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  1. Don’t ask that dude a question.

    Reminds me of that scene in pulp fiction “Say what!”, except here the roles are reversed.

  2. Maybe he’s watched all the other videos of negroes attacking white bus drivers?

    Agreed the dude seems unhinged but excuse me if I don’t shed a tear for the rare event of a nig getting attacked by a white guy for no reason.

  3. The nigger wasn’t really that hurt.

    It’s not like he wound up with 46 stitches and needed cosmetic surgery.

    On an aside: I literally wept watching this film :

    (Thank you again mind weapons).

    The total lack of non-euros in this film was refreshing to the point of it getting emotional for me.

    Like a delicious icey and sweet kiwi-cocktail delivered in bed by a gorgeous Spanish girlfriend (Asturias).

    – Arturo

  4. had no idea so many white wimps read this site. White driver got tired of Peak Negro’s verbal assault, so he fought back. Fact is, Congoids aren’t much unless they got a weapon and U don’t, or they outnumber you 3::1. After PonziCollapse, in fact, I expect the urban hispanic gangs will cut a wide and bloody swath thru the Dusky Ones. Racial rectification. Coming soon to the ‘kwa.

  5. Best comment underneath the video:

    Caucasian actually has nothing to do with skin tone. Some Africans and Asians are classified Caucasian, too . . . And my Ethnicity is Hispanic, in other words, Spanish ancestry. Spain, as you may know, is a European country (ironically making them Caucasian). I am white. Doesn’t mean my ethnicity is Anglo. I understand it’s not “hip” to be white, but lots of us are racially white and ethnically Hispanic. By understanding this I in fact AM embracing my ethnicity, not just trying to be? cool.

  6. I watched the full-length video. All 17 minutes. With my eyes. Open.

    The driver is the aggressor. It’s impossible to deny. The black guy kept asking stupid questions (there is audio), but it’s pretty clear he doesn’t know his way around. For a LONG time before the assault begins, the black guy is just standing there, looking stupid. Then, the attack. The driver sounds like a high-strung and possibly unstable sort. He even says at one point: “I’m going to kick your ass if you ask me one more question.”

    Listen closely at: “What Did I say about the next question you ask me?”

    But, to be fair, the driver also doesn’t come across as a racially-conscious sort. He just seems like he lost his temper and freaked out. Nebraska=meth?

    Entire tape

    After the passenger stands up, looking dumb.

  7. I tend to agree with Stuka – however – for context – I recommend reading the case of Plessy v Ferguson (US Supreme Court, 1896) which upheld segregation in public transportation – interesting dictum, referencing the right of a “dominant” race to make the laws and noting that until fairly recently White’s had NOT been the dominant race. The White race is certainly no longer a “dominant” race at all, generally very apathetic and sissified. All of the videos showing Negro attacks on White’s on integrated public transportation uphold the underlying wisdom of the Ferguson case.

  8. If only the driver had waited for a better target. We could have had another Epic Beard Man.

    In the name of hope, of decency and of Western Civilization, in these trying times America desperately needs another Epic Beard Man.

  9. Sustained vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause people to get like that. Too much McDonald’s drive through and too little wholesome food for months or years can do this.

  10. It’s obvious to me. The driver spent too much time reading SBPDL before his shift.

    LOL 🙂

  11. This behavior hurts us. It’s an empty bus with no stress goin on in Nebraska of all places, not like rush hour in a place like Oakland or Baltimore. Thanks Mr Bus Driver, you gave a huge amount of ammunition to Jackson and Sharpton.

  12. Has it occurred to anyone that this video was staged? Who published it? Why hasn’t this gone viral?

    What happened from the time the black guy got on the bus until the time the video starts? What city in Nebraska was this supposed to have happened in? Where’s the accompanying news story, and from what newspaper? A city bus without advertising- I’ve been on city buses across the USA, and I can’t remember one without advertising. A monitoring camera in color? A monitoring camera that swivels to follow the action as it is happening? The theatrical punches thrown? (Looked like that fight where 60 year-old George F. knocked out the titleholder, if I am remembering the details of that particular bout correctly.)

    Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.

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