Funniest Negro Criminal Names


I can’t resist sharing this:

“Two Montgomery teenagers are charged in the first-degree robbery of a person in the 2600 block of Vaughn Road on April 7, according to Montgomery Police.

Jiamante Wells, 19, and Deshunquez Harris, 18, are both charged with first-degree robbery and are being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility on $60,000 bond. …”

Jiamante and Deshunquez … first degree robbery.

Note: Among the suspects arrested for homicide in Montgomery in 2013, we have a Marquis, Dominique, Keyon, Orlando, Kenayaree, and Ayrquan. For first degree robbery in Montgomery in 2013, we have an Antwoine, Stefranio, Tacques, Jareco, Kandarries, Keandre, and Javier Cortez.

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  1. My buddy and I still laugh over something overheard while we worked in a restaurant.
    “Jamookie, give A-Ha yo hairbrush.”
    Jamookie and A-Ha. Still funny after 20 years.

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