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  1. Buy guns, ammo, food and supplies. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. The upside is that Whites will come out on top.

  2. I’d more optimistic if things went bad fast. My guess is thing will slowly erode and most folks will adjust to the new normal, no matter how bad

  3. The “slow erosion” scenario is my guess too. Stockton, for those who don’t know, is Spic City North. That it’s headed down Mexico Way won’t phase the beaners one bit, but make them feel even more at home than they do now.

  4. All the people who are “ready,” year after year, waiting. Yet all the time they realize what they are waiting for is constantly happening all around them.

    We will be kept in a constant state of suspended animation because that is how we are controlled with the least amount of effort. No trigger to destroy, no hope to clean up or rebuild. White people unable to build — the elite’s wet dream of their boot in the face of humanity, forever.

  5. Slow erosion is unfortunately the situation we are now in. Whites are still voting with their feet though so it isn’t all bad.

    Federal bankruptcy and default is still inevitable. That will precipitate the breakup of the Union. Just don’t be caught living in the Deep South when it happens though. When the EBT cards stop working and the niggers run amok there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

  6. The chimp out doesn’t worry me; yankees stomping down on Southron Whites defending themselves from feral negros is a bigger threat

    That is the big danger a federal collapse poses to the South. The yankees will spend their last dollar and the life of their last White man to save negros from Southron White men

  7. Death by equality, diversity, freedom, democracy, universal suffrage, and multiculturalism. In other words, rule of, by and for the least common denominator.

  8. “The yankees will spend their last dollar and the life of their last White man to save negros from Southron White men”

    No they won’t. They’ll be taking care of their own. When have you ever seen a chimp out in the North NOT be put down with force? Never, that’s when. The National Guard is called out, a dozen or so nigger looters are shot and all the coons go back indoors. It happens every time.

    The ironic thing is that if your paranoid delusions about military suppression of the Whites in the South ever does occur it will be at the hands of Southern soldiers!

  9. You folks have done it before, several times. Thinking you will again is in line with past yankee actions.

    How Southron military men will react is the key.

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