Mississippi Gun Shops Blamed for Chicago Black Murderers

"Evil White Southerners Making Chicago Blacks Kill"
“Evil White Southerners Making Chicago Blacks Kill”

Here’s a Chicago news story that should be of interest for OD’s Southern nationalist readers.

“Mississippi Pawnshop Sued in Cop’s Death”

Consistent with the fundamentalist BRA/Lib belief that Chicago’s Black gang members should never be held responsible for terrorizing and murdering people, The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is suing a (White) Mississippi pawnshop for selling a gun later linked to the murder of an off duty Black police officer.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of the murdered Black Chicago police officer (always looking for a legal lottery ticket payout) “accused the pawnshop of negligence for failing to recognize clues that the gun’s buyer was making an illegal purchase then blocking the sale… accusing its owner Bruce Edward Archer of failing to follow guidelines established by the gun industry’s trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about how to detect a straw purchaser.” (Chicago Tribune, April 25th, 2013).

Apparently, a South Side Chicago Black criminal – Quawi Gates recruited Mississippi Black “College students” to make gun purchases for him, paying them $50-$100 per weapon, and then Gates resold the guns on the Chicago streets to Black gang members.

Now, most White Conservatives in Mississippi or anywhere are going to take the knee-jerk reaction that this is just same old, Lib Chicago trying to take away the South’s 2nd Amendment gun rights, trying to export Chicago’s worst in the nation gun rights laws that prevents regular citizens from defending themselves, all the time Chicago’s (Black & Latino) gang bangers are armed to the teeth, don’t obey the local guns laws, just as they don’t obey the laws against drug trafficking, assault, armed robbery, rape, murder etc. OK, so I can see this point of view.

But, my view as a sane, racially conscious White American “Left behind in Chicago” is different.

I don’t want anyone giving/selling guns to Black gang members in Chicago or anywhere else!

It’s like Whites in the American West that sold rifles to the Indians who used the guns to murder White settlers. I don’t think any low life Black person has any 2nd Amendment Rights, I support the NYPD’s policy of stopping and frisking suspicious (Black males between the ages of 14-23) people, searching them for guns.

The race denying, Conservative, pro life, gun rights for all, Libertarian, individualist program simply DOES NOT WORK in American urban areas with very large Black, non White underclasses. We’re not for pro life for the Black welfare underclass. Here in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia it makes sense to be an elitist, Liberal, environmentalist snob – who likes parks and pets more than (most) people. We want to take away so many personal rights that too many Conservatives in the South and everywhere think can work for all humans, we know they don’t.

Libertarian, 2nd Amendment purists insist that everyone in America (including 11-20 million NW illegal aliens, soon to be full US citizens) should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to dress the way they want, eat and drink what they want, drive whatever car they want and own whatever gun they want. These types ask:

“Who needs some law mandating that teenage boys can’t wear the pants below their butt cracks”?

Well, being around large numbers of underclass Blacks – yeah, we need these laws and we ain’t letting these types get guns.

So please pass the word to pawnshop gun sellers in places like Byhalla Mississippi:

“Don’t sell guns to Blacks working as straw buyers for Chicago’s Black & Latino Street gangs”.

As the lawsuit states:

“Ed’s Pawn Shop took no reasonable steps to implement reasonable precautions or otherwise alter their business sales practices to minimize the risk that they would supply the criminal racket” (Chicago Tribune, April 25th, 2013).

My interpretation of “reasonable steps” is: don’t sell guns to most Blacks, Muslim immigrants, Lesbians, undesirables etc.


  1. It was white male southerners who brought hordes of blacks to our shores to begin with, white male southerners who kept importing them and even, disgustingly enough, BREEDING WITH THEM…and the hordes grew more and more numerous.

    You are the reason so many black people are in our country. The amount of blacks who have immigrated since the 1960s pales in comparison to the blacks who are descended from slaves brought here by naive, greedy, lazy, promiscuous southerners before the mid-1800s. Thank goodness you were stopped before you imported and bred even more. If not, America would look like Brazil now.

    I’m sorry that it probably hurts to hear this, but it’s true. Stop blaming Yankees for American problems. They started with you guys, not northerners.

  2. Violent revolutions generally make things worse than they were before. They split families, get innocent people killed, and rarely solve the root problems.

  3. The irony is that the legions who have no ambition beyond screwing, smoking, enjoying their gibsmedat courtesy of the EBT and partying with purple drank would accept positions in a zoo very readily.  You could even isolate them with moats instead of fences, because they can’t swim.

