorant, and foul-scented negroes.

He was perplexed, shocked, humiliated, and indignant, and could not sit down. With merited emotions of bitterness and contempt for those narrow-minded white men, through whose detestable folly and selfishness so great an outrage against public propriety and decency had been perpetrated, he turned away ; indeed, it was not in his power to contemplate with calmness that motley and monstrous manifestation of national incongruity, ugliness, and disgrace.

Then it was that, for the first time in his life, he wished himself a Hercules, in order that he might be able to clean, thoroughly and at once, those Augean stables of the black ordure and Radical filth which, therein and elsewhere, had already accumulated to an almost insufferable excess.

It was the powerful and long-lingering momentum of the impressions received on that occasion, more than any other circumstance, that gave definite form and resolution to the purpose (although the idea had been previously entertained)of preparing this compilation. The object of the compiler will have been well attained if the work aids materially in more fully convincing his countrymen, North, South, East and West, that negro equality, negro supremacy, and negro domination, as now tyrannically enforced at the point of the bayonet, are cruel and atrocious innovations, which ought to be speedily terminated.”

H. R. H.

Note: Hinton Helper was a famous prewar Southern critic of slavery and secession whose first book, The Impending Crisis of the Southwas popularized by the Republican Party.

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  1. FYI

    The Scottish independence referendum will be held on 18 September 2014, First Minister Alex Salmond has said.

    He revealed the date as draft legislation on holding the vote was brought before the Scottish Parliament.

    Voters will be asked the yes/no question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

    My prediction: The ‘No’ side will win easily, by roughly a 65-35 margin. The Scottish National Party are a pack of ultra-leftists that make the British Labour Party look like the Hitlerjugend in comparison. They are doctrinaire socialists who shouldn’t be trusted with the economic management of a lemonade stand, much less an independent country. Scotland is already dependent on government spending for 70% of its GDP, yet the SNP wants an even bigger government in the name of ‘social justice’. Their basic economic plan is to switch from mooching off London to sponging off Brussels.

    But even worse is the fact that the SNP are virulently anti-white. Alex Salmond has said that Scotland should be exempt from the British government’s timid new immigration restrictions because he wants to flood the country with black and brown ‘New Scotsmen’. To Salmond and the SNP, a Paki in a kilt is their blood brother and countryman, but an indigenous Brit living south of Hadrian’s Wall is the enemy. True Scotsmen will surely revolt against the SNP’s plan to replace them with Third World invaders.

    Having said that, the SNP do have a couple tricks up their sleeve. The referendum is timed to fall just after the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (where Scotland competes independently), so there will be an upsurge of nationalist sentiment going into the vote. And they’re in the process of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16, thereby adding more of their type of people to the electorate: tax-eaters rather than taxpayers.

    Still, they will almost certainly lose the referendum because they can’t be trusted on the economy and because they can’t be trusted to keep Scotland Scottish.

    So what does this mean for other secessionist movements worldwide? The Catalan nationalists also want to hold a referendum in 2014, but they would be wise to hold it well before September 18th rather than in the wake of the SNP’s impending defeat. Catalonia has a much better economic case for independence than Scotland, being that they are net contributors to, rather than net beneficiaries of, the political status quo. Catalan nationalists are also the real deal: conservatives with a healthy Blut und Boden mindset rather than the ‘anti-racist’ arch-leftists of the SNP.

    There will be a lot of media attention on Scottish separatism over the next 18 months, which is a good thing for secessionists everywhere, including in the US. But no one with half a brain should associate themselves too closely with Salmond and the SNP. First, because they are going to lose, mark my words. Second, because they stand for everything that all right-thinking people abhor, pseudo-bolshevism and race-replacement foremost among them.

    The best thing that can come out of this announcement is that it will embolden the Catalans (and possibly the Flemish) to hold their own independence referendum. What we need is for a right-wing nationalist movement to succeed. The SNP are sworn enemies of the white race, so conservative secessionists shouldn’t be too upset when they go down to a well-deserved defeat next year.

  2. The SNP is a bit like the IRA. Red inside Green on the outside. In this case Blue outside Red inside.

    That’s a good analogy. A thin veneer of Scottish blue hides a solid core of Marxist-Leninist red.

