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  1. It was funny how he explained that he would not link to the SBPDL site.

    I’m not gonna make this easy for you!

    No sirree bob.

    Note the Sher name. Enough of the Tikkun Olam in the South eh? Enough already.

  2. The comments section on the Comeback blog are fascinating.

    The blacks actually think that the white collar crime practiced by whites is qualitatively and quantitatively the same as that done by whites.

    At least when whites are taking envelopes stuffed with cash things actually get built as a result. When blacks do it you get Emperor Bokassa, Idi Amin, Jacob Zuma, Mugabe and Marion Barry.

  3. WARNING: Stop now if you don’t want to read the words of a virulent racist who has dragged Birmingham into the middle of his twisted mind.

    It’s fortunate he posted that all-cap warning. Otherwise I, and other adults, could have been exposed to virulent racism–which is obviously even worse than benign racism.

    And if racism isn’t conquered, then somewhere in the distant future a white woman will give birth to a white baby. And that child will be raised in a white community. And that’s simply a future too terrible to imagine.

    Let me be clear. The stakes could not be higher. The very future of our mixed brownish-yellow mono-race is at risk.

  4. If you use the phrase “anti-white” you will own those people, don’t be afraid to be dominate. We whites can articulate what is good for whites and if someone or something is anti-white the first step is to identify it and isolate it.

  5. Do note one of the companies he runs (its linked at the end of his article) with his family, “AmSher”. Its a collections agency. Perhaps some financial incentive there to keep things as they are Mr. Sher?

  6. It’s funny how journalism works in the South. In New Orleans, the “local” paper/news site that never reports the race of black criminals is owned by — laugh now — a company based in New York. OD readers can put 2 and 2 together from there. Who owns AL.com?

  7. Now its obvious that this anti-white thinks its okay and even lauditory for black to discuss what is good for blacks, yet he would deny this to whites. Now someone should ask him about this.

  8. Good job. Chinese say that water breaks even the strongest rock, when it drips at the same point long enough. So don,t underestimate keyboard warriors..

  9. “It’s funny how journalism works in the South. In New Orleans, the “local” paper/news site that never reports the race of black criminals is owned by — laugh now — a company based in New York. OD readers can put 2 and 2 together from there. Who owns AL.com?”

    all comunications leads to NY, NY. Center of power of finance.

  10. Perhaps if our good pastor had spoken out against Commies in the first place, nobody would have come for anybody.

  11. How long was the Church able to keep the lid on Heliocentrism? We are all heritics to the Church of Equality, but take heart! A lie cannot subsist forever.

  12. The Church never had a de fide position on heliocentrism, or on any other scientific theory. The Church is a spiritual communion, not a scientific institution.

    Jesus did not come to explain the heavens, but to make men fit for Heaven. Though as God He must certainly have known exactly how it all works, He left us no scientific knowledge in the modern sense of the term. Bearing this in mind, any scientific theory that does not contradict the teaching handed down from Jesus to us via his apostles is viable so far as the Church is concerned.

    I can’t wait to see how this AI.com thing pans out. Since the editor there has systematically deleted my comments, I’m fairly certain that any response Kersey makes is going to be edited, truncated, or refused. Still, this sort of free publicity is pure gold for the White cause. If just one White eye is opened, it will have been worth the trouble. We should write Mr. Sher a letter of thanks for promoting our ideas.

  13. Brad Paisley is getting attacked on the Left for this, especially at feminist scold sites like Jezibel which a lot of my friends constantly link to on Facebook. But I doubt you’ll like this either. It sounds pathetic and winy. Mosin definitely won’t like the drum machine, and neither do I.

  14. The Comments are a screech. I have not yet had a chance to weigh in – but I may be forced to post a few salient points.

  15. Shibes: The Church did in fact take a stand against it, arguing that the Earth is “firm” and not moving. Galileo and Copernicus took huge risks at even suggesting it. Galilro was put under house arrest. Then Charles Darwin came along and made atheism respectable.

