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  1. Well, you’ve got a point there. I do love fried chicken.

    For the record, it’s Apuleius, not Apelius.
    But my real name is Antwan Dontavius Jamar Capone.

    Deo Vindice

  2. Ahh, Spring. The season of….. cruddy new spinoff forums.

    Two of the worst posters at the phora – Sturmwaffen and a dressup sedevacantist from North Dakota named ‘Scotsman’ – have seen fit to create a new supposedly ultra-highbrow forum called “Rhetorus!”. They’re both tards, should be a disaster.


  3. Lawd, ya do the man a favor and look how he repays you , lol…. and you being such a humble sort n all Hunter!

    Fred O’Malley says:
    We will be raising the bar for the forums as we develop a following. The place I would like for us to be is just short of b> the arrogant bastards at Occidental Dissent.


  4. I wonder what Fred O’Malley’s problem with OD is, or why he would say that. I figure he would be a regular here. But then again, he is quite stupid, actually. Also, he is an extreme paranoid conspiracy theorist. And of course one of those who demand Joseph Goebbel’s level tough anti-semitism.

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