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  1. Omaha news is pure BRA, the eugenic dysgenic welfare state gone bad. These low IQ low impulse control unsupervised negroes are no doubt on the student loan/welfare scam that seems to be worked at most big universities. Don’t know about the South perhaps they control the number of BRAians who can congregate in one college town.

    As Sailer notes Iowa City has some hard core BRAians, and as he says perhaps the worst in the nation. FTR Iowa is ran by the descendants of Puritan crazies who escaped west once the soils of New York and NE gave out.

  2. The one with yellow weaves and obese ass is probably a diversity trainer at the UNL…she gets wet knickers at the sight of a room full of white adjuncts and FT profs
    on a diversity seminar day–When she lectures them on MLK day.

    “eye beez happy speshal day today! De lahd made niggers equal!”

  3. Note to Lincoln PD… Is there no tear gas for the surplus population? Are there no rubber bullets for the feral among us?

  4. I would hazard a guess if a sharp witted speaker got up in front of the 300million rubes of ‘Murika and told them to help solve the idiocy of events like this we needed eugenics he or she would be applauded.

    Jews might sputter and mutter but they are quick on their feet and realize their old scam the century old BST is dogged eared and ready to be put down. Christians would eventually do as they are told.

  5. Somehow my Spidey Sense told me that this incident involved large numbers of blacks. Anytime Lincoln holds some event To show how much we welcome infestation of Omahanians something like this happens.

  6. @ Rob Roy:

    What does BST mean? B is for black?
    Also I don’t get “Christians would eventually do as they are told”

    Joel Skousen has said that rising energy cost will eventually make central air conditioning and central heating too expensive, then the races will sort out. That may mean White’s moving northward and Blacks southward. This would save White Nebraskans from their own stupidity.

  7. @ Mr. Rational:

    Thanks, my older sister had three kids. She always said no two of them were born alike. They all had different personalities.

  8. Imagine you are a SWPL grandee, a delicate flower of niceness and then you get your political allies shoved in your peaceful living space of holistic goodness.

    Well in Chicago you flatter the morons all the while shipping them out to live with the “racists”, or those not nice white people. But if you live in a college town you actually import them back in, now there is the problem and this stresses you dearly.

    My guess and its just a guess is that our SWPL overlords of goodness would like us to take BRA out behind the barn. They cannot do the job themselves and if we were to do the job (highly unlikely of course) the SWPLs still have their precious moral superiority over us “not nice” white people.

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