    PGRT: For once I agree with you 100%. Brad Paisley exemplifies everything that is rotten with country music today. Lord knows how much kosher schlong he polished for a no talent groveling fool like him to be marketed to the idiots known as the public. I’ll
    bet LL Cool J has bent his paisley white ass over a table or two.

  16. I’m sure LL coolbeans could use the cash. And why is Paisley always droning on about the stars and bars, he isn’t even from the confederacy.

  17. Wayne @ April 10, 2013 at 12:34 am: I repeat: the Church never taught anything de fide about geocentrism or heliocentrism. Some individuals within the Church did argue against heliocentrism, but individual opinions of any given member of the Church are not binding on the faithful, nor are they considered definitive or indefectible. Theological opinions opposing heliocentrism were issued by the Holy Office, but these were not part of the infallible teaching Magisterium of the Church, and no Council or Pope ever uttered any such teaching.

    In fact, neither the pope at the time nor the Church was overtly hostile to theoretical heliocentric consmology. Both Copernicus (a Catholic) and Kepler (a Protestant) had issued works describing a heliocentric theory prior to Galileo, yet neither was censured by Rome. (Both were vehemently denounced as heretics by Martin Luther.) Copernicus’ work, On the Revolution of the Celestial Orbs, was in fact dedicated to Pope Paul III.

    As for Galileo: he was never tortured or treated cruelly by the Church as a result of his scientific theories. He was tried and convicted of teaching unproved theory as truth in a work which mocked the pope, Urban VIII, a man who had taken great pains to treat him fairly. He was forced to recant and kept under cushy house arrest — in his own palatial home, complete with servants. He continued to conduct experiments, to write, and to propose theories for the remainder of his life.

    Meanwhile, in Protestant England and in America, witches, heretics, and Catholics were being hanged, burned, and crushed for their beliefs.

    Bottom line: The Church has admitted that the trial and conviction of Galileo was an error — but it was an error of jurisprudence, not of theology.

  18. I too noticed how none of the liberal commentators were able to come up with anything to refute what PK had written. They weren’t even able to pull out the well-worn “ignorant racist” shtick since it is obvious that he is anything but much to their dismay. I also noticed how rather unsurprisingly slavery and Jim Crow were advanced as excuses as well as another theme I have noticed that the left uses when presented with hard evidence by people unafraid of being called racist: “we should come together as one” or “we are all Americans.” What I find so hypocritical is that the same people who love to neatly divide everyone so that they can claim victim-hood status for their pet minorities want to blur those same divisions when it suits them, i.e., Whites shouldn’t focus on black criminality and government mismanagement because we’re all Americans and in this together.

  19. Grammar and spelling errors were a topic though. If ignorant fails there’s always the Grammarian Schtick.

  20. I do what I can for PK’s spelling and grammar by commenting on the errors I see (I specifically ask him not to post those comments), but I only see his posts when they go up and he enters corrections as he sees fit.

  21. Shibes: I am in no way giving Protestants a pass, but thanks for pretty much confirming my point–we realistst are heretics for speaking truth to religious fantasy.

  22. If the author is the “David Sher” that lives in Vestavia Hills, AL, he lives in a city that is 90.4% White, 3.8% Black or African American, 0.2% Native American, 3.8% Asian, 0.10% Pacific Islander, and 1.0% from two or more races. 2.5% of the population of Vestavia Hills are Hispanic or Latino of any race. (Source: US Census 2010)

    To sum up: ,b>Mr. David “I Loves Me Some Black Folks” Sher lives as far away from de Burminham black folks he loves as he possibly can.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    And yet he has the nerve to call Paul Kersey a racist.

    Pathetic hypocrite.

  23. Sher has now published 2 more comments, but not my pointed questions to Todd Panciera.  He must be afraid of what people might think if they considered them.

    For the DWL, some things must remain literally unthinkable.

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