  3. Imagine Scotland being invaded by non-whites and non-Scottish whites, thanks to “independence.”

    WHY don’t they have a conservative independence party? Secession ALONE, without STRONG ethnic and religious (Christian) conservatism is not enough. Would the South, if it were suddenly independent, be conservative, or would it continue to attract more millions of non-whites and non-Southron whites?

    Unrelated, but I though I would share this on black churches, and black-and-white integrated churches, where there is NO semblance of CHRISTIAN worship and no doctrinal teaching at all, but only what they naturally do in “Negroland”:

  4. This is a fantastic article. Helper was a man who didn’t allow ideologies or naïve sentimentalism to get in the way of seeing the truth about the blacks. Would it be that we could have more like him today!

  5. (sorry for the re-post, lost track of the last one)

    Bonjour Chasseur Wallace :

    I would like to present to you and your readers the story of Frenchman Paul de Chaillu (1831 – 1903).

    While living in Africa where his father was a colonial businessman, Chaillu apparently became the first white man to see and identify the African gorilla, whose existence had until then been completely unknown to Europeans since as far back as the 5th Century BC.

    I offer you this delicious morsel of trivia in response to your excellent Sept. 20, 2012 review of David Brion Davis’s “Of Inhuman Bondage,” which you used as a platform to analyze and explain the rise of slavery in the New World.

    In particular, point number “10” in that 10/20/12 list, which reads like this :

    (10) Primates – Finally, it is probably significant that Europeans first encountered primates like monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas in West Africa and Central Africa, and this led to considerable speculation about the racial origins of Africans, and this undoubtedly made it easier to see negroes as being closer to animals and more suited to slavery than Europeans.

    …I have always found to be an especially compelling argument for white refusal to see the full picture behind the One Banana Difference (120 grams, the average weight of a banana, on average. See previous posts on Dr. Samuel Morton and his 1830s “Crania Americana,” and the lying Stephen Jay Gould and his sinister “Mismeasure of Man,” 1980).

    It is amazing to think that through the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, white people worldwide did not even know that gorillas and other primates existed. How confusing that must have been.

    Consider this about Chaillu (from wiki) :

    “He was sent in 1855 by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia on an African expedition. Until 1859, he explored the regions of West Africa in the neighborhood of the equator, gaining considerable knowledge of the delta of the Ogooué River and the estuary of the Gabon. During his travels from 1856 to 1859, he observed numerous gorillas, known to non-locals in prior centuries only from an unreliable report by Hanno the Navigator of Carthage in the 5th century BC and known to scientists in the preceding years only by a few skeletons. He brought back dead specimens and presented himself as the first white person to have seen them.[5]

    A subsequent expedition, from 1863 to 1865, enabled him to confirm the accounts given by the ancients of a pygmy people inhabiting the African forests. Du Chaillu sold his hunted gorillas to the Natural History Museum in London and his “cannibal skulls” to other European collections.”

    Wow. The gap between Euros and the rest of “humanity” seems to get a little wider every day.

    – Arturo

  6. Re: the non-human primates:

    There have been comments here in the past about the trace of chimpanzee DNA in black Africans, through homo erectus (probably) and interspecies mating — and the lack of Neanderthal DNA in nearly all black Africans — distinguishing them from Whites and Asians.

  7. The scramble for Africa was a phenomenon that largely occurred after the ACW.

    The eve of the ACW saw the discovery of the Gorilla? Poetic.

  8. Actually this is good for r race-the white race. Everything is out n the open now brought to us by an open system of info called the internet-We dont need the closed system traditional anti-white news media. The elites KNOW they have messed up by trying to change this nations founding posterity’s white gene pool via exchanging it for a 3rd world non-white gene pool. The plan is for EVERY white country & ONLY white countries to become MELTING POTS via 3rd world immigration & ASSIMILATION i.e. interbreeding with the indiginous white populations untill all thats left is a dumbed down mocha brown colored mass of a easily manipulated blended humanity. This is GENOCIDE against white children & their families. This is WHITE GENOCIDE.

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