Alabama Moves To Restore (Limited) Segregation

No one in their right mind would send their White children to Bullock County High School
No one in their right mind would send their White children to Bullock County High School


As someone who grew up in this area, I can say that the Alabama Accountability Act will have a far greater impact on the lives of White people in the Black Belt than Alabama’s now famous immigration law.

It will give middle class and lower income White families in areas of Concentrated Blackness a tax credit which will allow them to pull their children out of the dysfunctional integrated public schools and send them to White Christian private schools which were launched in the 1960s as segregation academies.

The spectacle of Union Springs (AL), a city between Eufaula and Montgomery on US-82 which has been utterly destroyed by the Black Undertow, has always loomed large here as one of the greatest influences on my racial views and one of the biggest motivators to wake up every morning and publish something new on this website:

“UNION SPRINGS, Alabama – In parts of Alabama, in the rural and poor Black Belt counties, there are few options for schooling. There are no complications, no non-failing schools to flee to, no nearby suburban systems. There are just two options.

An almost entirely black public school labeled as failing.

And a mostly white, small Christian school.

So how will the new Alabama Accountability Act play out? …”

As things stand today in places like Bullock County and Barbour County (AL), the wealthier and middle class Whites who can afford private tuition for their children (around $3,500 to $5,000 per child a year) largely avoid the integrated public schools, while the middle class and lower income Whites families who can’t afford private school tuition – such as the 10 White students marooned in the Bullock County public school system – are forced through necessity to subject their children to predominantly black integrated schools.

“In Black Belt counties like Greene, Sumter and Bullock, all residents, from the most affluent to the poorest, share a single school zone. And the high schools in all three counties have been listed as failing in the past and, given some reading scores, are likely candidates to be listed that way in the future.

That means the more affluent students who attend the private academies, opened decades ago in the face of federal intervention, will now be eligible for state support.

“What this law does is essentially say we’re now going to start subsidizing with state funds the private school attendance of those schools that were built to resist desegregation,” said Suitts.”

In Black Run America (BRA), the entire White population is forced to pay taxes to support the federal government’s integrated public schools, regardless of whether they use them or not, and those same failing public schools are showered with federal aid which is confiscated from White taxpayers elsewhere in the country, while the White private schools are underfunded due to having their local tax dollars diverted to the public schools which federal judges handed over to the blacks.

It is an inverted version of Jim Crow where White students now attend the underfunded private schools and black students attend the failing public schools which have greater resources due to federal aid.

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  1. Re: “My suggestion is modeling the Jewish practices”:

    Rather model all Christian doctrines, which all make sense.

  2. We don’t need to imitate anti-our-cultural role models, or create more clever “memes” and false advertising campaigns. We need only Conviction and the straightforward life that follows from it.

  3. Don’t write off the Liberals

    They only do those things to hypocritically get the blacks away from themselves while loudly arguing that their poor White brothers are racist horrible people for wanting the same things. I wrote the “liberals” off a long time ago.

    Give me some serious concrete examples of these assholes actually defending their race for once rather than just build up walls around themselves and their children. Just because their walls every once in awhile benefit us means nothing. It is failing to preserve our culture/race in the long run. These shits do not deserve their elite status.

    We had the same crap here in Maryland with the Baltimore Inner Harbor. It was basically created as an escape/gated area away from the nightmare they created with the aftermath of the Civil rights movement. It was great, we had the aquarium and all these nice little shiny new White getaways.

    So what? It does nothing. Baltimore is a shit house and getting worse by the day. Maryland is getting worse by the day and less White by the day. The only place left for them is the Delmarva peninsula which they use as their excape every weekend since they failed to keep the blacks out of the Inner Harbor. They just try to keep running to the next escape hatch to get away from this mess they created. Eventually they are going to run out of gated areas in which blacks and spics have no access.

    The elites (or “liberals”) have failed. I refuse to support them or make excuses for them any longer.