    The one thing you could not do is allow them to see the zoo’s visitors, because that would remind them that something exists beyond them and raise feelings of jealousy and hatred.

  4. “Why don’t YOU start the “RAHOWA”, Fr. John+?”

    – 666 Antichrist

    Dipstick, because a priest cannot fight. But he CAN give counsel. Clearly, you know nothing of either the White Man’s History, or the history of the Church.

    I’d gladly print out Watts psalms for musket balls, however. he he

  5. “Violent revolutions generally make things worse than they were before. They split families, get innocent people killed, and rarely solve the root problems.

    PigRot- Gee, what stellar observations. Revolutions are just another name for war.
    If memory serves, the American Colonies were engaged in a war with the greatest war machine in the world’s history sometime around 1776, I believe. And many men, women, and some children died. But I vaguely remember a man called Henry, saying ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’

    Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

    And the tip of the card that you are an unregenerate rabble rouser, accursed minion of the Jew, and all around servant of Satan, is your fallacious meme.

    “One Earth, One people.”

    That’s correct. But only Whites are People, and the Earth is the Lord’s- and His to give to his Chosen People- Whites.

    So, what’s your point? Or are you saying Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, and all the ‘goyim’ are our ontological equals? Sorry, you need to be over at the Huff post for that sort of intellectual BS.

  6. There’s another reason to hold to JR’s creed not to sell firearms to blacks:

    Blacks can have all the rights they want indicative of all the political doctrines they invent in their own native territories to have things they invent.

    But seeing that blacks in their own native environment and on their own never invented a written language or a wheel, all I can say is “good luck with that.”

    Oops, but I forgot…Super Soaker.

  7. I’m reading some of the comments on this thread, and I think some of this Mason-Dixon sniping is unnecessary. I’m saying this as an ethnic Mason with Dixon ideological sympathies living in a Mason city which is in a marginally Dixon state.

    The reason it’s unnecessary is that those of you doing the sniping (I won’t mention any names, you know who you are) agree with each other on the matter of white racial/tribal thinking, which is the most important thing. We’re too few in number to be throwing each other to the wolves.

    Furthermore, the nontroversy boils down to racially aware Mason whites accusing Dixon whites for TNB/Bellcurvius/Ook, and racially aware Dixon whites blaming Mason whites for TNB/Bellcurvius/Ook. The ultimate answer is “Yes.”

  8. Well said countenance.

    I will just add that I make a very strong effort to respect the unique, history, culture, perspectives of distinct groups of Whites, such as Whites in the South or White French etc.

    The North is a direction, but “The South” is a place – and a very beautiful special place full of very unique, special people – Southerners.

    “Be proud you’re a Rebel, cause the South’s Gonna Do it Again” (Charlie Daniels).

    That said, I take a very strict, no excuses line with any White fools or traitors. Willing selling guns to Black gang members for a very small personal profit – that’s bad, about as bad as it gets. Whites who do such terrible treason need to be identified and publicly humiliated.

    No pain, no gain.

  9. I’m not suggesting that cops commit crimes but planting guns is a really quick way to get Bellcurvius arraigned at least.

    Risky professional strategy but it’s likely to work if the jury and judge are non black Libs. It seems to have been at the root of the Mark Duggan Riots too, but I think the shit was probably armed.

  10. John:

    That kind of thing has been happening for years. The cops call it “throwdown gun.” The good news is that they don’t throw down on my grandma on her way to church, they throw down on habitually violent Bellcurvii and Ooks that keep getting slapped on the hand by the judicial system.

    Now, back to the subject matter at hand, thinking lawyerly here, I think this lawsuit has a really hard hill to climb IF the pawn shop owner’s sale to the black was legal to the letter. I don’t think the judicial system is going to let itself be used to enforce voluntary trade/retail association best practice guidelines.

    I said above that gun store owners are in a pickle when black walks into the store. Sell and the gun is used to kill eventually, don’t sell and DOJ sues for racial civil rights. I think there might be a way out of that eventually: I know the NRA has been kinda sorta pushing for blanket civil liability for FLFDs that refuse to sell to “suspicious” people. I wish they would try harder, because I think such a bill would easily pass, get at least a majority of votes from both parties, any President will sign it, and once it’s law, there’s your grounds for refusing to sell to blacks. Just don’t create a paper trail that suggests a racial motive.

  11. Anymous – wrong. JEWS brought Negro slaves in. Not Whites. Proportionally, according to demographic spreads – 40% of slave-owners were Jews. White slave-owners, 3%.

    Jews BLAME others for their crimes.

