50 Years Forward: Loveman Village Homicide


Birmingham is mourning its latest “senseless” homicide … a 76-year-old landscaper who was gunned down in southwest Birmingham while cutting the grass near the Loveman Village public housing projects.

Note: The lyrics to this music video go something like this, “Loveman Village area, fuck with us, we bury ‘ya. … You niggas talkin’ all dat shit, you just smellin ya ass, I pull that .45 out, yank the trigger and blast.”

For the record, no one was killed by the Birmingham Police Department in the May 1963 demonstrations, which took place exactly 50 years ago this week. Fred Shuttlesworth was only “blasted” by a water cannon which wounded his enormous ego.

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  1. There are few far and in between . But their whole lot are just a few generation from the jumgle.

  2. The Jew Report on your newpaper link says that ‘it looks like a robbery that went horribly wrong’.

    To me it looks like the usual mayhem from the Blacks who hate Whites. So any White in range will do.

  3. At what critical moment will the contemptible limousine- liberals and champagne -socialists have their collective epiphany? Are the foul images of these lawless feral beasts truly not enough to shock them from their Kantian slumber? When will the point be reached where it possible to openly say that the negro, taken as a whole, has an OBVIOUS detrimental impact on civil society?

  4. Nah.

    See, it is really more complicated that a black thug in a Birmingham public housing project shooting and killing someone in an armed robbery. It really all goes back to the racist 1901 Constitution which established white supremacy in Birmingham!

  5. It’s all so clear now. No doubt the 1901 racist Constitution of Alabama also caused the degradation of Newark, Detroit, and the entire island of Haiti.

  6. Yeah I’m glad to have all these smart boys tell us how the 1901 151 racists destroyed the South. I’m glad to have this info. My worldview has just been altered forever.

  7. The victim was black. The only interesting part of this story is that the murderer served only 5 months for a car-jacking with a rifle. Remember that when some lying, lynching Liberal talks about the harsh justice blacks get.

  8. Any way we could develop a killer virus specific to these subhuman primates? They’re worse than animals (my apologies to animals). They are just intelligent enough to be dangerous, no way they can be classed as part of the human species.

  9. -correction:
    There are few, far and in between . But their whole lot are just a few generation removed from the jumgle.

  10. you wonder why people of yesterday struggled to make life better for these dumb black kids who Don”t have a decent education,want be gangsta. really they are cowards they like dogs run in a pack,has nothing to show for ;it want be able to apply for nothing college education DOPE charge) foodstamps (dope charge) murder (life in prison) and you tell me that all that marching and abuse we indured, for what a generation of stupid not worth the salt or blood that we shared for there stupid life


    Put dat shyt on GANGLAND

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