  4. It warms my heart that the JCC chipped in for jewamongyou’s kids. I’m not joking, I love the guy’s blog. I’m sure modern Rabbis can tie it in to old Jewish social traditions. The fact is European jewry was all but outright hostile to “beteljuden” as recently as the mid-20th century. In the mid-20th something seems to have taken place that resulted in a massive surge of Jewish kinship….

    And Mosin is right because any good from classical Judaism carried over to Solar Christianity. The Jews “have issues”.

  5. There were Jews around 1000s of years before Christianity existed. There were Jews around during the time of the Pharaohs. Jews outlasted them, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Medieval Christians, maybe us, pretty much everybody. Jews are doing something right in the struggle for survival. Long past time to learn from our enemies.

  6. There were only Hebrew tribes, not “Jews,” THAT long ago, Lew. Judaism as such appears to have begun outside Palestine during the “Babylonian Captivity.” Many modern Jews may have little or no genetic lineage tracing to the ancient Hebrews.

  7. What do you mean “us”? I identify with Sparta, Athens, Rome and every other great western power, even the Seleucid Empire. None of those empires physically exist today, so what? They’re our inheritance, even BRA knows this on some level.

    Who would trade that great cycle of civilization to be more like the Jews? Someone obsessed with “struggle”. Not victory or glory or beauty or truth or honor: struggle. How miserable. How jewish.

    Judaism as we know it is the product of not only Babylonian exile but then their rejection of God, followed by having their temple destroyed and being further humiliated by great powers. An old Roman (or barbarian Euro for that matter) might become a monotheist but he would never join jewish civilization since it would mean lowering his cultural level. He remained Roman. Today a British man might convert from Anglicanism to Catholicism, he does this without leaving Latin civilization.

  8. You have to remember that states accept federal dollars for education just like transportation and a whole host of other programs. The feds tell the states to jump and the states say how high. True, the money may be allocated and budgeted by the state but since federal dollars are involved certain requirements have to be met. I don’t hear too many in political office calling for ending all federal funding and going back to a true separation of powers between the state and federal governments. The war between the states ended state sovereignty and made Washington supreme. When is the last time you’ve heard of a governor working hard to stand up for his state and his people? He/She is too busy jumping through hoops to satisfy the feds.

  9. oscar the grinch says:
    April 1, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    The real solution for whites is: form home-school cooperatives. There are enough unemployed and underemployed educated white people right now, who are perfectly capable of teaching children the basic foundations of a good education.
    BAM! — instant school. Form a league of ten or so of these instant schools, and you’ve got yourself a cooperative ad-hoc athletic league, a transfer-student and guest-lecturer program, social networking, boom, you’re done, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive private school.

    I have actually been saying this for years. Just ask for 75% of the established education cost per student for “educating their own” in a home school. 75% is huge money if you have 15-20 real students who want to learn in your basement or spare room classroom. It’s win win. Screw the “affletic leeg”.

    The 85 IQ race is a drain on everyone that has to deal with them. A home school network would would not have to allow them in.

  10. Catfish is completely correct–it is the Federal Governments ability to dish out goodies with strings attached that is ruining my State. That’s how we are burdened with Obamacare, it will be how “common sense” gun restrictions are put in place. States are like beaten wives to the Federal Gov, we the sheeple are like the kids in tjis dysfunctional and abusive mess.

  11. “I’m not disagreeing with you, Brutus. That difference also explains why our people create power centers and societies. Do you really want to see Whites become a judaized race of professional screechers and identity-politikers? I’m asking you, not Lew.”

    Why are you asking ME that question? I do want to ask YOU a question, now. What does your question and your post have to do with my post? How did you get that my post had anything to do with wanting whites to become professional screechers?

  12. I’m not disagreeing with you, Brutus. That difference also explains why our people create power centers and societies. Do you really want to see Whites become a judaized race of professional screechers and identity-politikers? I’m asking you, not Lew.


    My suggestion is modeling the Jewish practices that make sense not all Jewish practices.


