Derbyshire Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip Under American Judeo Stalinism

I enjoyed meeting the immaculately dressed Brit John Derbyshire at the Amren Conference. After all is said and done, all the Conservative “isms”, splits, purges talked about and then “not talked about” (“DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT”), John Derbyshire remains a very intelligent, very charming British Ex-Pat. And that is something very, very good to be. I for one was very honored to have been in the same room with The Derb, sharing a drink and listening to his loud version of:

“Rule Britannia – Britannia rule the waves, Britons never will be slaves”….

Last Night at the Proms
Last Night at the Proms

(link to Last Night at the Proms)

Ok, the sad reality is that White Britons and those of us of White British ancestry don’t rule the world’s waves any more. We don’t really rule much of anything these days. Many/most of us are slaves in some way, slaves to political correctness, slaves to cultural marxism or Christian Zionism, or slaves to Jewish Neo Conservatism or some other anti White “ism”. It can always get worse, and yes – many poor female Britons are forced sexual slaves to Pakistani Muslim pimps. That’s depressing. Once upon a time, many Whites under Islamic Turk occupation chose to be White Jannisary warrior slaves – that was a choice they made… well not really, as these Whites were kidnapped as boys by the Muslim Turks and then groomed for a slave life as Janissary Muslim shock troops. But, being a White elite Janissary slave warrior for the Turkish Sultan sounds like a better life than being a poor, White female prostitute slave for Pakistani Muslim pimps in Oldham England. But it’s still White slavery.

So must of us will have to choose some form of slavery or try to keep a “stiff upper lip” and remain a free White Brit/British American man, living in honor and also poverty and obscurity in these dark and depressing latter days.

But, all OD readers should understand that John Derbyshire remains a free man. He remains a good hearted, White Brit with a stiff upper lip. He’s been purged from respectable Conservative Inc. society and he knows the score, but doesn’t seem to be particularly bitter. That’s just the way life is today. John Derbyshire recognized the Jewish role in the dispossession of racially loyal White British Americans, but refuses to become a bitter anti Semite Jew hater. He was once honest that he knew this sad reality. His interview with the Jewish cultural life magazine Jewcy is arguably the best discussion of this topic.

Here’s a link to this great Jewcy interview:

Jewcy John Derbyshire interview

I will close with a telling Derbyshire quote from this Jewcy interview about the realities of Jewish intellectual/political/cultural power/paranoia in America – I suggest OD readers understand this reality, try to make the best of things in this fallen age and… keep a stiff upper lip:

“My professed fear of ticking off Jews is (not) some kind of affectation or pose, I can only assure you that this is not so. Almost the first thing you hear from old hands when you go into opinion journalism in the U.S. is, to put it in the precise form I first heard it: “Don’t f*ck with the Jews.” (Though I had better add here that I was mixing mainly with British expats at that point, and the comment came from one of them…

Joe Sobran expressed it with his usual hyperbole: “You must only ever write of us as a passive, powerless, historically oppressed minority, struggling to maintain our ancient identity in a world where all the odds are against us, poor helpless us, poor persecuted and beleaguered us! Otherwise we will smash you to pieces.”


  1. British Johnny, I’ve never known a day of my life when I didn’t have a black politician as my elected representive — be it a mayor, or now a fraudulent president. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest anymore — I’m an native-born American, and nothing will ever change that.

    If your panties are in such a twist about it, then take your anchor-babies and fuck off back to Britainistan, because there ain’t ever going to be any “partition” here.

  2. How about sending some simple, positive, kind words John Derbyshire’s way?

    I’ll pass. I have nothing positive to say about people who contribute to white extinction.

    He’s a bright, White British White man . . .

    A little off topic, but is White British? By adding the descriptor “white” you acknowledge that non-white British exist.

    . . . he’s made blasphemous comments against BRA . . .

    Do you think that undoes his defilement of the white race? Derbyshire opposes white survival. All the words in the world (his included) will not change the fact that he contributed to white extinction by breeding mongrel children. Even most “anti-racists” marry within their race.

