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  1. The Roman republic died when Caesar’s army crossed the Rubicon. The American republic died when Lincoln’s army crossed the Potomac.

  2. I can’t believe they are serious about this. The Worker’s Paradise will crumble to bits if even one spot on earth is left free from it.

  3. The joke would be on them. Because without the Southern States, they would not really enjoy those things very long. They would enjoy SAYING they had them, just as they speak of “freedoms.”

  4. THEY want to secede…

    These fellows see closely related people’s as THEY.
    You couldn’t make it up!

  5. Illinois the home of the red guard is broke, its government basically a racket of locusts at all levels, but especially around Chicago and Springfield. Honestly I don’t know how Mass. makes it thru since they can “afford” to pay terrorists thousands of dollars to live there. New York I understand because they can grift off the fed reserve and its banker scum but the rest of NE has a declining industrial base and little left for agriculture (the basis of an economy according to Smith)

  6. Amen! I say plaster these posters everywhere alone with the “secede” stickers! ­čśë

  7. “A Humane Immigration Program”

    Our number one priority as a free nation should be to destroy the Yankee empire with immigration and multiculturalism. They are psychopaths who could not stand their egalitarian religion being disproved by our continued existence. We need to settle this publicly and for all time: encourage massive immigration to New England, sue NYC for “stop and frisk”, and make it a priority that no more white mayors exist in diverse New England cities (yep, talking about NYC). Publicly destroy egalitarianism for the whole world to see and this insanity will never again infect otherwise sane people.

  8. One other benefit. Without the red states of Dixie, and with an international border between NY/NJ/MA and all those retrograde troglodytes who don’t believe in socially “progressive” utopia, all those closeted white nationalists who are also social liberals in blue states who are too scared to be open white nationalists now because the troglodytes in Alabama are also white nationalists can finally come out of the closet and instantly convert the body politics of those blue states to white nationalist.

    I’m not kidding. I keep reading that bilge all over the WN blogosphere from blue state WNs.

  9. Countenance,

    Have you read Nastiest Uncle at Irish Savant?

    A real piece of work he is. I’ve got my own issues with Nazi politics but this guy is a Hasbarat textbook case.

  10. Is that poster for real- I mean, is it available for purchase, download, plastering on all surfaces?

    Where can one get those ‘secede’ stickers as well?

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