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  1. Oh boy o boy – this piece of Jew shit has it all. Technolgically advanced Blacks from space return to a global greenhouse earth to fight climatologically enhanced baboons and other dangerous species. Will be globally warmed over faggot clones worshipping the ring of fire to do battle with our heroes?

    And to think ZOG just can’t seem to get good script doctors for their stupid DHS psy-ops. Let’s hope the zogbots who plan these crises see After Earth as many times as they need to identify / hire enough real talent to at least manage to keep the everyone from identifying their Patsies and the FEMA crisis ‘drill’ actors within the first 5 minutes.

  2. My humble guess is that the SWPL reviewer types already have their fingers up in the air to see which way the winds are blowing on the theme of blacks saving the day. Maybe an old and half senile rich libtard bastard such as Ebert could live in his memories, but IMO this line of propaganda is not so cool and the SWPL set lives and dies by fashion.

  3. Django in space. After there are no white people. Yeah, right…

    Only sheenies with a homoerotic negro fetish would find this movie interesting.

    Deo Vindice

  4. A more interesting movie is the new Brad Pitt one, World War Z. Personally I’m wondering if the Zombie genre isn’t a metaphor for the effects of the third world peoples on civilisation. Zombies consume, destroy and multiply. That’s all they do. Sounds like Africans to me.

  5. Will Smith probably has an IQ of 115 or so, and is probably frustrated by his race’s lack of accomplishment given the obvious fact that the mass of Blacks are intellectually equal to Whites.

  6. Peppermint, the mass of Blacks are not intellectually equal to Whites. The average IQ of blacks living in the US and Canada is below 85. The average white IQ is 100. The average IQ of blacks with little or no white ancestry is below 70.

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