  3. lol’ ing w/ Denise. Thank you kindly

    Didn’t Derbs write an article basically saying not to fear, the chinks soul persevere Western Civilization because they love Mozart. Or some such. I know I read an article along those lines, but I cannot remember who wrote it or wear.

    Anyone else read it?

  4. Yeah, I remember reading that, too. It’s basically the viewpoint of the Neocons.

    Certainly Derb should get some of our respect. But the idea that he should be held up as a “role model” for racially-concious White men is preposterous in light of his Mongol wife.

    The alpha/beta discussion here is interesting and, like someone said earlier in the comment thread, understanding the dynamics could help WNs connect with ordinary people. What about those guys who love Western culture, work at a typical beta office job, are concerned about White dispossession (and want to do something about it IRL), and yet are very successful financially, get loads of pussy, open about their racial views, are a little reckless/dangerous, and are generally attractive and fun to be around? Alpha, or beta? A mix of both?

  5. Good lord I do not want some psycho babble terms to divide whites, but it was a way to illustrate how we waste our time. All our essayists basically miss the basics and home in on some details and then go all OCD over this and claim they have the way.

    We at BUGs tell them once we break the taboo against whites being able to discuss white interests there audiences will grow exponentially, but of course they get all butt hurt and go back to their cubicles and pound out yet more essays if we don’t act like their dozen fans who liked their latest essay.

    Or you get the fraud alphas at places like the LoS who talk the tough talk but always in code and at the first hint they are to be called names by the anti-whites the only people they want to fight are the “racists.” Betas who have done nothing to lift the taboo, beta prison guards for the anti-white regime.

  6. RRS: I think they are trying to do those things. I still don’t get your point. Your point seems to be everyone should only do bugs. Only bugs. Your point that the racism taboo has to be smashed before other efforts can be effective seems to boil down to this.

    What kind of reception do you expect when you tell people, essentially, your efforts are worthless until *you* change your priorities and do it *our* way.

    I don’t find you and other bugsers make this point in a constructive way. You could always tell the essayists you can increase your audience if you spend more time undermining the racism taboo.

  7. The essayists don’t miss the details. They’re trying however imperfectly to build an intellectual body of knowledge to attack the status quo. That is necessary. Pretty much all the enemy does is churn out words that amount to intellectual justifications for white genocide.

  8. I’m not all that big of fan with the alpha beta thing, but it’s a useful set of terms. It’s hard to say for sure, but most intellectuals come across beta. Maybe it’s the whole striving to be above the fray thing vs the more tradition masculine roll of brawling hard for your clan?

    Regarding the race mixing. Sometimes I think it’s a matter of perversion, sometimes I think it comes down to options. The sex drive is powerful even when operating in the back ground

    An obese White woman has very low sexual value. Her ending up with negro makes sense in the fact negros don’t care, she still is driven by the inborn need to procreate and most White men find her unappealing. So you see an overweight White woman with a negro, tit might be because she has a bestiality fetish, or has succumb to the propaganda or maybe she has no choice. If it is an attractive White woman, she has fallen for the propaganda or is into bestiality.

    By far the most common race mixing is White men with gook chicks. It comes down to options. The White man who does this is most likely of low sexual value. Remember men and women are valued for different things. A man’s position in the sexual market place is based on how dominate he is. That could be physical power, physiological power, economic power etc, but it is the perceived power and his willingness to exercises that power that earn his ranking by women. All the White men I’ve meet with gook brides were normally nice guys who lacked that raw power which attracts White women. Because of the way sexual response works, over weight/ low value White women don’t make his motor run… long story short they end up with a gook. All though for some number of them I am sure it’s a perversion of sorts

    If you think about it, gook dudes are not swimming in the cues that trigger sexual attraction among women, so a normal every day decent hearted White guy is probably all manners of alluring where that same White man trained from birth to tone down his masculinity doesn’t have the same affect on White women.

    Not that I condone race mixing, but getting White men to find their balls again would go a long way to solving the problem

  9. You’re alpha, WG, preying on the herd. You may not like what you see around you culturally, but fact is you’re benefitting from it and so have less prerogative to throw down to change it. In beta world you’d be run from town to town, if not killed, by enraged fathers.

