TNB Murdered by Typical Mexican Behavior

The Chicago Sun Times has a very interesting story today about the pathetic life and death of Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X.

OD is presenting quotes from this ST article for “fair comment”, protected by the First Amendment.

“Grand­son of Mal­colm X killed at Mex­ico City bar”
Chicago Sun-Times
May 11, 2013

“MEXICO CITY — Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of political activist Malcolm X, was found dead outside a Mexico City bar after a violent dispute over the bill, authorities said Friday. He was 28.”

JR comments:

Black Malcolm was partying with a Mexican Leftist activist recently deported from the USA. He made the mistake of leaving a safe for tourists bar, to drink and carouse with pimps and whores at a dive bar.

Here’s how he died:

“We were dancing with the girls and drinking,” said Suarez. Then the owner of the bar wanted them to pay a $1,200 bar tab, alleging that they should pay for music, drinks and the girls’ companionship.

“We pretty much got hassled,” he said. “A short dude came with a gun.”
Suarez said he was taken by the man to a separate room. Mr. Shabazz stayed in the hall. Suarez said he heard a violent commotion in the hall and escaped from the room and the bar altogether as he saw half-naked girls running away, picking up their skirts from the dance floor.

Minutes later, Suarez came back in a cab to look for Mr. Shabazz and found him on the ground outside the bar severely injured.

“He was in shock. His face was messed up,” said Suarez. “He was alive.”
“I grabbed him, and I called the cops,” said Suarez, who was recently deported from the United States.He said he took Mr. Shabazz to a hospital, but his friend died hours later of blunt-force injuries. Suarez said Mr. Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to support him and his movement advocating for more rights for construction workers.”

JR comments:
So we see how bad things can work out for Black anti White activists when they try to hook up with Mexican anti White Leftists.

Now check out the completely destructive TNB low life Malcolm Shabazz did in his short life.

At 12 years old, he deliberately sets a fire that kills his grandmother the widow of Malcolm X! He serves 4 years in juvenile detention.

“Shabazz also served time on a 2002 attempted robbery conviction, and was released in 2005. In 2006, he pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for smashing the window of a Yonkers doughnut shop.”

JR resumes commentary.

This destructive TNB didn’t prevent the Grandson of Malcolm X from promoting himself as another great Black nationalist leader like his grandfather:

“He proudly embraced his grandfather’s legacy, describing himself on his Twitter page as “Grandson, namesake and first male heir of the greatest revolutionary leader of the 20th century.”


  1. Suarez proves, yet once again, that most leftists of any race are physical cowards who will run to save their own ass and leave their “friends” to die.

    If they outnumber their enemies 50 to 1, however, they often gain the courage to throw cheap shot kicks and bags of piss.

  2. Malcolm Shabazz,

    He tried to fuck and not pay a señorita
    Only to get a blade shoved up his keister.
    He said his G-Pa was a OG revolutionary leader
    Who should have stopped at being a Walmart Greeta.

  3. The Zeta cartel is fairly interesting. Almost all ex-cop and ex Army.

    Presumably they are highly trained, probably Weelo (white) more or less. I would not want to have financial transactions with that outfit, but my heavens, they could really clean out the ghetto thugs, and give whites up here plausible deniability. FOod for thought.

  4. Another fine example of what negros do best besides murder, rape and rob…
    “drink and carouse with pimps and whores”.

  5. Trouble is John,

    The Nigger will hide from “The Soupmaker” behind the White man’s skirt.

  6. Little love lost between blacks and Hispanics. The only thing they have in common is their hatred of us. Now, if there was some way to leverage their mutual hatred of each other to our advantage?

    Ah yes, diversity, what a strength!

  7. “The Zeta cartel is fairly interesting. Almost all ex-cop and ex Army.

    Presumably they are highly trained, probably Weelo (white) more or less. I would not want to have financial transactions with that outfit, but my heavens, they could really clean out the ghetto thugs, and give whites up here plausible deniability. Food for thought.” – when it had to be done in the wake of Katrina, they brought in blackwater. Literally all they have to do is turn off the cameras, and no one cares.