    The White crime? Abolition. Whites founded the Abolition Movement. No “Good Deed” goes unpunished….

  12. J Spruce says:
    April 29, 2013 at 7:31 pm
    gun shops put signs up; sales whites only……. after all, its a white invention.

    Jack replies:

    OK, but I always recommend usins some racial “finesse” .

    How about this for a sign:

    “Notice, absolutely, positively no gun sales to Chicago gang members”.

    Now in theory, Chicago gang members could be White or Asian, in practice 98% are Black and Latino.

  13. Crips and the bloods, the hoods in the east and la raza in the south west.

    These critters are unlawfully armed,yet they are protected under the Constitution terrorizing the streets. 2+2=5

  14. I too favor limiting negroes, as a matter of principle, to their own technological discoveries and inventions. At a minimum, negroes should pay a technology use tax to both remind them who did invent these modern marvels, and as a means for generating revenue to be applied to the general cost of their destructiveness.

  15. Think of all the things which would carry technology use taxes:
    – Frozen food
    – Automobiles
    – “Sail foams”
    – Amplified or recorded music of any kind
    – Central heating

    That sort of thing would tax the pavement apes right back to shotgun shacks in the Old South in years, if not months.

  16. I would think the tax would extend to aircraft, trains, boats, computers, x-rays, CAT scans, MRI ‘s, cable television, I- pads, I- phones, air-conditioning, refrigerators, to name a few. I would also, without exception, apply the tax to white women who take up with negroes.

  17. “At a minimum, negroes should pay a technology use tax to both remind them who did invent these modern marvels, and as a means for generating revenue to be applied to the general cost of their destructiveness”


  18. Fr John, I have said before on this website that I am opposed to the American Revolution and see the British Empire as a lesser evil in the 18th century context. They abolished slavery before the US did, extended voting rights to more people before the US did, and have a better political system overall. If I were around during the times of the American Revolution, I would have been a loyalist. Patrick Henry was a hypocritical slave-owning war criminal terrorist, and if I ever go back to Virginia I will spit on his grave, along with that of Robert E Lee.
    Very convenient, you deciding to become a priest so you can make an excuse not to fight, while getting others to do the fighting for you.

    One earth, one people

  19. As Anon said, southern whites didn’t care about racial purity when they miscegenated with slaves. And abolition is an inevitable result of people waking up from the fact that it’s not workable in the long-term to have people occupying the same land while treating them differently based merely on characteristics of a race, without any effort to understand differences between personalities within a race. And then of course making race meaningless by mixing the races together.
    And blacks are responsible for inventing much of our current technology, although credit was taken by well-connected white employers.

  20. And blacks are responsible for inventing much of our current technology, although credit was taken by well-connected white employers.

    LOL! Yer a riot!

  21. It is probably worthwhile to remember that the British slavers were responsible for selling over 5 million negroes into bondage. Now granted, they did this with the enthusiastic cooperation of the negro tribal kings, but still, they were unconscionable. Also, the negro has invented nothing but the drive-by shooting and the Shanequa welfare-queen, though I do fully admit they are pretty good at running and jumping. Lastly, since I work on 18th Street in D. C ., and cross the Memorial Bridge every day, tomorrow I will spit on the Lincoln Memorial on the way into work. On the way home, I will lay flowers at the home of General Lee.

  22. DENISE – wrong. JEWS brought Negro slaves in. Not Whites. Proportionally, according to demographic spreads – 40% of slave-owners were Jews. White slave-owners, 3%.

    That’s an interesting fact, but also maybe misleading. What percent of the South was Jewish? If it’s only 2% then, despite their proclivity for owning slaves, they weren’t overwhelmingly responsible for the trade. 3% of 98% They might have owned 1/4 or less of all the slaves in the South.

    What source do you have for this. I’d like to learn more about this topic.

  23. Slave traders may have been very temporarily slave owners (and not even that if they were sea captains that didn’t contactually own their cargo); but the primary slave owners in the United States were White Englishmen.

  24. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/05/31/head-of-chicago-anti-violence-group-arrested-for-allegedly-hitting-wife/

    CHICAGO (CBS) – The head of a publicly funded anti-violence group is now facing charges after allegedly attacking his wife inside their suburban home.

    Tio Hardiman, the head of Cease Fire/Cure The Violence, was arrested after allegedly striking his wife, Alison, in Hillside, CBS 2?s Mai Martinez reports.

    Hardiman was booked at the Hillside Police station and has been charged with domestic abuse. He is scheduled to appear in bond court on Saturday.

    His wife suffered bruises.


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