    Not leaving the poor behind is a good one.

    Well, yes and no. Jews largely sloughed off the leftmost portion of their bell curve into surrounding populations for millennia. So they got their stupid fraction down to a tiny minority, making the problem manageable. If you look at diaspora Judaism in practice, it strongly encourages the leftmost portion of the Jewish bell curve to get lost.

  13. This was the point of a core British history curriculum. It deliberately alienated the coons and the Southern Europeans of Meditteranean extraction.
    It used to get up their noses.
    VDare has a few articles about this decomposition of the educational system. You got what you wanted guys. The only British history that gets taught today is how vicious they/we were, from the nigger’s and coolie’s perspective. It would be like teaching Roman history from the perspective of the Gauls or Jews.

  14. “It deliberately alienated the coons and Southern Europeans of Mediterranean extraction.”

    – Every single day, I am thankful that I was born American of half-Italian ancestry, and not some gutless Limey weasel like yourself, British John.

  15. Your’re supposed to be a Lombardian Tyrolian TaTAR Pole.

    I was of course talking about Jews there Chris313. Hhhmmmm…the other half what is it?

  16. Half Italian, half Polish, you suspect little agitator. If your closet-liberal British-supremacist self had been around here for more than the year since you crawled in and started posting useless nonsense, then you’d know my background as I’ve answered anyone who asked. Now go home. These discussions pertain to Americans, not transient foreigners.

  17. If it pertains to americans, why are you here? There is no native blood in your veins, something you’ve expressed pride in several times before.

  18. Stonelifter,

    Was that for me or Chris313? I believe this song became a USMC anthem in Guadalcanal and elsewhere. A shared heritage if you like.

  19. Re: Chipmunk Video.

    Prof. John’s cameo @ 1:50.

    If it pertains to americans, why are you here? There is no native blood in your veins, something you’ve expressed pride in several times before.

    Chris and John represent a near-perfect clash between America the idea and America the ethnos.

  20. Bono claimed America was an idea. I used to think something similar, until I saw the actual Behaviour of the blacks, browns and self consciously ethnic outsider whites. Then I realized that it’s an ethnic slaughterhouse.

  21. @stonelifter

    You’re still here? Lol, what happened to Eastern Europe and your new child-girlfriend? Seriously, go sell it to Oleg and Mika. Dixie is no more, so fuck off already.

  22. “Bono claimed America was an idea.”

    – The same Bono who sings “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer” at his his concerts?

    “I used to think something similar..”

    – And that’s why I don’t like you, or other recently-arrived resident-aliens. Aside from the fact that you’re a phony and a passive-aggressive shit-stirrer, you have no respect for my country and never will.

    “Then I realized that it’s an ethnic slaughterhouse.

    – I rest my case.

  23. No I used to think that America was an idea. I didn’t think it was about Liberty though. More to do with Money. Then I realized that it’s a meat grinder. A War Zone.

    And I’ve never liked U2 and i’ve always thought that Bono was an Irish Twat. Chris313 dear fellow, you are one who thinks America is an abstract concept of Liberty.

  24. Despite whatever degree to which America has deviated from it’s foundation, that foundation was, and always will be, Liberty. And because of that foundation, there is no degradation or outrage, not a nigger president, not “BRA”, that could befall this country that cannot be one day undone, as long as there exist Americans, even a tiny few, who remember that foundation. And don’t hurt yourself trying to comprehend it, John. I don’t expect you to understand, because isn’t your home.

  25. i’ve always thought that Bono was an Irish Twat.

    Well you’ll be happy to know that there seems to be nowhere on earth where Bono is considered more an annoying ‘twat’ –than in Ireland 🙂

  26. Ah the outstanding debating skills of non americans from Detroit. Your a hypocrite, you say no good things about WASP’ s and founding stock but bitch about John.

