Mark Potok: Boston Bombing Likely Not “Radical Right”


Mark Potok thinks the Boston bomber might be “a home grown radical, but perhaps of the jihadist sort”:

Note: Personally, I had never heard of “Patriots’ Day.” I doubt many Southerners are even aware that there is such a holiday. I also know plenty of people who “hate America,” especially Massachusetts, but I can’t imagine any of them targeting an event like the Boston Marathon in which our own people would be participating.

The fact that the bombing took place in the Northeast (like 9/11, the original WTC bombing, the failed attack on Times Square, etc.) combined with the fact that its target was ordinary Americans, not the government, also suggests to me that it was an Islamic terrorist group or a foreign terrorist group who attacked the Boston Marathon.

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  1. I think the Corrupt Liberal Media have learned that accusing conservatives right out of the gate when the guilty parties are obviously liberal pets like Muslims blows up in their faces.  Thank goodness for the Internet.

    Speaking of the Internet, SBPDL doesn’t seem to have had any new posts or comments for about a day.  Does anyone know if Paul Kersey is okay?

  2. My guess about the Haji is that the incident happened when the victims would be white. A Kenyan won it and the top foreign racers are off in the first wave and obviously finished hours before this when the finish line would be packed with their friends and families, and the Kenyans are primarily mooslims, so target them get a backlash from fellow mooslims, target SWPLs and listen to anti-whites rant on basically voiceless whites.

  3. Mark Potok was 0 for 3 in Texas when he was blaming “white supremacist gangs” for high profile murders.

    Suddenly he is being reasonable.

  4. I’ll send the SPLC $100 in fiatscos if Potok goes on a “white man did it white men are evil” spittle spewing rant the next time he is FOX dealing with this story.

    Honestly folks I don’t even think the paycheck conservatives and the quibblectuals of the right can save this establishment, its legimacy has been shot and its lying in a ditch bleeding out.

  5. Even the poverty pimps know this isn’t a right-wing mo. Blowing up federal offices, shooting positions or assassinating high profile enemies is generally more their style. I honestly can’t think of a single time in history a right winger targeted random civilians. That’s a lefty thing. Even the klan church bombings were meant to target high-profile civil rights meetings taking place there.

  6. And IMO the latest spree shooters have been in general from the left or influenced by the left and except for the Giffords part they basically chose nihilistic violence, so I agree Jim, for the most part. Except for Rudolph’s targeting the Olympics that job targeted people walking around.

  7. No one’s claimed responsibility. The Federales called a press conference, called it off, called a press conference, called it off. Uh oh. Smells funny. Fishy. Like 4 day old gelfelte fish.

    I call “JEW”.

    By the by – the guy arrested n Corinth MS sent ricin greetings to The Kenyan Usurper and some derelict Whore O’ ZOG Rep. He was protesting the trafficking in body parts. One of the JEW monopolies.

    Ragna is rocking.

  8. “also suggests to me that it was an Islamic terrorist group or a “foreign” terrorist group who attacked the Boston Marathon”

    He’s onto something.

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