New Orleans Celebrates Mother’s Day


I don’t even have to say a word:

Update: SBPDL has linked to some vital information: in 2009, 97.1% of known murderers in New Orleans were African-Americans.

“Crime in New Orleans: Analyzing Crime Trends and New Orleans’ Responses to Crime,” an examination of 200 criminal homicides in New Orleans from April 18, 2009, to May 11, 2010 by Charles Wellford, Brenda Bond and Sean Goodison, showed that 90 percent of the homicides were committed with a firearm.

Of the 200 victims, 91.5 percent were black, 5 percent were white and 2 percent were Hispanic. Only 51 percent of the homicides – 102 – were solved by the police, with 97.1 percent of the known first offenders being black.”

Second Update: The Daily Beast has a new article called, “I Saw The Shooter”:

“Standing about 10 yards away, on the right side of the street at the corner, facing the middle of the street, I saw the shooter. He was a young black kid. Couldn’t have been older than 18, skinny, wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, standing with his hand outstretched, firing rapidly into the middle of the street.”

Third Update: A video of the shooting has been released below:

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  1. The Po-Po are ‘ooking for a Tea Party, NRA member who is aged 40 with a mortgage and holds a a BSc degree in electrical engineering. Let’s all hope that the shooter is a white, eh?

  2. But what does the Po Po consultant say?

    Drive by Chimp-out at the 1400 block of Frenchmen intersection of N Villere.

    The Jew Pooh-bahs and the all Jew News, all Jew views on the MSM will be worked up over the White gun owners. The ADL will spew its Jew and Obama will cough up his furball over White extremism, anti-semitism and guns.

    Obviously the source of drive-by Chimp-outs.

    Where is Superman when you need him?

  3. Off topic, I had to go down to Michigan Avenue today, a retailer I patronize gives double points on this weekend. The weather was very nice, a bit of a chill though.

    What did I see ….

    A pair of police officers on every other corner of the Mag Mile.

    Happy Mother’s Day Chicago

  4. Somebody’s mother was probably dissed, you don’t dis a black guy’s mother or he caps your ass. Or the asses of a bunch of people standing around you.

  5. comments are moderated to extent there is no real ideas being shared. Not as bad as the British sites, but close.

  6. I was wondering why a mass shooting at a mother’s day parade wasn’t front page news on every liberal media outlet. Now I see why…

  7. “Only 51 percent of the homicides – 102 – were solved by the police, with 97.1 percent of the known first offenders being black.”

    Welcome to the Jungle.

  8. Paging Jack Ryan. I will agree that the welfare state and the 2A are incompatible, I man please ‘Murika is the breeder farm for low impulse control low IQ individuals. Speaking in breeding terms this guy is certainly a cull, not a keeper.

  9. You know what really has to suck and suck hard, being a wordist either left or right. Its quite obvious that all wordism is a giant fail, it has met reality and flopped. We need eugenics and we need it now.

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