  8. Nothing ever became Malcolm X-Lax III in life like the leaving of it.

    And also…depriving us of our “civil rights leaders” is a job that Americans won’t do.

  9. Mexico is a nasty place, I used to party there when I was visiting family in San Diego years ago. A complete shit hole. A family member had/has a fishing spot deep in Baja, he built a make shift concrete cabin down there. Awesome fishing, we would drive ten hours with a kodiak in tow. Good times, lots of teqkillya, beers ect. We snorkeled and fished in between drinking. I went back up north and he stopped going down there in the late 90’s when the narco wars went full on. Mexicans are scum, they live in a true third world hell, even before the madness of the cartels started.
    I wouldn’t advise any White man/woman to go down there. It is a hostile place. The cops are literal thieves, mean mother fuckers. I was down in TJ years ago when I was in my 20’s. Drunk as hell with a group of my cousin’s friends, surfer dudes.
    A few guys wanted to go into the barrio and get some hookers. My cousin and I followed and kept the night going hard. Some filthy Mexican bastard was taking us from bar to bar deep in Tijuana. Real seedy stuff.
    I smelled troubled and tucked a small pocket knife up my sleeve. The back streets of TJ are pure shit, no surprise this coon got his head pushed in.
    We are going from one place to the next, I’m tired and drunk. I drop my blade on the filthy street. As I pick it up and as my eyes focus on my blade, I see black combat boots. Mexican federale inches from me. I think I am seriously fucked at this point. I obviously leave my blade on the ground and try to sober up in a fraction of a second. This is not a good position to be in. He is smiling and tells me to walk over to his squad car. I look back and all my friends disappeared in to the crowd. After some brief questions, where am I from? What are you doing here? He cuffs me and I just stand there for about ten minutes. Up comes a pick up truck packed with Mexicans in cuffs right in front of me. I now am fairly certain that I will be going to jail and this is going to be a very long night.
    The federale then asks me if he can have all the money in my wallet which is now on the hood of his cruiser. I tell him, sure, take it. He is amused and takes everything except twenty dollars, hands me my wallet and tells me get a cab and go home. I did.
    It is a very different world down there.

  10. He wasn’t prepared to pay his hooker bill actually.

    Also, Baja isn’t so bad. Sounds like you were actually
    Looking for trouble with the hooker hunt and the descent into the barrio. A knife up your sleeve, eh? Exhilarating stuff….*yawn* don’t over dramatize your college days.

  11. That story reminds me of the plot of that film when a very young Tom Cruise goes with his buddies to a Mexican whorehouse , I believe they fail to get “spanish fly”. I enjoyed your story, sean and am glad you got out safe. Mexican whores though? Funny story, i actually got an Italian whore through a Mexican bodega owner. I was buying narcocorridos and he *wisely* asked me if I wanted drugs or girls. I couldn’t believe this was happening in a boring swpl area (Morristown), sure enough he wasn’t joking though I didn’t take him up on the narcos.

  12. Sean,

    Sounds like you actually got a rather fair Federale. He let you go and gave you good advice – go home, to a safe White American place.

    The only way to do TJ is to go to safe brothels. Bars that are protected. Any White American looking to get drunk and stupid, bounce around the seediest bars in TJ – you deserve to lose all your money and spend some time in the filthiest jails in the world.

  13. Jack – this is perfect. Grand-ngr Shabazz resorted to his genetic mandates, I know the Mestizos loath Negroes, fa worse than they do Whites – but they still loathe Whites. They see the majority of Whites as weak weak weak. They see Whites as begging to be killed off. I think that are mostly right…..

    This is exactly what I mean when I talk about stocking up on popcorn. Watch them tear each other to shreds.

    All we need to do is survive. We need to be “Wood Elves”.

    This story is a cautionary tale for every-one…

    By the by…I once had a lovely gal pal. She was half-Mexican. Her Dad was Mexican, her Mom, White American. This girl looked and behaved very very White. I never met her Dad; he most have been mostly White. Her took the family, one year, to visit Mexico. He wanted his kids to learn about his background.

    The girl, and her siblings, HATED it. She told me how awful EVERYTHING was. She was MORTIFIED by the exprience. Everything was simply dreadful. Dirty, inefficient, dirty, ugly, dirty, everything was dirty. She and her siblings could not wait to get back to America.

