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NPR investigates Greensboro in Hale County (AL) where 1 in 4 working age adults are receiving a $1,000 disability check a month:

“In rural Hale County, Alabama, 25 percent of working-age adults are on disability, and as a result, they get a check from the government averaging about $1,000 a month. Hale is part of a massive rise in the number of Americans on disability in the past 20 years, according to a report this weekend on the National Public Radio show “This American Life.

The episode, “Trends With Benefits,” prominently features Hale County and its county seat, Greensboro, due to the abnormal rate of disability in the county.

“Millions of people have been removed from welfare rolls in the last 15 years, and politicians have patted themselves on the back for that,” host Ira Glass says in a promo for the episode. “But at the very same time, the same number of people have signed up for government disability checks. …”

Note: The mp3 of this episode will be available for download tomorrow evening.

According to the Census, Hale County (AL) is 58.3% African-American. Greensboro is 60.89% African-American. Hale County (AL) is named in honor of Stephen F. Hale, a signer of the Confederate Constitution, who was wounded at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill in Virginia and died near Richmond.

In his letter to the Governor of Kentucky, Stephen F. Hale wrote:

“If the policy of the Republicans is carried out, according to the programme indicated by the leaders of the party, and the South submits, degradation and ruin must overwhelm alike all classes of citizens in the Southern States. The slave-holder and non-slave-holder must ultimately share the same fate — all be degraded to a position of equality with free negroes, stand side by side with them at the polls, and fraternize in all the social relations of life; or else there will be an eternal war of races, desolating the land with blood, and utterly wasting and destroying all the resources of the country.”

Six years later, Hinton Rowan Helper writing from the vantagepoint of Reconstruction in North Carolina – who had been one of the fiercest opponents of slavery and secession – had lived to see Hale’s frightening prophecy come true.

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  1. [sorry if this appears twice]

    Bonjour Chasseur Wallace :

    I would like to present to you and your readers the story of Frenchman Paul de Chaillu (1831 – 1903).

    While living in Africa where his father was a colonial businessman, Chaillu apparently became the first white man to see and identify the African gorilla, whose existence had until then been completely unknown to Europeans since as far back as the 5th Century BC.

    I offer you this delicious morsel of trivia in response to your excellent Sept. 20, 2012 review of David Brion Davis’s “Of Inhuman Bondage,” which you used as a platform to analyze and explain the rise of slavery in the New World.

    In particular, point number “10” in that 10/20/12 list, which reads like this :

    (10) Primates – Finally, it is probably significant that Europeans first encountered primates like monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas in West Africa and Central Africa, and this led to considerable speculation about the racial origins of Africans, and this undoubtedly made it easier to see negroes as being closer to animals and more suited to slavery than Europeans.

    …I have always found to be an especially compelling argument for white refusal to see the full picture behind the One Banana Difference (120 grams, the average weight of a banana, on average. See previous posts on Dr. Samuel Morton and his 1830s “Crania Americana,” and the lying Stephen Jay Gould and his sinister “Mismeasure of Man,” 1980).

    It is amazing to think that through the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, white people worldwide did not even know that gorillas and other primates existed. How confusing that must have been.

    Consider this about Chaillu (from wiki) :

    “He was sent in 1855 by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia on an African expedition. Until 1859, he explored the regions of West Africa in the neighborhood of the equator, gaining considerable knowledge of the delta of the Ogooué River and the estuary of the Gabon. During his travels from 1856 to 1859, he observed numerous gorillas, known to non-locals in prior centuries only from an unreliable report by Hanno the Navigator of Carthage in the 5th century BC and known to scientists in the preceding years only by a few skeletons. He brought back dead specimens and presented himself as the first white person to have seen them.[5]

    A subsequent expedition, from 1863 to 1865, enabled him to confirm the accounts given by the ancients of a pygmy people inhabiting the African forests. Du Chaillu sold his hunted gorillas to the Natural History Museum in London and his “cannibal skulls” to other European collections.”

    Wow. The gap between Euros and the rest of “humanity” seems to get a little wider every day.

    – Arturo

  2. Thanks for the link, Lew. A very interesting discussion indeed. I thought this comment was particularly trenchant:

    Anonymous said…

    Has Rahm learned from Israel? More likely from 1000s of yrs of Jewish history.

