Richwine Breaks His Silence

District of Corruption

He gave an interview to Byron York.

To his credit, Richwine refuses to apologize. Conservatism Inc. comes across as a bunch of housebroken sissies who cower in fear of Rachel Maddow.

Note: It is a waste of time to have anything to do with these people. Don’t send them any money. Don’t vote for their candidates. Don’t subscribe to their media. They are incapable of conserving anything.

There are millions of good people who are involved at the state and local level with “Conservatism Inc.” – Jeff Sessions, for example – but they are marginalized in Washington by the big money string pullers at the top like Sheldon Adelson.

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  1. Why are so many surprised by this? Conservatism, Inc. always capitulates to Political Correctness. Their paycheck is more important than any “principles” they claim to support.

    You are right Hunter, stay the hell away from them.

  2. Unless the BUGSERS swarmed the hell out of that York interview, the comment section was really inspiring. Some terrific pro-white comments got a ton of thumbs up and virtually no thumbs down. I love the BUGSERS, but I’m hoping those thumbs up came from the average ordinary whites who we’re trying to win over.

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