    Our friendship ended when I came out as a WN/White Advocate/Whatever term. She dropped me, in horror, for my “racism”. I don’t think she will ever see the irony in her choice.

  14. “The federale then asks me if he can have all the money in my wallet which is now on the hood of his cruiser. I tell him, sure, take it.”

    As Shakespeare once said: a fool and his money are soon parted.

  15. American niggers are definitely not welcome down in Mexico.

    What kind of niggers do they welcome?

  16. It’s not a good advertisement for your brains telling a story like that. Is it? Generally, the Mexicans are pleasant enough if you remember that you are on their turf and smile nicely. And if you are going to conceal a knife make sure you don’t drop it in front of a crowd of them.

    Also, your friends melted away. Yikes! That’s a special brand of loyalty you enjoy.

    I was chased through Paris by a Senegalese drug dealer with a machete. The Two Germans I was with, we all stuck together and got out without being robbed or killed. Complete fucking strangers too. we had a good laugh back at the hostel as we told of our getaway to the grateful hippy girls back at the hostel. Good times for a 16 year old.

  17. “I was chased through Paris by a Senegalese drug dealer with a machete”

    Just curious. why were you chased by Senegalese?

  18. I had just bought hashish from the bastard for the girls back at the hostel. He wanted it back. We ran up from a Metro stop onto the surface around the Marais and luckily when we turned a corner there were two Gendarmes with Uzis casually patrolling the park area there. The Senegalese melted into the background as me and the Germans strolled casually behind the Gendarmes with enough weed in our pockets to get ourselves arrested. That was one of my first encounters with a black actually.

  19. “Lame”

    – I dunno, Tamer… Doesn’t sound as lame as the story you told last year, about how some homeless nigger frightened you on a city street and a dot-head cab driver came to your rescue, LOL!

  20. 313, That fellow was a fine lad, it’s an honor to be mistaken for him. If I recall correctly he was wearing dress shoes and a jacket at the time. He also made the point that all humans must unite against niggers. Maybe, if he were around today he’d add “white trash that was conceived in a Detroit Police Dept. locker room” to that lofty proposition.

  21. LOL, try harder Tamer.

    And BTW, I’ll have you know that I’m an “Asiatic Wop”, as “white trash” is a term traditionally reserved for anemic Anglo-Saxons like yourself, and exactly where I was conceived is not something I care to contemplate.

  22. I’m Euro-Trash I guess. Women over here seem to like it, but of course I’ve been out of that meat market for ages. Mongol-Eyetie.

  23. I think he was trying to become a drug “kingpin”.

    Nation of Islam is b-l-a-c-k. But he was just in the Muslim nation of Iran (opium, heroin). And gets killed in Mexico (every other drug).

    Only thing we will probably ever hear is that it was over a bar tab.
    Only thing we know is that he was a true piece of shit.

  24. Two of my boys, Julio and Carlitros were the all-stars of the crew…

    (Editor’s note: comment deleted. Please do not troll here and brag about hiring Asiatic, mongrel immigrant invaders and then try to pass on some spin that this is ” good for America, good for the South” as these nasty mestizos are supposedly such hard workers and “do the jobs lazy Whites won’t do.”. OD readers should be aware that this commenter as done other serious trolling here defending the practice of White pawn shops to sell guns to straw men purchasers for Chicago Black gang members. Please try to adhere to the OD comments guidelines)

  25. “Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They’re too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly color. I’m so glad I’m a Beta.”
    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2

  26. Jack Ryan, I’ve known Hunter for a very long time. Ask him before you delete my comments, including this one. Have a nice day.

  27. Ok. Will do.

    Please try to step back and refrain from flaming and adhere to OD comments guidelines.

    Take care, sorry for misunderstandings.

  28. I hope that obese smelly skank isn’t still baby sitting your kids. She’s friends with fat ugly Mexi gang bangers from BI..

  29. Oh, and btw Jack, she is a PIG. Stole from like five walgreens and family dollars in the Chicago area.. steals from people, so check your shit..
    Your kids deserve better than that smelly walrus.

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