    The world we seek is not the world where the alphas are enabled. We seek a world where the natural shepherds, the betas, are given work. It’s hard to argue that we have no shepherds and our flock is being slowly destroyed. This is alpha world. You are part of it WG. If you loved Western Civilization you would engage in something more beneficial to it than increasing the carousel count of its future mothers.

  10. Thanks for the collaboration WG. I’ve had some head wounds over the years and when I couldn’t find it on the interwebz I was wondering…

    Denise, as a racially aware and semi sexual aware White woman, I would enjoy your input on my post from above

  11. An alpha is not a bad man based or his personality type nor is a beta a good man based on his. Their actions in the world dictate their status as men of honor or not. We would be better off with a society that honored beta type men, but now is the time for action and boldness. Ie alpha

  12. We’ve seen what alpha action is. Where we are is the direct result of alpha action. This is my argument. This culture is what happens when genetic alphas are unleashed. This is alphaland.

    It’s time for betas to restrain the alphas again. It is coming.

  13. Stonelifter, you’ve really shared more of yourself lately in the comments here.

    You’re cool. Thanks.

  14. All men are men of action. The question is what type of action.

    I have met many alphas who have done plenty for themselves. I have not met many that have done anything for social stability.

  15. No most men are drones doing as society, jews, feminists etc have trained them to do. Doing the same job, putting up with the same bullshit, voting for the same jackasses… following the script a hostile entity wrote for them, refusing to make a move for freedom and something better

    If men were men of action, they’d say he’ll yea Stone let’s go tear some shit up so the fools will listen to use instead of niggers feminist, open boarders traitors and fat cats who send job overseas etc etc

    Instead they preach doom and gloom at every action, and like crabs in a bucket, try to pull other men back down to their level

    All men are men of action…. sorry not buying it. Look around

  16. Didn’t mean men of political action. More along the lines of if you don’t act, you generally don’t eat.

    What it boils down to is this: alphas can tolerate greater social chaos than betas. So they can act all day long, as they do, but genetically they are not programmed to create worlds of long-term stability for the masses, because what is stable for alphas is not considered stable for betas. What we have here is a world of non-stop motion, with the culture kept unstable, so the people can be tax-farmed and programmed. Alphas are better able to accept this as status quo than the betas. Skimming off the top, pounding the poonanny pavement, feet in the pool, if you will. It’s the betas that are generally getting screwed, who are most ill served by the world as it is, who feel the chaos at a deeper level, and who, when motivated to act, will act in a more deliberate way. An alpha will lash out at a few social gear teeth, chip off a few, let it clank along, feel as if the point has been made, and then go grab a beer. A beta will grind the gear axle off the entire works, because there is so little left in the system that is working for him.

  17. White men are pack animals.

    See the unit that defended Roarke’s Drift. Or the men at Little Big Horn.

    They were led by different leaders. Chard, a slightly dumb but solid engineer. Bromhead a slightly deaf infantry officer. Neither were that bright. They had a very aggressive young Sergeant of 24 years or so. Who or what was the Alpha there?

  18. Good point Occigent, expect for the notion alpha lack grit.

    I think you should see it more as big picture big ideas inspiration vs taking care of the day to day stuff. Both is required. Notion we can be successful as a race without betas or without alphas is rational

    What we need is a big idea, that will bring both together in a coherent fashion. Like the army needs grunts, nerds, bean counters and big idea guys to win. So does our race.

    Which short sells how many more task our race needs accomplished but folks should get the idea

  19. On the one hand John, alpha/ beta is an easy task in the military, the guy with rank is the alpha. Doesn’t t always work that way. I remember keeping a cherry LT focused when he got his cherry busted, but he only needed me for a moment. His training kicked in and he did a fine job. Old NOCOM’s know it’s an unspoken part of the job. Just like we had old men to keep us straight.He is a good man, went on to become an officer in SF, and then gave up his commission to stay on an ODA. He wrote me one mighty fine letter of recommendation for my green to gold packet.

    An old troopers of mine took over my old job in Kandahar. Even when he was an E5 the man had mojo and men with significantly more rank would listen to him when he said his piece. I damn sure did. Never meet a man who was better with sniper tactics, and folks knew it, however, no matter how good, superiors were not obligated to follow his lead.