    To 313 thinking he is american, John. If three generations and no blood relationship to founding stock means your american, it also mean every mexican, jap, hajjis etc here for three generations is also an american. That’s what yankees did. They set up this mess with the mexicans and the like when they waged their second war on native born White men. Their 1st war was an actual shooting war against Southron Whites. Their second was when they waged political, cultural and economic war on working class Whites with the 1st waves of mass immigration. A nation is about much more then lines on the map. It’s about common culture, common faith, common ideals, common language, common folk ways and not lest of all blood kinship. We have only lines on the map because yankees wanted cheaper labor, and were willing to alter our culture etc and bloodlines by bringing them here and making them citizens and the like.

    If a nation is an idea, then you get the diversity horseshit we have now. If those ethnic Whites wanted liberty, why did they get here and start voting for bigger government and to consolidate power in DC? That’s pretty much the opposite of liberty. They did not want liberty, they wanted money, from wages they earned and from “free” shit from the government

    Same as the mexicans. When amnesty goes through, and 30 million plus mexicans start voting, the rest of your liberties are done for.

    John, you come from the place most founding stock came from. Not the same as letting foreign people like mexicans and what not in.

  27. @stonelifter

    Sheesh, that was…a lot of typing. And say, what are you going on about the destructiveness of immigration for? You’re planning on emigrating to another country yourself! You’ll be the very thing to another people, that you insist mine were to yours. And you call me a hypocrite? lol

  28. No true love of “Dixie,” or of Anglo- or Western European-culture, or rural living, if itching to go “full on city living” in an eastern nation.

  29. You both know so very little and guess wrong. Both are little bitches that get every point of every debate wrong so must try and go personal

    It’s easy, if I stay here the ex will find a judge that will allow her to take the rest of my wealth. I want more children but only a fool gets married in the usa the land that hates White men. Same for my son’s. I want me son and grandsons to live in a nation that doesn’t hate them for being White. A nation that doesn’t have anti man divorce laws women can use as a club against them. No VAWA to allow women to use lies as a legal weapon to remove them from their homes and end their right to own firearms. I want my daughter’s to live in a nation that has close to no crime, where there are no niggers to threaten them. A nation that doesn’t allow mass immigration to cripple its working class men. A nation with a government held in check. A nation that doesn’t allow non White immigration, a nation with an official Christian state church, a nation that is based on kinship, common customs, a common faith, common language and everything else lacking in the usa. It’s also a nation not controlled by big banks or damnyankees.

    One thing fools can never do is see past their indoctrination. Yes I am going to live in a city for awhile. City with lower crime rate then any american city, but still has concealed carry permits. A city that is one of the oldest in Europe, full of European art, culture and history, with one of the world’s greatest concert halls.

    You both know so little, and speak so much.

    There really is nothing of substance in either of you. Hypocrisy and nit picking and second guessing decisions you know shit about.

  30. No 313 because I will learn their language, join their church, change my ways to match theirs. I will not import my church, start american pride organizations or parades, ask them to accommodate me in any fashion, I won’t start american food restaurants, and I won’t engage in politics. Big difference but you won’t see it.

  31. Without love of the soil, language, culture and kinship, and religion, of a homeland it is possible to forsake it all to save money.

    “I won’t engage in politics” is the very attitude, and habit that brought about the present condition.

  32. Stone, you will learn their ways?
    You will give up being a proud southerners and adopt an Eastern way of life?
    Shame on you and yours.
    A mercenary is a rootless soul. You were never a proud southerners to begin with, just a petty opportunist.

  33. Could a real Appalachian country boy travel the world constantly, admire “great concert halls” in far eastern cities, Sinatra, Fred Astaire, etc.?

  34. “Could a real Appalachian country boy travel the world constantly, admire “great concert halls” in far eastern cities, Sinatra, Fred Astaire, etc.?”

    Even Lynyrd Skynyrd would sound better in a decent concert hall and what have you got against Fred Astaire?

  35. It is a good laugh to read all the posts by people sure they know all about Jewish people. Clueless indeed, standing outside taking guesses.

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