Illegal Aliens Arrested In Connection To Boston Bombing


TERRORISTA#1 & Co. have been arrested in Massachusetts … another DREAMer (remember Mohammad Atta?) has “come out of the shadows”:

Update: Catch and release, too? The NY Times calls for the abolition of nations and the freedom of terrorists to move to the United States.

“Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov were already in police custody at the time of their arrest and had been for over a week because they were previously questioned about their license plate that reads ‘TERRORISTA#1’. Authorities then held them on immigration issues because they are in the country illegally after their academic visas expired. …”

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  1. “Phillipos lives with his mother in Cambridge. Phillipos’ mother is from Ethiopia. She is a single mother and works with refugees. The family’s apartment building is located NEXT to the gas station where the carjacking victim from the night of the shootout in Watertown escaped.”

    ‘Ello, ‘Ello, what have we got here? What are the chances of that family living there and a carjack victim…What a remarkable coincidence.

  2. “I foresee a day when no white man will feel the desire to defend it.”

    — but continue to work for it, on its payroll, the mercenary traitors of white civilization!

  3. Nagant,

    I’ve stated that I’m in favour of colonizing Africa. Race replacement colonization. Not an adventure, or a quick kill or a war of liberation. Just a steady methodical use of our technological advantage while the money and expertise is still in one place.

  4. “It is far likelier that the black accomplice was an Obama supporter than a Romney supporter, and probably no one would be surprised — and the search for false flag evidence in Boston is as productive as the search for more evidence of Obama’s birthplace.”

    Of course all these mooslims are Obama supporters. They are his people. His middle name is Hussein. He has stated that America is a mooslim nation. It’s a black and brown world, now.

    In the fullness of time, even yankee DWLs will come to realize that they have let the enemy in the gate. It is never wise to let the same dog bite you twice, let alone provide food and shelter for said dog.

    The Boston bombing is just one of the first nibbles. The feeding frenzy of vicious foreign dogs has yet to begin in earnest. For now, DWLs will continue to wonder why they hate us and reach the foregone conclusion that it must be because of backwards rednecks.

    Deo Vindice

  5. I wonder when people will wake up to the inherent hostility and callousness of this politician? You can see how much he doesn’t care about whites whenever there is a
    Massacre oversees, or when he uses atrocity at home for a distinct form of leverage.
    Whatever Bush’s ethical, intellectual shortcomings were, he visibly shed tears a couple of times over dead countrymen. Not a very good person either but he was capable of emotion. Obama is looking more psychopathic/sociopathic every time I read his body language.

  6. 7/7 marked the point where “Homegrown” muslim terrorists struck in the UK.

    9/11 was essentially a bunch of Saudis and Egyptians attacking American landmarks.

    The Boston Marathon bombing is a signal that a civil war or Balkanization is beginning to take hold. These bombers were ethnic and racial outsiders, paling around as a multiracial gang and bombed some SWPL in the very white Boston Mass. It’s almost a text book example of the things Enoch Powell warned about.

  7. Correct, Rudel, but I don’t think we have seen anything yet.

    No attempt has yet been made to address the real causes and effects, largely because that would violate liberal taboos.

    The federal government is so deeply dysfunctional that it is incapable of solving this or any other problem.

    Deo Vindice

  8. “Nagant, I’ve stated that I’m in favour of colonizing Africa. Race replacement colonization. Not an adventure, or a quick kill or a war of liberation. Just a steady methodical use of our technological advantage while the money and expertise is still in one place.”

    Africa is already BEING colonized, steadily and methodically, by “they” who OWN the technological advantage, the money and expertise, and militaries. Just as we are colonized. Why would they want white Christians to flourish in Africa?

  9. The Boston spectacle is mesmerising some now, eyes are all on the “mooslims.” Someone said no one mentioned “bombing in retaliation,” here. Russians wouldn’t allow bombing Chechnya.

  10. Wasn’t it Romney who said Russia is the greatest threat? “Bomb bomb bomb Chechnya!” No that was McCain, about Iran. Yes, that’ll teach them.

  11. I like Apuleius’ phrase, above: “Invade and invite.” (1) Bombings, invasions, liberations, bringings-to-justice, humanitarian missions, etc. — all produce (2) high yields of refugees to diversify us more.

  12. “The U.S.A. military does MUCH more bombing of Muslims than Muslims do in the U.S.A”

    So then why does the feds import the same very muslims that the U.S boms their people? The u.s and western euro suport the Chechans from Russian onslaught exactly why the 200 chechans were granted entry , political asylum. supposely the’re moderate’ muslims who seek opportunity for better life-no such thing as moderate”.

  13. De-colonised of white Christianity, while being colonised or managed increasingly otherwise.

  14. @ Hard to believe how they mindlessly attack their benefactors, who ply them with every kind of government assistance including scholarships. Scholarships you can rest assured would be denied to any white boy….”

    Freeloaders always have many “attitudes” toward those they feed off of. Defamation, degradation of those they rob tells them they “deserve” to take the stuff. I’ve known MANY highly intelligent, motivated Generational Americans who could never get into colleges (maybe just as well, given the “historical narratives” taught there).

    Even people on Warfare-or-Welfare paychecks cut down “the public.”

    Their own internal corruption (living by stealing) is the price they pay, and most of them do not even know it.

  15. “He din do nuffins.” That headline with that photo would make a good cover for one of the National Enquirer genre of supermarket checkout line products — “outrageous” half-news to entertain/distract/sell to the masses.

  16. The msm doesn’t focus on the victims whose limb blown away and the families in grieve. It will surely clamped down the amnesty bill.

  17. It’s also very interesting that a namesake of Mengistu Haile Mariam would say that Robel

    “he be turnin’ Jim’s life around, he like bakkabal too.”

  18. I like Do it for Jesus / Do it for Vlad. Good one Denise.

    And Boston was not a foreign policy problem, it’s an immigration problem. Importing Chechens and being taken aback when they blow something up is like being alarmed when Italians open pizzerias. It’s just what they do.

  19. I’ve stated that I’m in favour of colonizing Africa. Race replacement colonization.

    History will record that the Chinese got there the firstest with the mostest.

    Chechens gonna Chetch.


  20. If anyone wants to read a pretty good book about Chetching: Mountain Men and Holy Wars. The author has alternating chapters of traveling westerners in modern caucasus and the story of their 19th century warrior sheikh “Shamil”.

  21. “Melaku was arrested in June 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery before he could carry out the rest of his campaign. He had a backpack full of spent shells, ammonium nitrate (a component of homemade explosives) and spray paint that he planned to use to scrawl Arabic phrases on the tombstones of those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.”

    They have backpacks and explosives… More workplace violence? Plea insanity?

  22. Honestly we get all upset about crimes against whites by the coloreds, but my guess is that the whites being brained are SWPLs for the most part. Gotta suck hard to be a human sacrifice, and that is some powerful cult magic to think about it.

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