    Make sense?

  20. Ps we are not pack animals but we are good team players when the need arises and the leadership is there.

    negros, they’re animals, not much more then two legged mules that can ape human speech to varying degrees of success

  21. Occigent makes great points. I have found most (modern day)”Alpha” men to be worthless as well. They basically are classified as Alpha because they are willing to sell out and do anything it takes to get ahead therefore they can do anything they want and get away with it because they have money or fame or whatever. This makes them appear strong.

    I think the real truth is that real grade A alpha men (like the old Southern elite) cannot rise in America today and are held back at every turn from rising into their rightful leadership roles.

  22. Stonelifter – I basically agree with you analysis. I think the Alpha/Beta thinkg is not such a stark dichtomy. Some Betas can be very passive/aggressive – and extremely destructive.

    You analysis of Mudsharks is dead en pointe. Fat chicks can’t get White guys to notice them. Attractive Mudsharks have become victims of propaganda. They….cohabit…with Black Beasts for inverse status. Negro males are “cool” and sexy and hipper than “dorky” White guys. The Electric Jews tells them so. Urrgghhh….I knew Blacks were NOT cooler and hipper, when I began meeting actual ones, when I was teenager. I find them to be physically repulsive. I do consider carnal relations with them to be anything other than the worst sort of degeneracy, and it is bestiality.

    Asian men are not Betas, in the “Nice White Guy” sense. They come across that way to Whites – because they tend to be quiet, reserved, and soft-spoken around Westerners. The men treat their women brutally. Asian women know they will get much better treatment from White males than form their own men, and White men THINK they are getting an Asian Doll, until they become Dragon Ladies. Asians can become very aggro, when they are secure in their numbers.

    I don’t find them to be particularly attractive. Not repulsive, but not attractive. John Lone, the actor, is very good-looking. He’s tall-ish, and has nice features. But that’s…about it. Most of them leave me cold. Literally. I feel no attraction to them at all. Negroes repel me – and Asians – nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s like there’s….no odor that they give off.

  23. The wars of the Roses effectively wiped out the Alpha-Males in the Plantegenet family. Then Henry VII killed another truck load of the cadet branches from that family. His Son Henry VIII piled up another 75,000 assertive Catholic nobles.

    That was the end of chivalry in the UK. It’s dangerous to be an Alpha-Male. The world only needs a few to run like clockwork. Too many bring anarchy. The nig-nogs all fancy themselves as Alpha Males. An all kings gang. Do to them what Henry pere et fils did to their rivals.

  24. I”ve been thinking about the attractiveness factor. Non-White women are utterly lacking in femininity from my point of view. I have seen pale arb women who looked attractive but they were attractive because they looked like Spanish girls in Barcelona.

    Reread what Denise said about White woman falling for the electric jew propaganda. That’s par of the smaller picture why White men need to be more alpha/ masculine assertive etc. Smaller in the small unit level and not smaller in level of importance.

    I’ve done well for myself in these corrupted times. And do well with women. Not sure either would make me alpha. If I have any alpha “street cred”, it would be based on men in my profession, hobbies and life seeking my advice, and not dollars in the bank or notches in my belt. Although my success with women is 100% related to my position among men and dollars in the bank. It’s kind of circular in nature.

  25. You guys need to read Cochran and Harpendings The 10,000 Year Explosion.

    It explains how we have evolved at a faster rate since the invention of agriculture. (Recent research into SNP sweeps and fixation in the genome has showed this trend to be accelerating.)

    In England for example it wasn’t the so-called Alpha males (the monarchy and high aristocracy) that reproduced more. They tended to have fewer children and to die quite frequently in battle. Nor was it the often wretched poor.

    It was the rich yeomanry that evolved into the landed gentry that ended up producing the most children. This was a massive selection for efficiency and time preference. The book posits that this wealth in numbers of intelligent farmers set the stage for the Industrial Revolution.

    The real “alphas” are the current top ten percent of intelligent technocrats (lawyers, engineers, managers, etc…) that have the most stable families and father the most successful descendants.

    “On the one hand John, alpha/ beta is an easy task in the military, the guy with rank is the alpha.”

