At American Renaissance Conference in Nashville, TN

Alt Right’s Richard Spencer is speaking, calling for White Zionism, a White ethno state on the North American continent.

“we need an ethno state ” – need a vision , something to inspire, not react.

Spencer quoting Zionist founder and MLK:

“I have a dream”

But, highlite of my day is still the charming breakfast table I shared with Miss C -the very beautiful Southern gal, Auburn grad – we agreed on everything (it is easy to agree with such a beautiful, charming Southern gal).


  1. Jared Pierce: “Both Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer have pretty much given up on this country. Either by secession or migration, we need a new country with a new ethnic based constitution.”
    ? ?

    This is what we should all be weighing, with all our hearts and minds. For we must ask ourselves: IS this nation we call the United States of America now so filled with teeming, clamoring, grasping, and demanding non-whites that nothing short of total genocidal warfare against their kind will save us? Are there so many of them now crawling about in their millions and soon-to-be hundreds of millions that no WN/SN “idea”, no “plan”, and no “plea” for them to leave our nation’s towns, cities, and states and to “pretty please” pack up your sh*t and just leave us white folks alone and never, ever come back will simply not work?

    IF America sinks much further, listing sideways ever deeper into the brown waters already flooding our lowest decks of racial nationhood, is there a point when the lifeboats need be boarded and that ship abandoned?

    A final thought: at the end of the Civil War, some Confederates accepted defeat and made the best of it. Others – a very few others – jumped ship and left the CSA forever.
    They went southward, far, far, southward, to start anew in the thick heat and tangled forests of another continent. Whether they failed or not is here not the point. Instead, it is this: These unbroken men and women boldly set out and made a New Beginning in another Land, one that every steadfast WN/SN might one day soon be compelled to make as well…

  2. Secession or a separate white nation is the only answer. I have given up on this country and no longer consider myself an American. I define myself as a white person trying to survive in a nation that is fast becoming completely third world. I see no recourse but separate myself from the mainstream.

    White Mom in WDC

  3. There are all manners of “New land” for Whites to retreat to. Especially if you don’t mind being part of a White ruling minority, not my thing, but it opens up more options. Goggle is your friend. Eastern European nations make it easy for americans to immigrate. Some wave back ground checks and the like. Not exactly 1st world living though, but good enough for a simple lifestyle. It’s a particularly good move for marriage minded young White men, or any man White man with technical skills, like computers and what have you. Many have decent gun laws.

    Greenland is a tough place to live. The people are as warm and hospitable as the climate is brutal. The work is mostly blue collar, fishing being job #1, but the climate makes it tougher then pulling crab pots on the Chesapeake. Food sucks too, but I cannot say enough good things about the folks. Mosin, you’d hate it there though. Very secular and your moralizing would leave you friendless.

    Anyone want to kick the migrating idea around can send me an email.

  4. @ Mosin,

    Only the Vikings can revive Viking culture.

    Only the children of the founders of the u.s. could revive that culture of individual inventiveness, thoughtfulness, innovation, creativity, private productivity.

    Now the u.s. is a latin culture. That’s just a statistical fact: bureaucracy, hierarchical secretiveness, welfare-warfare for-spoils economy, “competition” with one’s neighbor as a value (not exactly a real community, lol). Ie, what the U.S. became after “immigration.”

    Jack Ryan might agree with a southern girl on everything, as he says, but culturally, he will not create southern babies. They will be influenced by his own sub-culture.

    For many, immigration from the u.s. is the only option for their survival. A “white” culture REALLY MEANS some types of “white” pushed on other types of white.

  5. People who make silly claims about being able to start a new country (“ethnostate”) are out of touch. Spencer might as well say, “I’d like to be Napoleon” as “We need our own country.” Sure — and the U.S. is just going to let you take a piece of its land. LOL.

    There are good dreams and bad dreams, and those are the bad dreams, because they’re so ludicrous as to be insane.

    Look at the example of our enemies. A tiny minority, and yet they completely control the entire country and fashion it in their own image. That’s the example to follow.

    Every stitch of effort in WN circles should be expended on infiltrating the media and creating media outlets of our own — with real reach, not just fringe web sites. Where was Jared Taylor or anyone in the mainstream Tenn. media to counter the lies spread about AmRen? Nowhere.

    Go into journalism. Get into screenwriting. Get rich, buy media. It’s the only way. It’s been proven to work by our enemies. No other option is possible.

  6. “I cannot say enough good things about the folks. Mosin, you’d hate it there though. Very secular”:

    Is Eastern Europe secular enough?

  7. “@ Mosin, Only the Vikings can revive Viking culture.”

    Exactly so, Dixiegirl. I wouldn’t want to TRY to recreate a different peoples’ culture either — and although I find the tiny farmland frontier opening up in a warming trend and the history of Viking grain and cattle farming there a little interesting, I wrote at the end: “Nah. We stand our ground.” This soil belongs to this blood.

  8. Re: Greenland: I KNOW it’s about 80% glacier-covered, perhaps 1% suitable for farming,less than than Iceland. Mosquitoes are abundant, but since most major crop pests and diseases haven’t reached there, or cannot survive there, hence the possibility of organic or chemical-free growing. Danish Greenlanders and “Inuit” might not be so friendly when facing American transplants however. I’ve always been interested in geography, though travelled very little.

  9. I feel that Mattew Heimbach is certainly a rising star that will inspire young people. I also would like to know if anyone has seen Janenelle Antas at the convention? I believe that she is a great asset to the movement. Also, why is it that no one attached to Amren is talking about the forged photoshoped birth certificate of Obama, the forged Selective Service Card of Obama, and his phony SSN?

  10. I am back home now and missed both Derbyshire and Dickson which is too bad because they are both excellent speakers. Last night during dinner a couple people from Generation Identity spoke. The main speaker didn’t speak English well so I could not understand very much. But during the Question/Answer part, he had a translator who did a very ood job, so I could connect more of the dots on what it is about. It sound like some interesting things are going on in France. This was the group that took over the mosque with the 732 banner. The also went into the streets o feed the homeless, with pork soup. This should be an interesting group to watch and perhaps even emulate. They are rebelling against the generation of 1968 which introduced much of cultural Marxism. They in a sense are a counter- counter revolution.

  11. There was someone who looked like Janelle but I wasn’t sure it was her and didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her. I’ve met her a couple times when she was working with David Iriving. Just an aside, there aren’t too many women at these events, but the ones who attend are beautiful. Something about Natonalist women. 😉

  12. As a Southern Mormon, I have some ideas you might find interesting. Doubtless, the majority of you are Protestants or secular, but nonetheless you might find things interesting. The South was a good region from 1660 to 1860, but sadly it’s time has come and gone. There will be no secession because there will be no need for secession.

    I can assure you that White Christian Zionism is coming to America soon. VERY soon.

    Significance of Romney campaign / White Horse Prophecy

  13. There is a reason Richard Spencer moved to Montana. Figure it out for yourself. I am moving to Utah with my family soon.

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