    More important question is ‘have white people learning anything from the Jews?’

    Why is white power/interests so hopeless in this country? It’s because whites are not allowed to have an enemy. Whites must see everyone as a friend and try to win them over–even people who are sworn enemies of whites. Whites can’t identify any group as an enemy and go after it. This is why conservatives prefer foreign policy because the us-vs-them ‘get the enemy’ politics is still allowed against Iran, Russia, and etc. But at home, whites must try to love everyone. If they see any group as the enemy, they are labeled as ‘racist’ and evil.

    In contrast, non-whites and Jews are allowed to have enemies and vilify that enemy as the source of all evils in the world. So, they have a target to go after. They can focus all the energies of the ‘left’ on that target. The American right, in contrast, has no target because it’s not allowed to, and so its energies never come together.

    Jews understood this for a long time, and they mastered the art of coalition building, something Republicans never really did because they came to rely on relying on the ‘base’, the core of which has been white anglos and then later anglo-ized ethnics. Jews got crafty and creative whereas GOP got lazy by falling back on the white majority, which is now dwindling at rapid pace.

    In the first half of the 20th century, Jews knew that there weren’t enough blacks and browns for them to use against whites. So, Jews didn’t go after ‘white privilege’. They went after ‘northern wasp privilege’ and tried to woo many white groups. Back then, Jews encouraged white ethnics to hate white northern wasps as the snobby overlords whose country clubs and higher institutions kept the ‘dagos, micks, polacks, russkies, etc’ out. Jews also relied on southern whites to use against northern wasp elites. Jews told southern whites that they are being oppressed by yankee wasp overlords. Also, Jews allied with northern liberal wasps–always so self-critical and/or narcissistic in their higher do-goody neo-puritanical principles–against conservative establishmentarian wasps. This became the basis for the FDR coalition that won five straight elections until Eisenhower won in 52.

    The thing is it was effective because (1) Jews identified the enemy–northern wasp privilege–and demagogued hatred against it and (2) Jews made alliances with just about any group–even southern whites–to bring down and weaken this northern wasp elite power. Back then, southern whites were what Mexicans are to Jews today. Jews may not have liked Southern whites but understood southern resentment about yankee power, and Jews fanned that resentment, which is why few Hollywood movies prior to the 50s are anti-southern.

  3. Well then using my Mantra technique I say we whites do have an enemy, the anti-whites. This is mental judo folks, it works. It also allows the stoopid right just enough cover to avoid the “racist” label. Glen Beck can even use it its so respectable.

    Anti-whites are not only the enemy of whites they are the enemy of man kind in total.

    Strip them of every last vestige of moral superiority, crush them.

  4. I llistened to that radio broadcast, as well. I especially cringed when they got to the part about the States lowering their welfare costs by intentionally, aggressively, unloading recipients into the Federal disability program, and that there are people whose job it is to weed through the files looking for potential candidates.

    And, of course, Binder and Binder, who represented 30,000 clients last year and received over $68 million in fees from the government (not from the clients). Overturning SSDI claims is their only business.

  5. Binder an Binder is a sore spot with me. That’s the outfit that worked my ex wife’s case giving her disability when it had been denied twice already and allowing her to come after the rest of my money.

  6. Now do we want to believe that welfare was “reformed” in 1996?

    All that happened is that AFDC was renamed TANF and term limited, but the usual suspects made the lateral move to SSI. I think that’s the only reason Clinton signed the welfare reform bill, other than the fact that it was an election year, because he knew SSI would be there to “save the day.” Between the signing of that bill and 9/11, SSI was the fastest growing line item in the Federal budget.

  7. I did a Search last night on Charles and Harry Binder, but could find nothing personal, only about their firm, which is unusual. A Charles Binder attorney/legislator commit suicide in the 1890s, fearing arrest for misappropriating $20,000 of a client’s estate funds. But there are lots of Binders.

    “In 2010, the brothers sold a large stake in their company to a division of H.I.G. Capital, a Miami-based private-equity firm, for an undisclosed sum. H.I.G. declined to comment.” I didn’t check the entire management team at $12 billion dollar HIG, but I saw enough to note that several at the top were previously with Bain.

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