    That gave me a chuckle thinking of all those staff colonels and their idiot “yes man” generals. Schwarzkopf, Basilone, Spruance, Puller, and Ernest E. Evans etc… were alphas, most others are not – regardless of rank.

  26. The linear chain of command makes the guy with rank the alpha, regardless of their actually personality

  27. “The linear chain of command makes the guy with rank the alpha, regardless of their actually personality”

    “Alpha” males are always the de facto leaders in any situation not the de jure ones (even in combat.)

  28. Sort of Rudel, sort of not. The further the command gets from the young man on point, the more the job becomes about organizing, planning etc and the less it’s about personal bravery, charisma etc. That starts at the platoon sergeant level when your enlisted and I reckon at the battalion level as an officer, but the planning, organizing etc gets going much earlier in your officer life. I was an e6 then made the jump were I worked up to 03. I have a pretty good handle on what it takes for junior and mid level military leadership and I am only guessing what it takes at the bde and up

    Even as a squad leader I had to do a lot more managing then I did as a team leader

  29. “I’ve done well for myself in these corrupted times. And do well with women. Not sure either would make me alpha. If I have any alpha “street cred”, it would be based on men in my profession, hobbies and life seeking my advice, and not dollars in the bank or notches in my belt. Although my success with women is 100% related to my position among men and dollars in the bank. It’s kind of circular in nature.”

    This proves my point — Bottom line, what’s the real desire of a guy with this personality profile to risk it all for deep, fundamental changes? I’m not saying you don’t want these changes Stonelifter, I’m saying you’re not the kind of guy that’s going to end up making them happen. Why would you? At the most basic level, it’s all good for you. And my argument is that for most alphas it’s usually all good at a fundamental level, and so they will not change things fundamentally. You are not genetically programmed to do so. Why would the electric Jew elevate the version of manhood that is designed to, if not enjoy, than at least tolerate, their destruction of culture?

    So who are the people for whom it is not all good fundamentally? Who are the people not programmed to accept high levels of cognitive dissonance? (In other words who aren’t able to blot out the noise and enjoy life regardless?) The betas.

    The electric Jew has defined our current view of the alpha male. It’s the same version of manhood that sends white women to blacks as the apex of masculinity. I say, like nearly all facets of our culture, our view of apex maleness has been inverted to serve the jew. The white male “geek” father is constantly maligned while the athlete, the soldier and the womanizer are raised up on wings of eagles. Yet these people have presided over the near total destruction of the white race, whiteness, white justice and white culture. Why wouldn’t the Jew raise this form of masculinity above all else?

    In conclusion: Our view of alpha manhood has been inverted like everything else.

    This is not directed at you Stonelifter, or any other modern alpha male. This is meant to argue for the greatest untapped cultural resource in the white world: the modern beta (the ancient alpha shepherd subverted by the electric Jew).

  30. The electric Jew has an interest in subverting and destroying the type of man that at one time kept them in check, and raising and elevating the type of man that isn’t bothered all that much by life’s little idiosyncrasies. You know, don’t sweat the little stuff, and it’s all little stuff?

    Who sweats the little stuff? The betas. All the little stuff makes the big stuff. Change the little stuff and the big stuff changes. Elevate those who sweat the little stuff.

    How was our culture subverted? They started changing little stuff. They get you used to the little changes and then change it some more. The alphas step in and say “don’t sweat the little stuff, everything will be fine.” “Don’t worry about it.” “Why are you so uptight about it?” “At least you live in America.”

    Screw that. Pocket protector power man. Shit going to change.

  31. “Attractive Mudsharks have become victims of propaganda. They….cohabit…with Black Beasts for inverse status”

    white women fall for it cause of lack of male figure in their family. raised with single mom,vulnerable .the msm simply normalizing.

  32. Dude I recruit young fighting men for the cause of Southron Secession all the time, raised 5 kids to it and am leaving america because of legal troubles stemming from a divorce. A divorce were I had pay an unfaithful wife 7mil in assets….

    (editor’s note: please do not make wild, ridiculous boasts about personal wealth in the OD comments section. 7 mil in personal assets is just not honest truth)

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