50 Years Forward: Sexual Harassment at the Birmingham Public Library

Barbara Ann Wilson sues the City of Birmingham and Birmingham Library Board for sexual harassment
Barbara Ann Wilson sues the City of Birmingham and Birmingham Library Board for sexual harassment


In the video below, Barbara Ann Wilson describes her experiences working as an employee of the Birmingham Public Library.

In 2010, Wilson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of Birmingham and the Birmingham Library Board which alleged that the downtown branch of the Birmingham Public Library was a hostile work environment:

“On July 14, 2008, Wilson filed an incident report stating that a middle aged male Library patron had exposed his “private part” to a female while she was using a computer on the second floor and then followed her to the third floor. A few months later, on December 2, 2008, Wilson reported an incident in writing where a male patron rubbed up against her with an erect penis and, when she tried to get away from him, he followed her around the Library. She advised her immediate supervisor that she felt physically threatened.

From April 10, 2009 onward, Wilson was subjected on a daily basis to viewing pornography that Library patrons accessed in her presence. Further, on at least two occasions between April 10, 2009 and the date she filed her EEOC charge on October 7, 2009, Library patrons fondled their genitals or masturbated in her presence. Also during that time period, one patron rubbed up against her buttocks with an erect penis , and patrons asked her out on dates dozens of times.”

Homeless people would come into the Birmingham Public Library, pull up hardcore pornography, harass the female employees, and masturbate in front of children. They would become belligerent when confronted:

“The downtown library is located near a big city park and near a bus station,” said Morel. “For whatever reason, they get these people in the library — they don’t have other places to be.”

“They are using the computer to access hard-core porn in front of other patrons and children, and some of these people manipulate themselves in the open library,” he said.

“It’s going on every day and it’s basically elevated,” according to Morel, who said Wilson, 43, is still employed by the library. She was not available for an interview with ABCNews.com.”

Note: In 2012, a $150,000 settlement was reached between Wilson and the City of Birmingham. A second employee of the Birmingham Public Library, Karen Jackson, filed a lawsuit which made similar allegations. I believe that case was dismissed last August.

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  1. Ma’am, welcome to race realism. If daily exposure to the Negro doesn’t wake you up then nothing will and you’re destined for a horrific death at their hands.

  2. W&C, did you look at the video?  Wilson IS a Negro.

    This is the same behavior as the masturbation incident which resulted in Otis Mathis resigning as president of the Detroit Board of Education.  I saw it described as “sexual incontinence”, and that seems to fit perfectly.  If you read the historical accounts dredged up and republished by M.G. and quoted by Unamused, this behavior is stereotypical for the African.

  3. The public library is one of those institutions that made sense in the context of mostly white cities circa 1920 but no longer do. People then had manners and public spaces were possible to maintain with some level of decorum. That is no longer possible.

    The last time I was in the library was to work on the free internet they had there and three ladies were chattering away at the table I was sitting at like it was a coffee shop. Unbelievable. (Yes, they were minorities.)

    It’s sad to drive around some of the neighborhoods in my area and see these palatial libraries – for who, exactly? Not kids, they get everything on their smart phones and tablets. Not really for anyone, as they are mostly empty when you go into them.

    My take is it’s mostly another transfer program – to government employees. Why should citizens pay to put up libraries that are vastly better built than the houses that they live in, to pay librarians who are paid vastly more than they probably make, and get $150,000 retirement packages?

    A city provided free-net makes a lot more sense, and if the city is in an urban area filled with low-impulse control minorities and homeless people you also won’t be creating a public nuisance, which big public libraries always become in these areas.

    The last library vote around here failed. People are catching on.

  4. It would be a simple thing to block most of the porn at the router level via OpenDNS.

    Jackson is correct. The library is largely obsolete. If they’re going to have public libraries there ought to be some classical music playing softly in the background and a police officer who is handy to remove people disturbing the peace. Such music acts as a repellent to the Negro. Lastly perhaps it ought to be necessary to have a home address to be issued a library card and only people with a library card could access the library beyond the front desk. That would keep the homeless vagrants out.

  5. There are similar incidents in the library of the mostly white town I grew up in, with white homeless people and meth addicts. And what does “even negroes should be race realists mean?” Will you let some of the better behaved negroes pass for white in your segregationist future?

  6. + 1 to Jackson. The public library is simply a minority set aside, and exists as an anachronism, given its original function. I live downtown, three blocks from our city library. It is mostly used as a day shelter for vagrants, who sleep in the bushes outside at night, and eat free meals at the Orthodox church across the street– meals provided by self-loathing Christians, I presume. When the library opens, the insane, alcoholics, drug addicts, and the rest of the dredge of humanity go directly to the third floor PC lab in order to surf the Net. Level three has a permanent stench. The few vagrants that still care use the public restrooms for sink baths, and god only knows what goes on in the stalls.

    In spit of a permanent city police presence, there was a stabbing in front of the entrance some months ago. One vagrant died from wounds, which has to be a net plus for the community.

    The librarians are mostly women, and about half of these are of the colored persuasion. The white women are always helpful. Never try dealing with an angry black woman when trying to check out, or trying to obtain assistance. You’ll become just as angry and possibly violent, or say something uncivil, and these days there is no upside to that for a white man.

    Management is always sponsoring some sort of nauseating panderfest: Hispanic heritage week, negro history month; and what seems to be year long Jewish inspired anti-German festivals.

    Although my library is a city/county facility, there is a larger than nature intended photograph of the smiling Negro in Chief in the lobby. I do not recall a photo of his predecessor every being hung.

    The place is also an after school hang-out for black and brown kids. They never seem to be studying, though. The kids who study after school are usually Chinese, and mostly hang out at the Barnes and Nobles, minding their own business.

  7. Ok, I’ll bite:

    White homeless people and meth addicts

    I tour the south and the southwest all the time , and I am still looking for these mythical white meth addicts. Meth-heads that I see are mostly hispanic and black, just like the normal crime patterns. In South Florida the meth problem is exclusively hispanic. The worst meth hellhole I have found, Gallop, NM, the meth addicts were all indians.

  8. When I lived in Hawaii the meth heads were all… Hawaiian. Not gooks, not zipper heads, not the chinks but Hawaiians

  9. First, as soon as I read this:

    “The downtown library is located near a big city park and near a bus station,” said Morel. “For whatever reason, they get these people in the library — they don’t have other places to be.”

    I knew exactly what color she was. Her diploma must have been issued by some majority minority diploma mill. She is a librarian that can’t even speak decent English. She is just looking for a check. She gets treated the exact same at “da club” every weekend. Could you imagine a child asking this woman with help using a dictionary or thesaurus?

    Second, I stopped at Harold Washington Library one day to kill some time. And m is right. Libraries in cities are day shelters. Ands places to steal from, bunches out young thugs patrolling it just like they patrol the Red Line for the unsuspecting. On the day I was there, I thought I could use the washroom on the way out because I hadn’t seen anyone enter on in a few minutes. I pushed open the door and almost vomited from the odor.

    m also said: The place is also an after school hang-out for black and brown kids. They never seem to be studying, though.

    I stopped at my neighborhood library one evening and it was the same way. I accidentally sat in the “children’s section” that night at 8PM because it was empty and got chased out of it even though there was no one in it. I left the library.

  10. Very sad story. Library decorum is still pretty well observed where I live (mainly White, and the minorities don’t frequent the place). I only rarely go for the books or periodicals anymore, but here at least it is pretty well used. I must admit, I thought most of these happenings with vagrant misbehavior at libraries were conservative horror stories: how much worse it is than I thought! Even though my hometown is wholly Left, there remains an element of Whitopia.

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