Scientific American Endorses Book Burning

Scientific American


In Black Run America, every aspect of our society (including scientific inquiry) is subordinated to the promotion of black people over all other races:

Note: Truth? Freedom? Who cares about the truth or freedom? Facts which portray black people in a negative light ought to be banned.

*Clarification: Some readers may wonder what I mean by “ban,” so let me spell it out. I envision a federal prohibition against speech or publications supporting racial theories of intelligence. All papers, books and other documents advocating such theories will be burned, deleted or otherwise destroyed. Those who continue espousing such theories either publicly or privately (as determined by monitoring of email, phone calls or other communications) will be detained indefinitely in Guantanamo until or unless a secret tribunal overseen by me says they have expressed sufficient remorse and can be released.

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  1. Scientific America has long been a purely “Establishment” house organ. There is no deviation at all from “official” and “consensus” positions or theories, and they brook no questioning, much less heresy.

    I stopped reading the rag long ago and only very rarely even glance through a copy on the stands. Their circulation and subscriptions have dropped like a rock over the years. They make some show of printing a few letters from dissidents, with some lick-spittle supplying some pusillanimous and smarmy response.

  2. Scientific Americans don’t exist anymore, since the universities and research centers are overrun with intellectual prostitutes seeking federal government grant money.

    The irresponsible federal government has way too much money to spend.
    Ideologically driven science isn’t science–it is anti-science.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Hoboken…

    “Every week, hockey-playing science writer John Horgan takes a puckish, provocative look at breaking science. A teacher at Stevens Institute of Technology, Horgan is the author of four books, including The End of Science (Addison Wesley, 1996) and The End of War (McSweeney’s, 2012).”

    Methinks this Horgan character is a poster boy for the opinionated “science” that passes for science these days. Just one more parasite attached to the host.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Scientific American is a Jew rag. [Didjewknowho owns press and publishing in the USofA?] Truth? Freedom of enquiry? – that is a White thing. Besides, facts are anti-semitic as well as racist.

  4. Horgan is pre-PC like a 1920s-style old-school Marxist Lysenkoist.

    I bet he has a lot of MAOA genes for extreme levels of aggression but paired with a lot of self-control genes as well so it comes out as intellectual violence instead of physical violence – mostly.

  5. Good post, useful, shareable and much better in my opinion than the “boat message” post that seemed intended to shift focus to Islam. Attacks on science and on freedom of inquiry and speech, whether by atheists or misinformed evangelicals, are defiance of God who created our intelligence and volition.

  6. “Facts which portray black people in a negative light ought to be banned.” Human behaviour is seventy % genetically influenced and thirty % environmentally influenced. The British and American nineteenth century liberals advocated free trade and equal rights for everyone. If people are not genetically equal, then why should they have equal rights? Equal rights with unequal outcomes must indicate that the liberal system is wrong or that affirmative action is necessary for equal outcomes. Facts which portray black people in a negative light ought to be banned, but facts which portray Jews as a group in a negative light are hate speech and genocidal propaganda. Racism bad, antisemitism intolerable, no jobs for racists and antisemites, no freedom for racists and antisemites, no existence for racists and antisemites. The welfare state with open borders and the capitalist state with free trade are the leftwing and the rightwing of Zionism and plutocracy.
    No man prefers illness to health, but many men may prefer unemployment money to wages for hard work. – A. V. Dicey “Lectures on the relation between law and public opinion” by A. V. Dicey
    The White people are the body of Christ, the black people in the welfare state are the nails, and the Jews wield the hammer driving the nails.
    We need a Hunter Wallace reading list of books explaining the issues of race and politics.

  7. If whites had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening (well, except in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast, but you get the point)

  8. Bob Whitaker once said; “There must be something wrong with the standard Holocaust story. I don’t know what it is but historically any “truth” that had to be enforced by law has turned out to have somethin wrong with it. ”
    I think Bob used the earth centerd solar system as one example of a once legally enforced “truth.”
    We can say the same thing here about the standard story of intellectual equality between racial groups. If it has to be enforced by law there must be something wrong with it.
    Bob pointed out this is how you can talk about the Holocaust in Europe and still avoid jail.

  9. @ GonerWiththeWind.

    Maybe it is more important that Jews have a country of their own rather than we white’s have a country of our own.
    If Jews live as a minority among whites they will eventually cause some kind of trouble for the whties.

  10. “I don’t know what it is but historically any “truth” that had to be enforced by law has turned out to have somethin wrong with it”

    Times have changed. But the people are still the same as was in Salem witch hunt.

  11. @Thunor: “Join the call for his removal.” Actually, I think that John Horgan is a tremendous asset for WNs. I am delighted whenever white-skinned liberals openly advocate book burning. IMO the slogan “Worse is better” is wrong most of the time. However, sometimes “Worse is better” is a correct assessment. Richard Spencer has suggested “PC Judo” – use Judo techniques in the realm of politics and promote WN goals by paradoxical political correctness. I have an idea for a Tribal Council Immigration Quota Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    The idea is to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enables a collective vote from all of the legally recognized tribal councils in the U.S.A. to set the yearly numerical quota for legal immigration into the U.S.A. Political correctness suggests that morality should allow the native American Indian tribes to set the quota for immigration. This is an issue where WNs and the American Indians are mostly in agreement.

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